Do even small children dream while they sleep?

What babies dream of - Learn about your baby's adventures before bed

You may not notice it, but during the first few months, your baby gets a lot of sleep. A one-week-old baby sleeps 16 hours a day and even after 12 months a baby sleeps 13 hours. So during this time, do children dream? Yes, they must be dreaming a lot! Many experts believe that because babies spend a lot of time in REM sleep, it is definitely possible for them to dream. Because here is the possibility of dreaming. At the same time, there are those who believe that we cannot compare the REM of a child with the REM of an adult. During the first years of a child’s life, most growth and development occurs during sleep. Therefore, during REM sleep, new neural pathways continue to develop in the brain, leaving very little sleep capacity. It can also cause sleep regression.

Do young children dream more than adults?

Each person goes through a sleep cycle. The level at which we begin to fall asleep is called light sleep. It is easy for us to wake up at this level. After this stage we enter a deep sleep, where the brain rests and recovers. Then we went back to sleep lightly. This sleep cycle lasts about 90 minutes. Dr. Ellen Greene, a professor of pediatrics at Stanford University, says babies also need sleep to restore their body and brain. But children’s sleep cycles are shorter than those of adults and they go into a moderately deep sleep every 50 minutes.

Dreams occur in light sleep and because children sleep longer, they dream more than adults.

What do young children dream of?

We cannot say for sure what they dream, because there is no way to ask them. But according to Professor Greeney, children dream of their experiences. We all know that while the baby is in the womb, he can hear, smell, rather try to understand his amniotic world while he is still in the womb. This process continues even after the child is born, because everything around him is new and curious.

Dr. Greeney also points out that although we don’t know what babies dream of, there are some clues we can guess. Whether the child wakes up, whether he wakes up smiling or crying, it also matters. What does it mean when babies smile while they sleep? If the baby is happy and smiling, he may be having a good sleep and when he cries, what is the dream? If she cries and gets very angry, it means she has had a bad dream.

Possible signs that your baby is dreaming

There is nothing more pleasant and innocent than watching your baby sleep. There are three main signs that your child is dreaming and, seeing them, you will not be able to get away from the child.

1. to move

Have you ever seen your babies tremble while they sleep? At the University of Iowa, scientists believe that these small movements show what physical quality your child is currently working on. This means that if you see your baby moving his neck, he will probably start to support his head when he wakes up.

2. smile

Even during the first month after birth, if you see him smiling while sleeping, he may be enjoying his sleep during REM sleep.

3. Eye activity

If you see her eyes move quickly under your closed eyes, you are definitely dreaming. Scientists at Tel Aviv University have discovered that when the scenes of our dreams continue to change, our eyes move rapidly back and forth during sleep.

Do young children have nightmares?

Dr. Greeney believes that nightmares occur mostly in children between the ages of 3 and 6, because at this age their imagination has aged and they can imagine many things that are not real, I don’t have any. At this age, a feeling of fear also begins to arise in them.

When a child has nightmares, the best thing you can do to help them is to let them suffer. Nightmares help them understand things that scare them or make them panic. You can ask them to take pictures of nightmares. This allows them to tell you how they are living their dreams. When their story is over, you can encourage them to look and see the bright side.

It is important to understand that whatever dreams your child dreams of, whether good or bad, play an essential role in a child’s development. Dreams help the child to understand the world around him.

Does sleep without sleep help the baby’s development?

Many experts believe that when REM sleep does not involve dreams, it helps a newborn baby in many ways. It also helps them build pathways in their brain, coordinate neurological systems, and develop many other skills, such as language.

Sleep is very important for your baby’s development, because when the baby sleeps, his brain develops well.

However, it is believed that as we grow older, our dreams also begin to take shape. Thus, as the child grows, he absorbs the visuals and processes them, because dreaming becomes a cognitive process.

If you think children dream, the real question is: what do they dream? As for the elderly, we all believe that we have dreams related to our daily experiences or events or things we have read or heard. So if we think about babies with this logic, they could dream a lot about crying and making the urinal. When the child grows up, he begins to become aware of his surroundings and can dream of his parents or even the family or family pet.

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