The ups and downs of a woman’s body are not interesting for sport, a man needs a woman who has the body of cotton and the skin of diamond. Women vs. Sports field; American girls protest naked in front of the dress of German Olympic gymnasts

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  • Women vs. Sports field; American girls protest naked in front of the dress of German Olympic gymnasts

2 months agoAuthor Mridulika Jha

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The 1970s were about to end, when the U.S. state of Connecticut was hit by a storm. The reason was the girls. 19 Yale University girls were sitting in dharna. She was half naked. On the open part above the waist, he had written ‘Title IX’ in blue letters.

This is a change related to education, which opposes the difference between men and women in sport. On a bright day, devotees gathered to see this protest on their chests and backs. They started taking pictures. Comments of saliva began to pour into the open bodies. The girls were still standing.

The battle finally bore fruit. The university acknowledged that girls sweat as well. They also touch the ground when they fall. Dust is also put on them. They also have wounds. So, lockers and showers were provided for the athletes.

Doctors were kept in the locker room. Heaters were installed so that on snowy days the players would not die muttering. All of these provisions had been in place for male players for years, but the girls had to undress for it.

This American anecdote from the 1970s becomes uglier after arriving in India. A book recently came out: Not Just a Night Watchman. There are many sensational revelations about the game in this book by IAS officer Vinod Rai.

Vinod Rai, who has been with the BCCI for almost two and a half years, says there was no separate uniform for cricket women, only women cut and wore clothes made for men. According to Rai, he called the t-shirt company and sternly said this would not work. After that, the women could get their own uniform separately, which was according to their body.

Well, sport is not the work of women either. That’s why the ups and downs of their bodies are no longer interesting enough for men to get lost. The body becomes masculine. The hands become hard. The chest flattens. Even the face loses its softness. Only his beard and mustache remain.

Now how can a woman like that feel good? Men want women to be as beautiful as dolls, whose skin is covered in diamonds and their body is as soft as cotton.

So women stayed away from all sorts of races. Even on horseback. To ride a horse both legs should be placed side by side, there was danger of showing the knees of the woman wearing the skirt. This danger was greater than the collision of a fierce invertebrate on earth.

This was also broken. It was announced that the bellies of the mounted women slipped down. Then she will never be able to be a mother, that is, stop being a woman. Now the girls who liked to sit on the horse were left with only two ways. Either they sit behind the husband grabbing his waist, or they should run the horse with both feet to one side.

Yes, with both feet to one side! Imagine a woman riding a bicycle or bicycle with both feet to one side. At what angle should you keep turning your neck while trying to see the road? How far can you walk! How many more or less accidents will happen! How many painkillers will you need to take after getting off the horse?

The conspiracy was successful. The women themselves gave up riding. After many moons, around 1930, he was able to get the freedom to run a horse with open legs. This was a time of war, when men were needed for everything from running the house to spying. In this way, due to male need, a certain freedom could come from women.

We leave other sports and come swimming. Swimming is the exercise in which 50 muscles of the body work at a time. This is fine for men, but this quality can be dangerous in the case of women. If the muscles are activated, women will become stronger than the body along with the heart and mind. Then she will not answer the slap by shedding a fang, but with a slap. So swimming refused to be considered “like a woman.”

Stories were told that by being fascinated by virgin girls, the devil of the sea subdues them and takes away their virginity. Even after that, when the women disagreed, a special dress was designed for them. These would be robe-like robes, which weighed from below so that they would not rise into the water. There would be dark colors, such as black or blue, so that the body would not look even wet.

Bathroom machine again! It was like a small house with wheels in the background. With the help of horses and machines they went down to the sea so that the women could also fulfill their hobby of playing and jumping into the water and also maintain purity.

Times changed Women currently have the “exemption” of having body vision. However, this change, similar to freedom, turned out to be the beginning of slavery. Women’s clothing became smaller and tighter. At the same time, the clothes of the male players were such that they could breathe.

During last year’s Olympics, Germany’s women’s team of gymnasts chose comfortable clothing instead of short clothing. Men without words in it! Hey, we came to see his bare arms and fleshy legs, not to watch the match.

After that, the Norwegian women’s handball team also wore shorts instead of bikini pants. Eventually, the European Handball Federation furiously fined him thousands of pounds.

Male anger against players wearing long dresses is justified. After all, the women who entered the courtyard are a kind of charity. If you come back after playing, you have to use a spoon, take care of the crying children, caress the angry husband.

In 2006, tennis player Venus Williams wrote a letter through the Times of London, where there was a line: “I am a second class champion! With me the rest of the female champions too. The first class is for men Shortly after Williams’ letter, women and men began to receive equal amounts for tennis winnings.

16 years have passed since that letter. Now he is waiting for the new Williams, whose letter can take another step towards parity.

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