satna: He said that the work of Shivraj- Kamal Nath was only done to eat money satna: He said that the work of Shivraj-Kamal Nath was only done to eat money

While addressing the public meeting, Shivraj Singh said we gave the ticket to the worker. Congress found no workers, so the MLA was expelled. He said BJP adopted a one-person publication formula and did not give a ticket to the MLA anywhere in the state. Congress gets none. He jokingly said that Kamal Nath’s hand was with the MLA, the rest of the congressmen were orphaned and Kamal Nath left for Maharashtra. The position of Congress is such that we will also drown you. Uddhav was also caught up in Congress. He even left the bungalow. The same thing happened with Uddhav, neither God was found nor Bisale Sanam, nor did he live there either. The chief minister also spoke of the presidential candidacy and said the BJP is making tribals as president.

In the time of Kamal Nath, only the work of eating money was done, the chief minister said we have sent 1 billion for the smart city, he has set his sights on it. That is why the deputies of Satna say that there is nothing in the Legislature in the Mayorship. His eyes are set on a billion. Kamal Nath stayed 15 months and ruined the state, only the job of eating money was done.

We did the development work Shivraj said that before Satna was a big people, but today all the development work has been done here. Poor welfare programs were implemented. What did Congress give? Consider this. Kamal Nath even cut out the names of the poor of Sambal. We are giving free rations to 1 lakh 19 thousand people in Satna. Five thousand people have received money to build houses. No one will be left homeless in 2 years. We will also rent to those who do not have one. Kamal Nath, Sonia ji and Rahul baba should answer why they didn’t give free ration, house, gas connection and sambal scheme?

Nath betrayed the daughters Attacking Kamal Nath, the chief minister said Kamal Nath also stopped the laddoos and kanyadan of the sisters. He was asked to give 51 thousand to Kanyadaan, but they did not give him. The daughters were betrayed by Nath, his government was a government of liars. We started a treatment scheme, what did Congress do? Ladli is giving the benefit of Laxmi Yojana. Today in Satna alone there are 16700 Ladli Laxmis. The result of this is that now the birth rate is 970 daughters per thousand. 50 per cent of reservations for women in elections, 30 per cent in police, 50 per cent in teacher recruitment was given by the BJP government to make their lives happy too, but what did it do? the Congress? We also supposed a revolution in the Hindi curriculum in medical studies. Our government is a dual-engine government.

Tell the MLA to do the job of the Legislature Shivraj told Kamal Nath as Aurangzeb that in the 15-month government, he always said there is no money. While we started the development work as soon as we arrived. We want to develop around Satna. We gave money for the construction of sewer, drinking water, construction of lakes, sports complex, stadium. In the next 5 years, we want to make Satna a clean, green and high-tech city. But his eyes are on a billion Smart City. If Congress gets here, where will it get money for development? There is a BJP government in the center of the state, from where Kamal Nath will bring money, whatever comes will be eaten. That’s why you tell the MLA to do the job of Legislature. They will tempt you at the time of the election, they will play damru, but they will not fall into the trap.

Satna will be ruined if the mayor’s Congress reaches Satna Shivraj said CM, ministers will not come to work. Meyah will work in the city. Congress may not come to Satna or else Satna will be ruined. Our candidate Yogesh Tamrakar is more of a leader than a social worker. They will serve you with total integrity. They have not entered politics out of greed, they have entered politics to give meaning to human life. We will serve the poor, we will not allow shortage of money for it. I take the guarantee of Yogesh and the councilors of the 45 neighborhoods, make the BJP candidates win and leave me the responsibility of development.

slogan given With a slogan, Shivraj said the development will be brilliant, Yogesh Tamrakar will also be paired with Kamdar Yogesh Tamrakar. During this, the candidate for mayor Yogesh said at the meeting that the same love as the affection that is being received now, should be seen in the vote. It is a rainy month. Leave any gaps even after the rain. Make me mayor by winning 45 councilors. The congress is divided into fields.

satna: He said that the work of Shivraj-Kamal Nath was only done to eat money
Instructions given for the treatment of Sujit’s daughter
Satna. When the CM sat on stage, a young man was constantly trying to get on the platform with a girl on his lap, but the security guards would not let him go on stage. When the young man failed to get on stage, from there he started calling the prime minister. Seeing the sound coming from one side, the chief minister laughed and looked in that direction. He then ordered the security forces to let that person approach him. After that, the young man arrived at the CM with the girl. Describing her name as Sujit Pankaj, she said her daughter has liver disease. There is no money for treatment. In this regard, the CM indicated to the agents that the appropriate arrangements should be made for the treatment of this girl. Along with that, she also tweeted that Sujit ji, don’t worry, the daughter will be completely healthy soon. We will not leave any stone unturned for treatment. Many love and blessings to the daughter.

here they are present Minister Ramkhelawan Patel, Deputy Ganesh Singh, District President Narendra Tripathi, Deputy Vikram Singh, Former Deputy Shankarlal Tiwari, Former District President Surendra Singh Gaharwar, Subhash Sharma, Shrikant Chaturvedi, Arun Dwivedi, Sudha Singh, Gaganendra Pratap Singh, Mansukh Singh Patel, Mayor Mamta Pandey, Vimala Pandey, Kamalakar Chaturvedi and others were present.

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