People donated two million dollars for research on cat kidneys. world | DW

Scientists at the University of Tokyo were already researching ways to protect cats from kidney disease, but corporate funding for that research has come to a halt after the coronavirus pandemic.

When the news agency Jiji Press published an article about the problem of these investigators, it went viral. Thanks to this article, cat lovers launched an online fundraising campaign to continue this research, and thousands of people soon joined.

what is this disease

A woman who donated $ 20 wrote in a message: “I lost my beloved cat due to kidney disease in December last year … I hope this research continues and that many more cats will be affected. for this disease “. . ”

A Palestinian animal doctor operates on a cat in the West Bank

One person who paid $ 90 said, “I recently brought home a baby kitten. I’m giving to hope that this delicacy is found in time and that this cat is useful as well.”

Whether they are domesticated cats or their older siblings living in the woods, they all have a high risk of developing this disease. This is because an essential protein is often not activated under a process in its genes.

cats can live twice

This protein was also discovered by Tokyo researchers themselves. This is known as AIM and helps cleanse dead cells and other waste from the body. This prevents the kidneys from clogging.

Katze der Rasse Ragdoll

It is possible that with this research cats can live twice

Immunology professor Toru Miyazaki and his team are working on ways to make this protein in a stable quantity and quality. They hope to find a way to double the average life of cats by 15 years as well.

Miyazaki says, “I hope that in the near future, animal doctors can give these injections to cats every year as vaccines.” He also said: “If they can give one or two doses of it every year, it will be good.”

popular research

A few hours after the article was published in July, 3,000 people sent donations to their team without asking for them. In a few days, that number rose to 10,000. This figure is more than the total donations received by the university in a year.

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By mid-September, about $ 1.9 million had been received in donations. “I first realized how many people are waiting for the results of my research,” Miyazaki says.

Her team’s research on how AIM works in the body was published in 2016 in the journal Nature Medicine. The team is also developing a pet food that contains a substance that can help activate latent AIM in the blood of cats.


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