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A healthy child was born after suffering for 17 hours. The mother is tired. The father let out a sigh of relief. And everyone else happy. This scene is common, but wait. The midwife who gives birth to a child in the delivery room is a man. His name is Jonas Cupers. Age 30 years. Even today, in a developed European country like Germany, professionals like Jonas are few and far between. There are an estimated 24,000 midwives nationwide. The exact number of men among these is difficult to know, but some reliable sources place the number of midwives in Germany between six and 30.

boys in midwifery class

Jonas trained at a special school of midwives in Bielefeld, Germany. Why did you decide to enter a female-dominated profession? She says, “I wasn’t a midwife, but I always wanted to work in the medical profession. I also trained as an alternative doctor.” Jonas says that when her friends started engaging in the midwifery profession, then she became interested as well. When Jonas himself did internships in the delivery room, that experience was memorable. He says, “When my first child was born, I was very happy.”

Midwifery education is currently being standardized in Germany. It is becoming a degree course. Along with the studies, practical training in this has also been maintained. It all started in 2020 for Jonas. As a midwife, her work ranges from the delivery room to the postpartum room, the mother and son room. Jonas has also worked with private midwives as a freelancer. He says he received very positive feedback everywhere for his service. Women who will become mothers, families and their own co-workers are more than happy to work with a midwife.

Jonas has trained to be a midwife

Do men separate this work from women?

In obstetrics or in common parlance, the job of a midwife is now very pleasing to Jonas. Support women who are going to give birth, eliminating their worries and fears, correctly answering their questions and supporting them throughout the birth process. Even after the child is born, a midwife offers her services to new parents by teaching them initial information and methods. This includes changing diapers, training for bathing, the right way and timing of breastfeeding, and so on.

Along with this, in the first month of life of the newborn, the midwife goes home to monitor the health and weight gain of the child. Does a male midwife differ from a female in some respects? Jonas doesn’t believe it. But, some of her patients said she treats children more carefully and kindly than women.

Career and income creation opportunities

Experts say that in the coming times the influx of men in this profession is expected to increase even more. Their services are requested in many places in Europe and it is a good professional choice. Experts also say that with the arrival of more and more men, the income of this profession will also increase and the respect of professionals will also increase. According to Schwenger Fink, head of the midwifery science department at the FHM Institute in Hanover, there is also a shortage of midwives in Germany, which has led to the temporary and sometimes permanent closure of many delivery rooms in small hospitals.

In the case of Jonas, she is the only midwife at the FHM centers in Bielefeld and Hanover. But Schwenger Fink believes that image will change. The environment is slightly different in other European countries such as Italy compared to Germany. In some other countries like Italy, this profession is not just considered women’s work. Jonas also had an experience once, when a more experienced midwife in the delivery room was asked how she could examine women’s vaginas. In response, Jonas cited the example of countless male gynecologists to whom no one asks these questions.

“People have had a good experience with midwives,” says Barbara Bloemeyer, president of the state association of midwives in Germany’s most populous state, North Rhine-Westphalia. I’d like to take it. ”Jonas also supports the freedom to choose and says that sometimes men who will be parents in the delivery room feel more relieved to have them there. Jonas says,“ Things are such that the pregnant woman suffers badly and her partner cannot help her much. In this situation, this environment is very difficult for men and being there also supports them. “

Ritica Pandey (DPA)

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