The snake bite can be cured, but there is no cure for a man who has seen his clothes flutter above the woman’s knees. The snake bite can be saved, but if a man’s eyes on the clothes fluttering above the woman’s knees, it is not.

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  • The snake bite can be saved, but if a man’s eyes in clothes flutter above the woman’s knees, it’s not.

3 months agoAuthor Mridulika Jha

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Iran is a country about 3,000 miles away from India. Often, in discussions about oil, there has been a severe drought in this country in recent years. Lakes, including Iranian rivers, also dried up like the closet of the poor. Whatever the government has done for the thirsty people, the real support was given by the religious leaders. A religious guru named Syed Youssef Tabatabi tweeted in Persian.

He was very angry with the women who talked and sat by the dry river. Guruji says: Women dressed in western clothes are very dangerous. If they go near the river, the rivers dry up. The heart of the earth also moves with its clothes in such a way that an earthquake occurs.

This is the year 2014. Even after the religious leader’s warnings, no action was taken against the playful women. As a result, he continued to walk down the rivers in dresses to his knees and open shoulders, and the water dried up. On the shores of saltwater lakes, salt crusts continued to freeze. Now many people migrate here and there from this land torn by shame. The women simply wear airy, brightly colored clothes and go for a walk.

Iran remained unlearned, but Japan is a country of hectic people: learning from the mistakes of others. For women to stay on the edge, he made a big decision in time. Girls can no longer queue at schools in Japan. Reason? This shows a tense neck, which can make the boys ’hearts tremble.

This is the danger that is worse than the trembling earth. Boys with an altered mind will drop out of school, forget their jobs and rape or have a weak heart and then fall in love! So this country, which has suffered a nuclear explosion, immediately banned ponytail. Not in obscene acts, but in hairstyles that evoke vulgar expressions.

In this bullet train country, there are also rules for girls ’hair and eyebrows. Arched eyebrows can excite men and what to say about the dangers of short skirts. The snake bite can also be saved, but there is no cure for a man who has seen his clothes flutter above the girl’s knees.

The fragrance of this fear reached Pakistan through Japan. Just a few months ago, Prime Minister Imran Khan made a sensitive statement. Mian sahib says, “If a woman wears less clothes, it will have an effect on men, unless they are robots.” This is a very common thing. So to prove that they are living men instead of robots, Pakistani men are openly raping.

According to data from the government of Pakistan, of the 22,000 cases of rape recorded in the last 5 years, only 77 people received punishment. The reason for not receiving punishment for the rest may be that the girls could wear dresses above the knees, lipstick deep on the lips or leaving their hair open or making an “invitation” to approach laughing.

Now the poor women themselves have stopped taking the initiative, so only men need to understand their signal. Another thing is that men who approach the wrong signal sometimes become a little abusive.

If you want to avoid rape or abuse, don’t be left with chili powder or a knife, silly girls! Instead, bring shame. Shame is that sheet, before which the eyes of men bow.

An effort was also made to give a lesson in shame to women. In the 4th century BC, many Greek cities made a norm for the cultivation of unbridled women. Some judges from the big cities met and began to check that women could not go out with casuals. These judges were called the Controller of Women.

They were all men and went to the market, walked in the garden, watched all these women swaying in the arms of their husbands. Small units of men were parked here and there. These units would monitor women’s clothing as spies throughout the day and send all reports to the judges in the evening. Girls who break the rules should pay a hefty fine as well as confiscated clothing for not making that mistake again.

Roman women of the same period had some leeway, but only to the point of allowing them to live in excitement. In 215 BC there was a law called Lex Oppia. It was determined by whipping how many gold necklaces or bracelets a woman could wear. There were many benefits to this law. Women could be divided. There was also the advantage that a free-living woman could be restricted from sitting empty-handed and spending money on her husband’s or father’s money.

For a few hundred years, everything went according to the rules, then the revolution began to boil inside the women. Amir Aapa started saying that wearing a gold chain makes him itchy, so now he will walk without jewelry. Here the poor began to say that when we have a hobby, why should we live with our necks bare! We will put only Naulakha. The insistence increased so much that rich and poor, masters and slaves, young and old, all the women gathered in the square.

The Roman historian Titus Livius wrote about this event in his book Ab urbe condita. They began to surround the strong men. He began to shout slogans in his thin voice. Stopped work. The men stopped as they returned home, when the women fidgeted, who will drink the tea at home! Everyone was demanding the removal of Lex Oppia. Finally, this rule of clothing-jewelry was removed in 195 BC.

This story of women becoming “pet rebels” has millions of moons, but time has stopped here: in a woman’s body. Whether Japan, India or Pakistan. Some come out of the hair, others from the cheeks. No court will issue rules to end this illusion. No revolutionary will make a procession. This fungus does not come off by itself from any brain. This initiative must be taken, women. This time something so strong that this magic of clothes and jewelry is broken forever.

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