Women fall in love instead of working, they cry if they explain the mistake; Then the tears continue to dry. The real place for women is cooking, if they want to sprinkle alcohol on kheer or make brinjal jaggery, you just need to save science.

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  • The real place for women is cooking, whether they want to sprinkle alcohol on Kheer or make Brinjal Jaggery, just spare science

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There is happy news for women that science has found a way to measure their beauty. Deep eyes, pointed nose and juicy and delicate lips even more than rose petals – how many fingers away should be between them because the food should be called the most beautiful, all these secrets are revealed by scientists masculine. Meanwhile, another piece of news arrived, which is not so fantastic. According to this, a woman’s place in science is the same as in the class of a child who has failed for years. That is, they are nowhere.

The research conducted at New York University reached the well-known scientific journal Nature Today. It shows that women who work equally in science are also 59% behind men. They will work, but in 59 percent of cases the credit will go to Mardani’s pocket. To this end, 9,778 research teams from around the world were spoken to, in which approximately one and a half lakh women and men participated.

Male scientists themselves believed that if women’s names were known in any discovery, people would not believe it. It’s like the small business says to make the strongest sneakers in the world, no one will believe it. At the same time, if this shoe gets a big brand label, people will take it right away. So people should have faith in science, good-hearted men, so they take the label off his genitive and stick his name on it.

Women scientists go to the lab. He also plays test tube and computer. Stay awake all night and work. But when the discovery is announced, he stands in the corner to see how the male scientist wears a bouquet with loving eyes. If you ever get upset, remove your lips and cry a little. Or go on vacation in a silk dress. Or start spinning the wheel. You know for sure, the wandering of the mind will calm down from the morning. Anyway, whoever does the work, the truth is that it has to reach the common people.

Rosalind Elsie Franklin, born in London in July 1920, introduced herself as such. Rosalind is the scientist who discovered the structure of DNA. First of all! Working in King’s College’s lab, fellow scientist Morris Wilkins shared his image among angry friends. Morris acknowledged this in his memoirs ‘The Third Man of the Double Helix’. They were angry that Rosie was “excessively necessary” self-sufficient and hardworking.

In the end, Rosie learned that her search had not only been stolen, but was also divided into gram and murrah. I was on vacation. In 1962, the three men who stole images and shared them received the Nobel Prize for the discovery of the DNA code. Rosie was depressed, as is the custom of mothers. He left King’s College. She eventually died of ovarian cancer.

Who Discovered DNA – Look it up in Hindi or English – Rosalind’s name is nowhere to be found. After receiving the Nobel and Rosie’s death, her fellow scientist Morris finally revealed that Rosie should have been credited with the original discovery of the DNA code. Morris had won the Nobel: he grew up telling the truth.

The real place for women is in the kitchen, where they can experiment freely. If you want, add a splash of wine to the raskheer or cook the brinjal with jaggery – your wish. Even if the husband’s taste is spoiled by it, the water will not come into the world. The lab is something different. Even a small mistake here can wreak havoc. Thus the custom of women to cry and sing!

This is why English biochemist Tim Hunt, who won the Nobel Prize, spoke of completely eliminating women from science. In June 2015 she made a statement that instead of working, they fall in love (women) and when you point out their mistake, they cry. Then forget Khoj-Voj and keep wiping away the tears.

At a conference between women scientists and senior journalists, Tim said, I’m not criticizing “girls,” but they should be kept away from science or separate labs should be made for them and for us. Only then can something new happen in the world. There was a stir in the statement, but like a soda bubble, it also calmed down. One more thing – when Tim Rondu was talking about the girls – the male journalists who came to the conference were laughing and filming each other.

During the march, read a sample of consultations from women doing postdoctoral research at the University of London …

  • Women who have children should not be allowed to enter the laboratory.
  • I will not teach you why you will take care of the house after you get married.
  • How will you investigate, when there is Khavind’s disease, mother-in-law and sister-in-law in your own genetics.
  • It’s a shame to see women bothering in the lab, but at least we get carried away with them.

Time! Tim Hunt, the discoverer of the protein molecule, did not apologize to Rondu and the scientists who fell in love. Instead, he laughed and said, I have the Nobel. He explained what he lived through.

The reason is clear, as of the more than 600 Nobel Prizes received in science, the proportion of women could not even reach 50. Jananis agents create thousands of gossip, with each search, Johny’s name will be engraved scratching the name of Jane. After all, it’s a matter of trust!

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