Those little things that married women keep upset with, today have made their grief openly!

Watching intently a new bride who came to her in-laws’ house after she got married … as she hesitated before saying anything. With much thought, he pulls out his words. He is afraid in his mind that no one will point the finger at him. She knows that her in-laws ’eyes will prove her good or bad daughter-in-law. She tolerates all problems because she has to become the full daughter-in-law of all virtues in the eyes of everyone.

Every girl’s life is said to change after marriage, but why?

After all, what happens is the girl is forced to change. When in-laws are her second home, mother-in-law is her parents, brother-in-law is a very young brother and sister-in-law is only sister … when everyone is theirs, why does the girl need to change? Yes, he leaves the house of his childhood and moves to a new house with a new family. By the way, a girl’s real home is said to be her in-laws.

In fact, India has a very old tradition of keeping the daughter-in-law under control, which is applicable even in 2022.

Hey, this world hurts, he doesn’t even realize it

I think after marriage, as members of my own family lovingly express that you are now alienated. After marriage, you cannot claim rights as you used to. Now what car will be taken home, what color the picture will be … they won’t ask you because you are married now. The daughters themselves adopt the fact that they have really become aliens.

Now let’s talk about the in-laws ’houseSo, no matter how new a moment comes, the way of speaking changes, hash tags with wedding pictures start to appear, but there are many things in the life of a married woman, in whose tension it happens his age.

marriage, problems after marriage, women's problems after marriage, girls' lives change after marriage, twitter Seeing a new bride coming to her in-laws ’house after getting married … how do you hesitate before saying anything?

Dowry harassment, domestic violence does not mean that a woman is happy

If a woman is not asked for dowry, she is not beaten, then all people assume that she is very happy at her in-laws’ house, but no one pays attention to the little things that every woman suffers, cries, murmurs. and finally molds itself into the same situation. He’s under pressure to look happy, so he can’t talk even if he wants to.

The pressure that comes after marriage generates anxiety

At my in-laws’ house, no one should feel bad about my words, no one should misinterpret my words, no one should think negatively, I shouldn’t say anything bad by mistake, whether I should do this or not , can i say that …Every married woman has to face these problems when she gets married and goes to her in-laws ’house. All eyes are ready to judge him. It seems that after marriage, women live the lives of their husbands and in-laws, not theirs.

I like- Can your friends come to your house to meet you? Can you invite someone to dinner at your house alone? Can you go out with your friends like before? Can his parents come and stay with him? Can your cousin come? Can you go to the salon? Can she shop for herself? Can you get married at your mother’s house or at your relatives’ house? In fact, for all these things, a married woman must ask permission from her husband and in-laws.

Control of others over the life of the married woman

I’ve seen that if a girl gets married, if she wants to go to her friend’s house to get married, it’s not as necessary to invite her parents to the house as much as her in-laws. Not only that, her mother-in-law, her husband, her brother-in-law have to beg everyone to do her favors by giving her permission to come to this marriage. If they refuse, the girl cannot attend this wedding even if she wants to. Maternal relatives also say it’s okay to come, but in-laws don’t send it anywhere. The attitude of the in-laws is considered laudable, staying at the daughter-in-law’s house is associated with respect.

Even before the matter reaches the woman, it is decided what is right and what is wrong for her.

She is now the daughter-in-law of someone’s house, she has respect for someone’s house, so she will always have to walk according to society according to others.If she goes out somewhere, goes to a function, can’t even dance, or even talk to anyone without the consent of her mother-in-law or husband.That way, he keeps drowning inside and people say what happens to his in-laws?

Someone asks her what she wants … she has to talk to her in-laws with more love. The sister-in-law should not forget to put Didi by her name. The brother-in-law should be called Babu or Bhaiya, not by his name. Don’t even accidentally tell a small child. Although he doesn’t tell his siblings in his mother’s house, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t love them, well it’s understandable to even change the way he talks, but he wakes up early in the morning and eats tasty food at first. . kitchen. There is also the tension of doing.

marriage, problems after marriage, women's problems after marriage, girls' lives change after marriage, twitter All girls ’lives change after marriage, but why?

It is only in the good of the woman to say yes to everything.

Even if someone says something bad, you have to shut up. The younger sister-in-law can’t be cut even if she speaks badly, the daughter-in-law is told the rules of the new house, she is asked to forget the old world, she is told how to go in front of whom. , where to apply the stick It is important to talk to and eat.

There is such an environment in the in-laws ’house that the wife cannot even ask for her husband for doubts. The woman who comes and goes after saying the new rule, if the girl forgets, is not good. He also keeps his footsteps slowly, if the sound of walking comes, then he will be called Kulakshmi. You can wash the dishes thoroughly, but you shouldn’t hear any sound.

change the way you dress

It is also decided what kind of clothes to wear after marriage. Who likes what in the in-laws house, should go accordingly. Suppose if someone doesn’t like potato balls, make onion separately for it. Some want ginger tea and others want coffee. If someone wants to eat healthy, then someone is fat … It is often explained to the daughter-in-law that the way to cook food here is different. First we put onion, then chillies … no mustard oil, we make refined vegetables, salt in flour, if you don’t eat salt in rice, you learn … no rice in food, it will only rot.

Married woman means no need to sleep, no fatigue

Married means a girl has to be active all the time. You have to do all the work quickly. It is a machine that can handle everything. From making tea to husband’s underwear, care must be taken. In marriage, the bride is destined not to eat or sleep … perhaps so that she can see a vision of her future life.

Everything happens at the in-laws ’house but the bride can’t eat and sleep early. Not only is it about changing yourself, but there is also pressure to stay happy after that. The newborn bride should be beautiful. You have to take care of everyone’s little things. Hey, even if you are a bride on your wedding day, there is a tension in your mind if the women who came to the procession have no problem. Hi, she’s a sister-in-law, it means her position increases on the wedding day, she’s the older sister of the bride’s sister. That’s why you have to put up with all his tantrums, you have to tolerate his words, that’s why you might have to book from Mehndi Wali to Parlor.

The women wrote their pain on Twitter: for everything, you have to ask permission

Neeru Nagarajan wrote in his tweet that, “Sometimes I think about my last marriage and the little things that used to worry me.” My cousin is leaving for America, can I visit her? “A relative will get married, will you come to the wedding?” It was all like begging.

she writes this Many Indian men and their families are proud of these little things. However, if you control a person, give him stress over small things, then it is not a matter of pride. Many women have told their stories in their tweets, which can be understood by seeing what the condition of women is still today? One has written that after marriage I was not allowed to meet friends who lived nearby, my father-in-law had said that there is no friendship after marriage. Many women have seen this post as their problem.

actually ours There is a very old tradition of keeping daughters-in-law under control, which is applicable even in 2022. These men will not understand this, they write ‘Mard ko dard hai’ in the commentary. Times have changed for women, they are self-sufficient. She goes out to work but her life is controlled by her husband and in-laws. Many of us have seen the life of our mother, aunt, sister-in-law like that, they have to ask permission before inviting their people to their in-laws ’house.

After the marriage, the daughter-in-law cannot go to her mother-in-law’s house, she is given 10 responsibilities of her in-laws’ house. They can’t go for a walk alone … After marriage, all women happily change completely, but where is the problem until the end?

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