How to take care of the baby

The baby’s sleep cycle should be normal

Give Newborns a Dose of Love and Affection For a mother, caring for her baby is one of the most special and rewarding experiences of her life. But you don’t know what to do? You will need constant care and attention for your baby. To take care of a newborn, you need to know how to give your baby the rest, support and attention he needs. Hello today with all this important information! With us at Doctor is the child specialist Dr. Ravi Garg of Pehowa, Kurukshetra district. Which would show that somehow a mother can give her newborn a good dose of love and affection. So that your beloved will always keep smiling and laughing.

Babies need rest to grow up healthy and strong. Some babies can sleep 16 hours a day. Although once your baby is three months or older, he can sleep 6 to 8 hours at a time, initially your baby sleeps only 2 to 3 hours at a time and, if he has one, if he has not eaten anything for 4 hours, then you have to wake up from sleep. Some babies have confusion between day and night when they are born. If your baby is more active at night, keep the lights off and speak slowly to limit nocturnal stimulation and be patient until your baby’s sleep cycle returns to normal.

Keep these things in mind while you sleep

Be sure to keep your baby on your back to reduce the risk of SIDS. You should continue to change the position of your baby’s head. Whether your tilt is to the left or right. So that they can eliminate the “soft spot” that can occur on the face when the baby sleeps in the same position.

Breastfeeding 8-12 times during the first 24 hours after delivery

If you want to breastfeed your baby, it is best when you hold him in your arms for the first time after birth and breastfeed him. You should breastfeed 8 to 12 times during the first 24 hours after your baby is born. You don’t need to make a strict schedule for this, but whenever your baby shows signs of hunger, he should be breastfed.

Art, baby bath

Such as increased mouth movements and nipple localization movements. You should breastfeed every few hours, even taking it gently if necessary. Make sure you are sitting comfortably. Breastfeeding can take up to 40 minutes, so choose a comfortable place so that your back is supported while breastfeeding.

You have to become a diaper specialist

You have to become an expert in changing diapers to take care of your baby and that’s too fast. You should be prepared to change your baby’s diaper about 10 times a day. Remove your baby’s dirty diaper. If it is wet, bring your baby back and remove the diaper and clean your baby’s genital area with water or a towel. Clean the girl from front to back so that the ITU can be avoided.

If you see any rash, apply a little ointment on it. Open a new diaper and gently lift your baby’s legs and legs and pass him under. Lift the front of the diaper from between the baby’s legs to the top of the stomach. Then take the adhesive strips and glue them gently so that the diaper fits perfectly and securely. Let your baby go without a diaper for a few hours each day so that the baby’s bottom can take in air and develop.

Child care

Learn to take care of your newborn

You will be surprised to see how small and delicate your baby is, but with a few basic techniques you will begin to feel safer when it comes to handling your baby in a very short time. Here are some things you should read.

  • Wash and disinfect your hands before grabbing your baby. Newborns are more susceptible to infection because their immune system is not yet strong enough.
  • Make sure your hands and the hands that hold your baby are clean before contact with the baby.
  • Support your baby’s head and neck. To grab your baby, hold his head comfortably whenever you grab him and support him when you lift or lower him. Babies can’t stand their head right now, so don’t let your head tilt here and there.
  • Avoid shocking your child, whether you are playing with him or not. This can cause bleeding in the brain, which can lead to death. Also, grab it by shaking, instead, tickle your feet or give it a soft touch.
  • Learn how to wrap your baby. This is a great way to make your baby feel safe before he is 2 months old.

bathe a newborn

During the first week, you should take a sponge bath on your baby very carefully. Once the umbilical cord is released, you can start bathing your baby regularly two or three times a week. To do this the right way, you should pick up your supplies, such as towels, soap, a clean diaper, and so on. so that the child does not get upset. You may be a little nervous the first time you bathe your baby. If so, you can involve your partner or any family member in this work. This way, one person can hold the baby in the water and the other can bathe him. Use a mild soap while bathing and apply it sparingly so that it does not get into your baby’s eyes.


Choose the right clothes for the kids in the summer

If you have a lot of baby clothes, you can dress them in many ways. In the summer, children should wear special clothing to help them breathe and absorb sweat. Right now, choose light and comfortable cotton clothes for your child and wear synthetic and silk clothes in other seasons. Do not wear dark colored clothing in the summer because this clothing absorbs heat easily and wears more heat than if you are wearing it.

Use less powders and baby lotions in the summer

Yes, we believe that with the application of powders and lotions, babies ’skin stays healthy and soft all the time. In general, children’s skin becomes more sensitive in the summer. In this situation, applying powder or lotion can cause the skin to itch instead of improving. Therefore, it is beneficial to reduce the use of these products in the child during the summers. (Frankly / Jaswinder)

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