Divya Vaishnava is raising awareness about drug addiction.- Divya Vaishnava is raising awareness among young people against drug addiction.

Divya Vaishnava not only raises awareness among the elderly and young people about drug addiction, but also prevents children from becoming victims of drugs. Apart from this, the Haryana Police Department has received the Divya JJ Act, the POCSO Act, gender awareness, gender equality and teacher training in child protection and mental health (child protection in schools, combating bullying, mental health awareness).

It is also associated with social awareness programs to eliminate gender discrimination, sexual harassment and child abuse. Divya is currently the director of “Bachelors Unki Duniya” (BUD Foundation).

Side effects of intoxication understood from childhood

Divya’s childhood was spent in Delhi. When I was little, I used to see That in some houses people were victims of drugs. These include not only the elderly and the young, but also some children. He understood that drug addiction not only damages his health, but also destroys his entire family. Many families have to deal with financial problems due to drugs. It affects everyone’s physical and emotional health.

Seeing all this, Divya’s mind would shake and she thought she should work against the drug ban. He thought that if the drug addict was aware of the problems caused by intoxication, then he could get rid of the habit of intoxication.

inspiration from mother

Divya was inspired to do social work for her mother. His mother Abha Vaishnav used to teach disadvantaged children. Therefore, he closely observed the changes in the lives of those children. They love to see it all. so he studied everything in Social Work (Licensed Social Worker) Decided to do

supported teachers

Divya has always been supported by her parents and family. She says, “I was also lucky to have good teachers. My teacher, Dr. Bharti Sharma, was the biggest influence of my life. I would love to see him work for society. I learned a lot. of him and I was able to move forward.

specialty in social work

Divya says, “I am a trained social worker. I did a BA and a master’s degree in social work. I also did doctoral and doctoral studies in the same subject. If you get this kind of exposure, then you feel like doing something for in society.

Do something that can change someone’s life. This also entails a change in itself. Then we move on to the good.

Divya is working for drug addiction

In addition to conducting a drug awareness campaign, Divya also works for child protection. Women’s empowerment also works to stop sexual harassment in the office or workplace. The JJ Act, the POCSO Act, Gender Awareness provide for gender equality and teacher training in child protection and mental health (child protection in schools, fight against bullying, mental health awareness). It also trains people who work with children.

Divya Vaishnava goes among the people and makes them aware of social rights and duties.

creativity can be helpful

Divya wants to do nothing but social work. After the 12th, all his training has been done in this field. He enjoys reading and writing. Divya narrates an incident. He noted that those who do untrained work such as cleaning the car, are busy in the morning, but the evening is empty. So they resort to drugs. If they stay busy, they can break their drug habit.

She says, “I started working in wood five years ago. It started connecting untrained people with this job. It gave them training in woodworking and it started giving them jobs. Then I found out that as soon as drug addicts learned the skill, began working wood in their spare time.Their addiction to drugs also disappeared.

no less challenges

Usually, when the job of reforming the society or doing a campaign is done, many kinds of problems arise. Divya takes these issues very lightly. He says at first people don’t listen. If I encourage children to study, then the family begins to create obstacles. They don’t want to send kids to study.

Who do you think will do the housework? Know that when there is family, community and administration support in any job, then any job becomes easy. Although it is a difficult task how to get rid of drugs. People only connect when they are aware and the job is made easy.

She says, “Sometimes people don’t understand the drug awareness campaign. Let me give you a small example. I tell people how to stay away from drugs or what damage can happen to the body? If a member of the family has fallen into a certain drug addiction, how can it be eliminated? People misinterpret all these things. They think that instead of getting me out of the clutches of drugs, I am promoting drugs among them. say it over and over again. Divya has also been awarded in 2017 by the Haryana Police Department for working for the rights of women and children.

Family support is essential

He believes that the purpose of any social work is to bring change to society. Whatever people’s bad habits, they need to change. Above all, children should stay away from drug addiction.

It is the job of the elderly to provide a safe and happy environment for the children. In any society, children will be healthy, happy, studying and writing, then this society will always progress. Nelson Mandela also said that if you want to know society, look at the children of society. If children are happy and healthy, society also progresses.

Divya Vaishnava
Divya Vaishnava always received the support of family, society and police.

good people are always together

Divya says that if he got the support of the administration and society, the roads became easier. He says that every time we started an awareness campaign or tried to start some new project in Gurugram, we had the support of Gurugram Police Department, Department of Education and District Administration. We never heard that we were trying to do something alone. People always supported. People came and joined. Like Divya, all social workers should receive support.

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