The accused of raping a minor consumed poison death as soon as he heard the sentence, he was arrested in Bihar for having made 12 marriages at the age of 32 years. The accused of raping a minor consumed dead poison as soon as he heard the sentence, he was arrested in Bihar for having made 12 marriages at the age of 32 years.

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  • The accused of raping a minor who died of poison as soon as he heard the sentence, was caught in Bihar for having made 12 marriages at the age of 32

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1. IAS son dies during attack, mother said – I will not wash my hands stained with blood until the uniforms of the convicts are taken off.

Karthik Popli, son of Punjab IAS officer Sanjay Popli, died from a gunshot wound. At the time of the incident, the Vigilance team had arrived at Popli’s house in Chandigarh to investigate. The family alleges that Karthik was shot by the Vigilance team. While Chandigarh SSP Kuldeep Chahal said Karthik was shot with his licensed gun. After the death of the only child, the mother said police were responsible for her son’s death. He said he would not wash his son’s bloody hands until these police officers ’uniforms were taken off.

2. Madhya Pradesh girl going to Pakistan to meet a lover arrested at the Attari border

After a friendship on social media, a girl from Madhya Pradesh who goes to Pakistan to meet the boy has been arrested at the Attari border. The 24-year-old woman also had a visa to visit Pakistan, but an Attention Circular (LOC) had already been issued in her name. Officers caught the girl and handed her over to police at the Attari border in Amritsar district of Punjab. Now Rewa police in Madhya Pradesh have arrived in Amritsar to take him back.

3. Varun-Kiara’s “Jug Jug Jio” won 9 million on the first day, the eighth largest opening of the year

Actor Varun Dhawan and Kiara Advani starring in ‘Jug Jug Jio’ has made a business of over 9 million on the day of the premiere. The film has become the eighth highest-grossing film on the opening day of 2022. The film is made with a budget of 105 million. Train analyst Taran Adarsh ​​has said the film will do even better the first weekend.

4. The accused of raping a minor girl, on hearing the sentence, consumed poison, died

The man who kidnapped and raped a minor girl in MP committed suicide by consuming poison in police custody. Raja Kahar, 24, raped a 17-year-old girl while taking her to Bhopal. In this case, the court sentenced him to 20 years in prison. On hearing the sentence, he consumed poison. Police had admitted him to a private hospital for treatment. where he died.

5. Life imprisonment for 2 young people who took them as Amma and raped them in a group of 60 years

Two defendants who raped a 60-year-old woman in Aligarh, UP, have been sentenced to life in prison by the court. The case was pending in court for four years. Now, along with life imprisonment for the two accused in the case, they have also imposed a monetary penalty of 25-25 thousand rupees. The court has ordered this amount to be paid to the victim as compensation. Both defendants were professional tempo drivers and had fraudulently taken the woman with them to the tempo.

6. When 4 daughters were born, the pregnant woman was beaten, stabbed the father-brother who came to tell

In Madhepura, Bihar, a pregnant woman was beaten and evicted from her father-in-law. The woman’s brother and father, who came to the rescue, were also stabbed. The victim said he had 4 daughters in 8 years. This angered the in-laws. She is currently pregnant and in-laws suspect there will be a baby girl again. The victim said her in-laws would always hit her and make fun of her for not having a child. He even tried to break my eye. The victim has asked for justice from the SP.

7. He came to Rajasthan from abroad to expel the 8th girl, he framed himself by putting a photo as a model

A 13-year-old girl was caught in a trap by a young man living in Qatar by posting a model-like photo on Instagram. When he learned that the girl was ready to go with him, he arrived in India after traveling 2587 km by plane. He met the girl, brainwashed her, and took her with him. But on Friday, he was caught in Darbhanga, Bihar. After that, the matter came to light. They both used to play free fire games online and there they became friends.

8. Bihar youth married 12 girls at the age of 32, in which 8 minors were caught preparing for the 13th.

Police have arrested Mohammad Shamshad, alias Manovar, who has had 12 marriages at the age of 32, in the Purnia district of Bihar. He was preparing for the 13th wedding and was caught by police. Of the 12 girls he has married, 8 are minors. Of 12 girls, he is said to have pushed 6 girls into prostitution and sold 6 girls in Bengal.

9. Survey: 26% of parents believed that girls should suppress anger, 15% said: boys should hide their feelings

In the survey conducted in the Delhi-NCR settlements, most parents have said that girls should repress their anger. Sesame Workshop India has conducted this survey on 2600 families. In the survey, 20% of parents considered that their children became smart before their age due to compulsions and other reasons. At the same time, 15% of people said children should be taught to hide their emotions. 26% of parents believe that girls should learn to suppress their anger.

10. Kirron Kher tweeted on the anniversary of Emergency, people saw the agricultural laws

Chandigarh BJP MP Kirron Kher tweeted a photo about the emergency imposed in 1975. Kiran described the emergency as a dark chapter in Indian democracy and politics. In this, many people started trolling Kirron Kher. One user wrote that the darkest chapter of Indian democracy and politics is the “Agricultural Law”. Kirron Kher was elected deputy of Chandigarh twice in 2014 and 2019. He has been active in Chandigarh for some time. Earlier his time was spent shooting in Bombay.

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