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Ismat Chughtai’s Birthday: Today is Ismat Chughtai’s birthday, a writer who writes with great impunity about women’s issues and backstage issues. Ismat Chughtai was born on August 21, 1915 in Badaun, Uttar Pradesh. Ismat’s father, the ninth of ten siblings, worked in the government department.

Ismat was the most controversial and prominent writer in Urdu literature. He raised the women’s questions again. He has explained the mood of the girls of the lower middle class Muslim section with all truth in their stories. He was tried in Lahore High Court for his ‘Lihaf’ story. He wrote openly about the status of women in the eyes of men. He has also written extensively on topics such as homosexuality.

Known as ‘Ismat Apa’ in the world of Urdu literature, this writer died on October 24, 1991.

Vani Prakashan has published many collections of short stories and novels by Ismat Chughtai. Ismat Chughtai’s major works include ‘Stubby’, ‘Curvy Line’, ‘Strange Man’, ‘Guilty’, ‘One Thing’, ‘Two Hands’, ‘Injuries’, ‘Sorry Mummy’, ‘Chidi Ki Dukki’ , Include “Ek Qataray-Khu”, “Fasadi”, “Kagazi Hai Parhan”, “Aadhi Aurat Aaddha Khwaab”, “Scorpion Fufi” and “Ismat Chughtai Ke Two Novel”, etc.

One of these books is ‘Adhi Aurat Adha Khwab’ by Ismat Aapa. This is a collection of many of his stories. In the book, the author, through her stories, has revealed an aspect of a woman’s life that has not normally been touched upon. In this book the curtain has been raised on all the irony of a woman’s life. Through nine stories, the author has put before the reader all the struggles of women. Also readhalf woman half dreamKey parts of ‘

woman … woman … woman …
Bad, good, unfaithful, unfaithful, such, such and God knows how.
In all countries and at all times, great thinkers have definitely established one opinion or another about woman, some sahib emphasize her beauty, and some are in favor of her parsai and noble sarti. One sahib thinks that “after God is the position of the woman” and the other sahib is determined to make her “the devil’s hiding place.”

A sahib says, “A deceiving woman is more dangerous than a deceiving man.” As someone says a black woman is blacker than a black man. What more wonderful thing is said that I just want to wake up and kiss the person’s face saying if I myself hadn’t been a woman and her words hadn’t left me shocked. The problem is that these frivolous things have made the city disappear.

And the funny thing is, no matter how much men have claimed to understand women, so many women have never done such a thing in relation to men with their own wisdom.

The men said, “The man is cruel.” He began to suffer oppression in silence.
The men said, “Women are shy.” He started to get scared even by the mouse.
Then he said, “When the time comes, a woman plays with her life.” The bus quickly played with life.

The whole world beats the drum of mother’s love. No one cries for the cry of the father’s father. A woman’s honor can be stolen, a man’s cannot be stolen. Maybe men don’t even have respect, which can be stolen. A woman has a bastardized child. Nothing happens to the man. For centuries, thinkers have tried to stun a woman by imposing such ridiculous accusations on her head, either by throwing her into the sky or throwing her into the mud. But friends and colleagues are shy to say.

It is not understood whether this feeling is inferiority or stupidity. After all, why are they afraid of women’s equality? She is also human. Why does he get nervous while you make him sit? Everyone knows that a woman can only be mother, daughter, wife and sister. Father, son, mother and brother can’t do it, so why do they say over and over again that he was born for it? Does the woman not even know she is the woman she is called?

When a woman does not marry, her bracelets are broken. No one ever thought of breaking a man’s watch, glasses or hookah. Beva is also forced to change her dress. If you put colored dupatta or bracelets on your hands, people’s livers will explode. The man wears the same dress, boot, achkan, tunic … what cruelty that he does not celebrate even to show off. Women feel sorry for their husbands. Many women and men do not. But women have to pretend.

A sahib says that “a woman’s pride is that the world is unknowable to her. Her husband’s love is her most precious treasure and her small family is her world.

“Why, sir, if a woman’s fame is there, then her share of fame is not snatched away. It is the gift of Allah. Why does it bother you? What is lightness? of a woman as of a man, if she do any thing in the world, how shall the pride of any man be jeopardized? what will her pride be a mite in a woman’s fame?

It doesn’t matter if the woman is ignorant. If Mian is less polite than his wife, it will only get dark. Because there’s a lot of heat when it comes to someone big. When Dr. Naidu called himself “Husband of Mrs. Sarojini Naidu,” he used to get very angry. Millions of women in the world live happily becoming their husband’s wife, they don’t feel inferior.

It is thrown into the ear of a man as soon as he is born that he is better. And look at her innocence, she thinks she is taller than the worthy woman in the world. Simply because he is a man. Then, when he finds a woman more educated and wiser than him, he hates her. Because at that moment he cannot deceive himself. Can my cook be better than Madame Curie just because she is male?

Who is generally considered superior to a woman? But if you’re not sure, ask your cook or washer. That is, a woman can never match a man!

Another sahib says, “When a child drinks milk from his mother’s breast for the first time, it turns red and trembles at the expense of the muzzle.”

The world remembers those who cry, not those who laugh: Surendra Sharma

The women must have realized immediately that the sahib he has said is a man. And what he has written, he has heard and narrated. He himself never gave milk to any child. And I don’t know how many problems the child has if he drinks milk for the first time. The mother who trembles after turning red will not tremble with love and relief. The color must have changed with the pain.

I say that because The men continue to utter resounding sentences. Don’t even think about it. Now even women are no longer his real women. They have started to receive a lot of information. Now you won’t be fooled by these clichés. He speaks in simple ways.

It is better not to pretend to understand women more than women. The survey will be opened free of charge. Where did you get the time to waste your time getting into big and small fights? The distinction between category and color and race is disappearing very quickly. The world is growing rapidly in the business world. Now the demand for workers is increasing. In all departments, women must share their hands.

Western women are forced to make a living despite thousands of domestic machines. Therefore, the man should help equally in the household chores and raising the children. If the woman washes the stirrups, then Mian gives her the broom. When the woman puts on a bed, Mian prepares a bottle of milk and gives it to the child. Together they prepare breakfast and food. Prepare the children. Then go to work. The woman who is not going to work, does not gossip, does the laundry, irons and brings offers home. It saves time, so part-time work also works. Even with this it is a condition that is difficult to complete.

Book – half woman half dream
Writer: Ismak Chughtai
Editor: Vani Prakashan
Price: 175 Rs (rustic)

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