Now if there is a hole in the heart of the fetus, then its treatment, delivery, both free, a thousand days of monitoring the mother and child. Now, if there is a hole in the heart of the fetus, both its treatment and childbirth are free, the mother and child will be monitored for a thousand days.

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  • Now, if there is a hole in the heart of the fetus, both its treatment and childbirth are free, the mother and child will be monitored for a thousand days.

RaipurOne month agoAuthor: Thakurram Yadav

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New facility at Sathya Sai Hospital in Raipur without cash meter

Nava Raipur’s Satyasai Hospital, famous all over the country for free children’s heart surgery, has donated such a new facility in the form of Sanjeevani Maa and Children’s Hospital, where the treatment of the fetal heart will be absolutely free. right. from its birth or birth. No tracking fee will be charged for 1000 days.

That is, there will now be no charge for the diagnosis and treatment of the child’s heart disease in the uterus itself or for childbirth. Not only that, after the diagnosis of fetal heart disease, follow-up of her and the mother will also be free for 1000 days.

Previously, only the children’s heart was operated on at the Shri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Maa and Children’s Hospital in the capital. It has recently begun to test the baby’s heart in the womb and its mother’s birth. That is why the Department of Obstetrics has been opened.

If a woman is found to have heart disease in a child growing in the womb, childbirth is done by keeping her mother under special supervision and during this time the fetus is also treated. After delivery, the baby is being referred to a cardiac hospital. This is the first hospital of its kind with unique childbirth and care, where everything is completely free. There is no cash counter at this hospital.

The obstetrics department of Sathya Sai Hospital was started in 2021 and so far 394 women have been delivered for free here. Of these, 14 women are such that the hole in their children’s heart was detected during the same pregnancy and by keeping them under special supervision, the children are being cared for in the cardiac hospital.

Dr. Archana Prasad, chief gynecologist, Shri Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Maa and Children’s Hospital, said the concept of hospital is a 1000-day care. That is, from conception to childbirth and then the mother and child must be cared for for two years. Most heart-related diseases in children occur during pregnancy.

Special attention is paid to their research and follow-up at the hospital. The anomaly test is done between 18 and 20 weeks. This is such a test, in which it is seen that all the organs of the child develop properly or not. Hands, feet, head, eyes or any part of the body is not developing or is incomplete, then it is known. From this the patient is advised. In this one can also know if there is a heart related disease or not.

Deep screening system of the baby’s heart at 20 weeks
According to doctors, the fetal echo is done between 19 and 20 weeks to detail when the disease is detected. This is a system for a thorough examination of the child’s heart. This confirms how big the hole in the child’s heart is, one or two, and so on. When you meet her, from now on, keep this woman under special supervision.

Medicine, diet and other things get so much attention that heart disease is not too severe. After the birth, the baby is taken to a cardiac hospital. Here the process of children’s surgery is performed under the supervision of specialist doctors. Patients receive both types of facilities on the same premises.

In this hospital there are 130 normal births and 264 by cesarean section. The normal childbirth charge is not less than 25 thousand in private hospitals. The cost of the caesarean section ranges from 40 to 50 thousand rupees, which here is completely free. People take three to four lakh rupees for the operation and arrangements for the hole in the child’s heart.

Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Hospital bears this cost. A cardiac hospital was started here in December 2012. In ten years, 1.20 thousand patients have been reached and more than 17 thousand operations have been performed. People from all over the country bring children here, they also come from outside.

Hole in the heart detected from the uterus itself
1. Poornima Sahu, Balodabazar
2. Asha Patel, potter
3. Neha Pandey, Shankar Nagar
4. Chomeshwari Kashyap, Janjgir
5. Sweta Shah, Navagaon Arang
6. Sonam Kshatriya, Doma Abhanpur
7. Parvati Yadav, Katora Talab
8. Lata Sahu, Naya Raipur
9. Nidhi Soni, Nava Raipur
10. Bhuvaneshwari Verma, Pavani Saragaon
11. Savitri Sahu, New Shanti Nagar
12. Sarita Sahu, Lakhauli
13. Meena Sahu, Sector 27 Nava Raipur
14. Vandana Sahu, Gariaband

Dedicated to children and women
The president of Sathya Sai Sanjeevani Health and Education Trust, C. Srinivas, said anyone from all over the country can come here to take care of mother and baby. Women from rural Chhattisgarh come in large numbers to take part.

This hospital was started with the inspiration of my mother, Dr. C. Rajeshwari. She herself has been a renowned gynecologist in the country. He also served in hospitals in the US and the UK.

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