Tips for caring for baby’s skin for the summer.- Take care of your baby’s skin in the summer.

The heat has increased a lot. In this situation, you need to pay attention to those things with which you can avoid the harmful effects of summer. The biggest problem this season is dehydration or lack of water in the body. This problem can affect not only you but also your baby. But he won’t be able to explain his problem to you properly. In this situation, your responsibility is doubled. So understand the issues related to children’s skin this season and the ways to deal with them.

That’s why Health Shots spoke with skin care expert Akanksha Sharma, who gave her tips on how to keep your baby’s delicate skin healthy and soft during the summer months.

Sharma says, “With the rise in temperature, the skin problem also increases. But don’t worry, there is a solution to all skin problems in the summer. When we think of heat, the first what comes to mind is the stinging heat, which causes rashes in the body.These are also called heat rashes.It is caused by excess sunlight, dehydration and heat in the body.

It usually appears as a red mark or rash on the baby’s cheeks, buttocks or back. It can also happen to older children. The increase in heat increases the bacterial infection. In summer, children often suffer from skin infections due to sweating, heat, and even folliculitis, when they go out in the sun. This leads to inflammation of the pores of the scalp, which can sometimes be painful.

According to Sharma, “Sweat is a natural reaction of the body due to heat. In an effort to cool the body, our body sweats. In young children, due to running and playing, the body heats up more and its more “.

Here are some of the summer skin related issues for babies and toddlers:

  1. Excessive sweating in the summer season can cause various types of skin and scalp infections. Sweat can often build up in the skin folds of young children. This can cause rashes and red marks.
  2. There is also a risk of dehydration in the summer, which is due to the low water content of the body. In northern India, the summer heat wave becomes even drier and hotter. Dryness in summer can cause flaking and skin damage.
  3. Due to UV rays, there are many problems in the skin. Sensitive skin in children, in particular, is prone to blemishes, rashes and even skin allergies at times.

Speaking of which, Sharma, co-founder and CEO of Citta World, told Health Shots that to combat all of these skin-related issues, there are a few simple things you can also use as a solution to these issues. The most important thing is to keep the body hydrated. “While breastfeeding, babies get enough water from breast milk / formula, but babies and young children need more water. Water not only helps maintain healthy skin, but also helps babies. children to get rid of dehydration-related problems. It also protects your baby from health problems like upset stomach, body cramps, nausea. “

What can be the solutions to deal with these problems:

1 Keep them hydrated

Giving water to babies is not always easy. Drinks such as lemonade or coconut water also nourish the body and skin. So instead of making them simple, give them this drink. To change the taste of the water, make it tasty by adding different fruits such as strawberries and mint. Keep your diet light along with fluids, encourage children to eat fruits and vegetables with a high water content so that the body feels active and light. Watermelon and cucumber can be a great snack idea for kids who meet body water requirements.

Babies should bathe after play, Image: Shutterstock

2 Wear loose clothing

“Dress babies and young children in comfortable clothes that are not tight and do not stick to the body. Clothes such as cotton or linen are not only light but also do not prevent air from reaching the body. Wearing clothes helps keep the body cool and dry. Especially during your game. Make sure they wear light-colored clothing and wear a hat

3 Let’s play inside

Protect children from getting too much sun. Kids love to play outdoors during their wonderful summer vacation, they should stop going out in the afternoon. Ask them to play in the evening after sunset or in the morning when the weather is cooler than in the afternoon. Always apply sunscreen to children before leaving home.

4 Shower daily or twice a day

Babies should bathe after playing and sweating. Drying sweat on the skin can cause rashes on your skin. They should be bathed twice a day as they play with excessive dirt and sweat a lot. Choose a shampoo that has minimal or no chemicals. It properly cleanses the hair and scalp. It does not contain harmful toxins or parabens / sulfates. Since babies shower twice in the summer, use a body wash made with nutritious and moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera or coconut. This will prevent the skin from dehydrating.

5 Hydrates well

Sharma advises that it is important to keep skin fresh and dry in the summer, but this often causes even more dryness on the skin. Babies can sweat a lot, but that doesn’t mean we stop using moisturizer. So don’t forget to moisturize your babies and toddlers even during the summer peak. Use a moisturizer with moisturizing ingredients for the skin like coconut oil and shea butter. Opt for a light moisturizer suitable for babies.

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Give children fruits like watermelon and oranges, Image: Shutterstock

6 Use talc-free powder

Finally, apply a talcum-free baby powder to reduce the chances of skin problems caused by sweating, especially on the baby’s folds and diaper area. However, be sure to use a talcum-free baby powder, as talc-free baby powder contains carcinogens.

It is even more important to take care of cleaning in the summer as children sweat while playing. Not letting go or playing indoor games is not an option. So follow these tips to take care of your baby’s skin and keep him ready for summer.

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