Why is Prem Kumar Dhumal Prem important for BJP in Himachal Pradesh? – prem kumar dhumal political importance bjp himachal pradesh assembly elections 2022 ntc

Highlights of the story

  • Assembly elections will be held in Himachal later this year.
  • He won the BJP in 2017, but Dhumal himself lost the election
  • Dhumal’s identity as a strong leader of Rajput

The name of the first line of leaders who have played the most important role in establishing the Bharatiya Janata Party’s foothold in Himachal Pradesh and bringing it to all peoples is Prem Kumar Dhumal. Dhumal is one of the high leaders of Himachal. Dhumal has not only led the party and government in Himachal, but has also played an important role in building the party and the organization.

This is the reason that even after losing the elections in 2017, its importance in the Bharatiya Janata Party did not diminish. After Jai Ram Thakur became the Prime Minister, although now the center of power has moved from Hamirpur to Mandi, but Hamirpur cannot be ignored. Dhumal remains a letter of triumph for the party because of its penetration into the state from political and ethnic mathematics to activists.

strong connections between the public

When Dhumal lost the last assembly elections, many people began to predict that his political journey would go on declaring a complete halt. But these predictions have proven to be small in the face of Dhumal’s personality. Barely a week after his electoral defeat, Dhumal was once again among the workers and the people. This public connection of Dhumal has not been weakened in the last four and a half years and that is why even now it is not possible for the BJP or analysts to see the politics of the state without Dhumal.

Himachal Pradesh politics has been dominated by the Rajput and Brahmin communities. Dhumal belongs to the Rajput community, which makes up 28% of the total Himachal electorate. Dhumal is known as a strong Rajput leader. The national president of the BJP, Jagatprakash Nadda, also comes from Himachal, but belongs to the Brahman community which makes up 18% of the state’s electorate.

The party also understands these mathematics and also the importance of Dhumal. That is why, as soon as the elections approach, the party has begun to remember Prem Kumar Dhumal. Recently, on the 50th anniversary of their marriage, the chief minister of the state BJP government, Jai Ram Thakur, arrived in Hamirpur, near Dhumal, with his entire cabinet. Experts believe that if the BJP has to repeat the previous performance in the state, then Dhumal will be a strong link.

Trauma and defeat of 2017

In the 2017 state assembly elections, Prem Kumar Dhumal, despite being the face of the BJP prime minister, lost the election in his own district. It would be ironic for Dhumal to lose the election despite the party’s unexpected victory due to the Modi wave. Dhumal was defeated by Congress candidate Rajendra Singh Rana, who was previously close to him, by 3500 votes.

In fact, Dhumal did not compete from his traditional Hamirpur seat in 2017 and competed from Sujanpur, where BJP membership was weak. The sudden change in his constituency was also held responsible for Dhumal’s defeat.

Rajendra Singh Rana had won the election twice as an independent candidate from Sujanpur, however, Dhumal was forced to run from Sujanpur itself because the BJP had no bigger face than Dhumal to run for Congress from Sujanpur . Dhumal was also the party’s star activist, so he was busy campaigning in other constituencies. Rajendra Singh on the other hand, had a terrible day. Dhumal himself had admitted that he could not pay attention to the campaign in Sujanpur.

Will Dhumal run in the elections?

Prem Kumar Dhumal has exceeded the retirement age set by the BJP leadership and is 78 years old. In a conversation with ‘Aaj Tak’, Dhumal stated that this time the BJP will repeat the government in Himachal. Will he run in the election or not? On this question, he merely said that he is a party worker and that he has never asked for a ticket in his political life.

On the reasons for the defeat in the 2017 assembly elections, Dhumal said he does not want to uproot the dead. He says: “What happened happened or those who did it also know it and those who should know it also know it, so we have to consider how the government should be re-formed in 2022, except in 2017 “.

Prem Kumar Dhumal and Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Why is the government confident of repeating itself? On this question, Dhumal said there is a BJP government at the center. The second big reason is that the most popular leader in the world, Narendra Modi, is the Prime Minister. Modi has a special bond with the people of Himachal and the people of the state also like him.

Recently, the Aam Aadmi Party, driven by its victory in the Punjab, has begun to look to Himachal with hope. Dhumal says of this: “The Aam Aadmi Party is welcome in Himachal. The work of the Aam Aadmi Party in Punjab has been encouraging, but it will come to Hamirpur to discuss that if the level of education in Delhi is better than Himachal, then it is the his misunderstanding.The knowledge of Punjab Himachal of the chief minister is also amazing, he got the Minjar fair of Chamba to be held in Hamirpur.

On the issue of workers ’demands, inflation and unemployment, Dhumal said they are all hot topics. Employees and their problems are important in Himachal. I want the state government to pay attention to all these issues because the government may be from a political party but it is the employees who run it. There must be friendly behavior with employees, relationships must also be good.

Political journey of Prem Kumar Dhumal

Former CM Dhumal began his political career with ABVP, the RSS student wing. He was also the vice president of Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha in 1992. In 1984, when BJP leader Jagdev Chand refused to run in the elections, the Bharatiya Janata Party sent Dhumal from Hamirpur Lok constituency. Sabha. However, Dhumal lost the election for the first time, but then won the election in 1989 and 1991. He lost the Lok Sabha election in 1996.

Prem Kumar Dhumal and LK Advani

Dhumal became active in state politics after the death of BJP leader Jagdev Chand. He participated in the Bamsan assembly constituency in March 1998 and won by a margin of 18,000 votes. Dhumal is also sometimes called the chief minister of roads because he established a long and extensive road network during his tenure.

In 2007, when then-MP Suresh Chandel was accused of taking money to ask questions, the BJP expelled him from the party. Dhumal then ran from the Hamirpur Lok Sabha constituency and won. In 2008, his eldest son Anurag Thakur contested the by-elections of Hamirpur Lok Sabha constituency.

Dhumal was born on April 10, 1944 into a peasant family. His father was in the army. In addition to doing a postgraduate degree in English, Dhumal also earned a BALLB degree. Prior to joining politics, Dhumal was a professor of English at a private university.

If he had won the election in 2017, it is possible that he would have now been completing his third term as prime minister. He was previously the Prime Minister of Himachal Pradesh from March 1998 to March 2003 and from January 2008 to December 2012.

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