Teesta Setalvad arrested by Gujarat police – Are we free if Teesta is in jail?

There is no doubt that the final deal has started in India. It’s hard to say how long and how painful it will be. But even after Teesta Setalvad’s arrest, denying her gravity means staying in the dark. But what is this last settlement?

This is the equivalent of “Final Solution” in English. These two words can only be used very responsibly. After all, Hitler’s Nazis used them for the final and decisive phase of the genocide of the Jews. So what is your reference to India?

This final settlement is not only for the Muslim and Christian population of India, it is also for those who know how to use the method of law to protect the secular character of India and that is why it is given to the people of India. India by its constitution. They also help them in exercising their rights.

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The end of civil society?

If this second community, which for lack of a better word is called civil society, is destroyed or frustrated, the first becomes easy. In this society or community, those who are called human rights activists stand out. They do things that political parties do not do.

Like the Nellie massacre in Assam or the Muslim massacre in Bhagalpur or the Sikh massacre in 1984, it was these human rights groups that were at the forefront of preparing reports of these incidents to find out what happened. really and then who became the victims of violence, also to help them get justice.

Tour from Gandhi to Champaran

They work to make the state’s constitutional institutions accountable. They can be said to be a nexus between society and the state. This tradition has not been established anywhere. Mahatma Gandhi’s Champaran Yatra was a data collection tour. He had gone there before the denunciation of the peasants victims of the atrocities and the exploitation of the sahibs of the Nileh. The British government told him the same thing that is now being said to Teesta Setalvad. What is your job here?

However, Gandhi refused to return and prepared a detailed report on the situation there. Is it any wonder that the then British government also contacted Gandhi about this report and also took some action? Is it possible now? The same happened after the Jallianwala Bagh massacre.

In the Hunters Commission that was formed after the Jallianwala Bagh massacre, the person who fiercely questioned General Dyer was named Chimanlal Setalvad. The British government did not put him in jail for it. It is a coincidence that Teesta is his great-granddaughter. To do the same in free India that his great father did, they put him in jail.

Human rights have been one of the main concerns of the Indian independence movement. Rather, independence or Swaraj does not mean the domination of the Indians instead of just a foreign domination. It is a Nizam in which every person will have their human rights. This means that the state is in front of him, he is not in front of the state. The state must be responsible for that.

As Mahabharata himself has said, authority knows what religion is but has no tendency to it. In the same way he knows what adharma is, but he does not get rid of it. It is the job of human rights activists to stop going to injustice and remind them of religion.

role of the courts

It is believed that the largest tributaries are the courts of this work. They can serve as the soul of the state. Human rights activists are also their allies. That is why courts generally listen carefully to human rights groups. Because they know that the police and the administration are often far from the truth. There is general experience and it is probably due to the colonial history of the Indian police and administration that they are often against the people. And against those who are weak at it too.

Women, Dalits, Adivasis and Muslims are always viewed with suspicion in the police stations of India.

Whether the rape victim is a woman or a Dalit victim, there is a 90% chance that their complaint will not be heard or that action will be taken. Rather, on the contrary, they will be tortured. This is where the role of women’s rights groups or Dalit rights groups becomes important.

Not surprisingly, in almost every country in the world, powerful groups or individuals view human rights groups with contempt. Whether Israel or Pakistan, human rights groups work on a variety of adversities.

They protect the rights of minorities, so majority groups also consider them their enemies.

In a way, with the help of the courts, these groups are working to curb the state. But when the character of the state changes, be it authoritarian and at the same time majority, the courts also begin to change.

Hitler received the support of the courts of Germany. In India too, the majority trend in the courts has gone from strength to strength since the Bharatiya Janata Party came to power in 2014. Whether handing over the lands of Babri Masjid to Ram’s friends or guardians for a temple or not reviewing the federal government’s decision to repeal section 370 or refusing to review the citizenship law, it is clear that the Supreme Court has taken a majority approach. This became even clearer when he refused to listen to the request of Karnataka students wearing hijab.

There is a stage where the court is indifferent to the rights of minorities. The second stage is in which she herself suggests ways to hijack these rights. When he delivers the weapons to the state to attack them.

harassment of human rights activists

Teesta’s arrest shows that the Supreme Court has now reached a stage where it is showing the state the way to harass human rights activists. Teesta Setalvad is a human rights defender like her great-grandfather.

Since anti-Muslim violence in Gujarat in 2002, it has been providing legal assistance and other forms of assistance to victims of violence. Because the Gujarat government is against it, Teesta has also clashed with the state government.

The state government has made multiple attempts to arrest Teesta in some way. His arrest has been suspended by the Supreme Court so far. But now the situation has changed. The Supreme Court wants legal action taken against them and Gujarat police have heard it immediately.

Teesta Setalvad arrested by Gujarat police - Satya

The court is angry with Teesta why did he help Zakia Jafri? Zakia’s husband was killed during the gang violence in 2002. The state government said this was the result of the mob’s spontaneous anger. There was a conspiracy behind the 2002 mass violence, according to Zakia and Teesta. It’s not just his allegation. The Supreme Court itself has said so before. He has described the state government as the Nero of today.

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Zakia is an old woman. Did Teesta educate and prepare them? Why didn’t Teesta go backwards even after 20 years?

Is the pursuit of justice for 20 years a crime? According to the Supreme Court, yes! This is a crime. Teesta is in jail for a majority state and a court for the crime of this search for justice. They are in prison, are we free?

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