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Curd is known to be a healthy and tasty product, as a mom you may want to include this tasty thing in your child’s diet, especially since it is also available in many different flavors. Today curd or frozen yogurt is available in many different flavors and most kids love to eat curd, but is it good for them? Let’s find out about this!

Is curd good for babies?

Due to the fact that curd is very healthy, it is always recommended to include it in children’s diet. when any call it healthy food Most kids wrinkle their noses because they think it’s something they don’t like, but curd is considered an exception because kids not only like curd, but they can also make it by mixing it. Feel free to try different test dishes. .

What are the benefits of eating curd for babies?

Yogurt can offer a variety of benefits to children and adults, from nutrition to safety.

1. It is rich in calcium

generally essential milk for children It is believed to be a great source of calcium. But not all babies drink milk easily and calcium is not readily available in many other foods, but did you know that the amount of calcium in curd is much higher compared to milk? A small cup of yogurt provides the child with about 450 milligrams of calcium, which directly affects the development of their bones and makes them stronger.

it is rich in calcium

2. Provide good probiotics

Milk becomes curd through bacterial activity, allowing many probiotic bacteria to accumulate inside it. Good bacteria are always present in the stomach of a child who eats curd daily, so his digestive process stays well organized and he feels healthy all the time.

3. It is a good source of energy

Aside from calcium, children also get a lot of protein from the curd. That’s why your child feels energetic all day long. Consuming a small amount of curd during school can increase the energy needed for the day.

4. It helps to lose weight

Eating junk food or having bad eating habits obesity in children Today it has become a problem. To prevent your child from becoming obese and suffering from various health problems later in life, you can include curd in your diet. By consuming a good amount of curd, children feel full sooner than usual. Yogurt helps prevent overeating or frequent meals by giving children the energy they need for the day.

5. Many recipes can be made

If your child doesn’t like to eat curd as usual, no problem. Yogurt can be combined with almost any dish and is used in many new recipes to make it tasty, whether it’s salad dressing, fruit smoothies or creamy variants of frozen cottage cheese, your kids won’t be able to walk away. n and curdled for them. the amount of nutrition will certainly be met.

Are there any risks of eating yogurt?

Aside from all these benefits, consuming curd can pose some risks to children. Especially if you are in a different shape or if your child has a specific health problem, then eating curd can cause side effects or some damage to their health.

  • It is not necessary for the cottage cheese package to be low in fat or calories. It usually has a lot of both, which can increase the weight instead of reducing it. In this situation, if there is already a problem of obesity in the child, then the consumption of curd can increase it even more and can also make the child a victim of health related problems as he grows up. For a child who already suffers from these types of problems, it is usually best to consume fat-free curd that can provide nutrition without adding extra fat and calories.
  • The inability to digest lactose is a big problem in children, it causes many problems and eating problems in children, especially when they are small. This condition makes it difficult for children to digest lactose from their body, so it is necessary to completely eliminate their consumption, which includes yogurt. In this situation, curd made with goat’s milk or soy milk can be an alternative that can be helpful for the child.
  • Many times, the curd available in the market is not sugar free and certainly contains a bit of it. Before you know it, eating a lot of yogurt can increase your baby’s sugar intake, which can lead to health problems. If your baby loves to eat curd, choose low-sugar options so he can fill his stomach without any problems.
  • There is a possibility that the curd you are consuming contains traces of growth hormone. It is usually a hormone that is artificially injected into livestock, to help them grow faster and produce more milk. Most brands use hormone-free cattle milk, which makes their yogurt a safer alternative. However, if not, consuming this type of curd can cause complications for some children, such as the onset of adolescence before normal age, increased risk of cancer, and many other problems.

Are there any risks of eating yogurt?

Healthy and tasty yogurt recipes for kids

For kids who like to eat cottage cheese, there are many dishes that can be used to make cottage cheese snacks for kids to enjoy at any time.

1. Fruit and yogurt smoothie

This is a quick recipe for an evening snack. Which will make your baby happy and full of many nutrients.


  • Mató
  • frozen strawberries
  • Orange juice
  • Bananas

Fruit and yogurt smoothie

how to do

  1. First, take the blender and bowl and mix in fruit and orange juice. Beat until puree.
  2. Now add curd and mix until smooth.

2. Frozen yogurt with strawberries

You don’t have to go to the nearest store to get yogurt or frozen yogurt. Do it at home and surprise your child with your culinary skills.


  • Mató
  • Strawberries
  • honey
  • Lemon juice
  • Vanilla

Frozen yogurt with strawberries

how to do

  1. Take a bowl and mix everything except the strawberries.
  2. If your child likes sweets, you can also add sugar or any other sweetener.
  3. Pre-freeze a bowl and then pour this mixture into it. Garnish with whole strawberries and slices.
  4. Keep it in the freezer for two hours or more and then serve.

3. Yogurt pancakes

How to make a nutritious and delicious breakfast.


  • blue berries
  • Fine flour
  • powdered yeast
  • Cinnamon
  • Vanilla
  • or beaten
  • Mató
  • Milk
  • sal

Yogurt pancakes

how to do

  1. Take a bowl and mix in the flour, yeast, salt and cinnamon.
  2. In another bowl, combine vanilla, egg and yogurt.
  3. Now put butter in the hot pan and pour the dough into it to make pancakes. Let it cook for about 3-4 minutes on both sides.
  4. Once all the pancakes are ready, add a little curd and honey and let your child eat them.

Curd has always been considered a super healthy food because of its various benefits. However, it is important for children to be aware of some precautions regarding their consumption, especially if there is a pre-existing health problem. By making the right decisions and making delicious healthy recipes, you can feed your baby their favorite curd so they can stay healthy without any hassle.

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