If a woman is a CEO, she’s hungry for a career, she’s fashionable, she’s light in character; If there is a leader, then men roll over the embers. Video by Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on how to help children with homework and gender inequality in politics in the midst of assembly elections

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  • Video by Priyanka Gandhi Vadra on how to help children with homework and gender inequality in politics in the midst of Assembly elections.

New Delhi5 months agoAuthor Mridulika Jha

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In 2013, a political party in Queensland, Australia, gave the evening party. There were dozens of varieties of roast meat at that sumptuous National Liberal Party party. There was also a menu at each table, so guests could choose the food they chose. There was a special dish on this menu, called Julia Gillard Fried Quail. The specialty of the dish was explained that the small breast and fleshy thighs of the bird give a taste of paradise when roasted over low heat. The dish was made of quail, so why was it called Julia Gillard? So let’s tell you that Julia was the former Prime Minister of Australia, the texture of the body was similar.

At the end of the term, Julia mentioned this menu in her last speech. tight voice. Her lips closed in an attempt to stop crying. There was a commotion with the speech, as if a bomb had exploded in the movie theater amid Govinda’s elegant songs. Opposing parties, which came out crying, accused Julia of waging a ‘gender war’. They were angry that Julia’s statement made good women suspicious.

Roshan-Khyal’s Australian leaders also had reason to be afraid. Julia, blonde and blonde, lived with her boyfriend, who was also her boyfriend, not a file signing in a luxury building, but a ‘minor’ man shaving his hair. Julia had no children then. In this she was also surrounded that she was setting a wrong example to the women of the country. Meanwhile, his father died of a heart attack.

No one cared about the daughter crying after her father’s departure, but famed radio announcer Alan Jones claimed the cause of death was not a heart attack, but the embarrassment caused by the daughter. The father was embarrassed because his political daughter was in love with a hairdresser and was not ready to have children. On this charge, Julia said so much, “My father did not die of shame. He was always proud of his daughter.

These people, who brought women leaders to the dock, are not limited to Australia, their brothers and sisters are also scattered in India. Just as the aged acacia tree begins to look ghostly at night, so these people, like the irritable acacia, continue to spread their fear to women.

If a woman is the CEO of a company, then she is hungry for a career. If the comb is lost in the mirror, then the light of character. And if there is a leader, then the angry kings just roll on the embers.

There is a shop in London: One Pound Shop. As its name suggests, everything from birthday candles to clothes is available for £ 1. The appreciation of cheapness accumulates there in such a way that blood and mules are created, but even the cheap products of this store seem precious in the face of our cheap thinking. Today, we are absorbed in the singing of rhetoric about indigenous women leaders.

Archana Gautam is at the top of our to-do list. Archana has been a role model in Hastinapur in the Uttar Pradesh assembly elections. Questions are now being asked on social media about how this bikini-clad girl will be able to become a leader! The question is how to ask how a man wearing warm pants can do farming, or how a woman wearing a miniskirt can give birth to a child!

Amidst the stress of the bikini on a bikini, the question also arises as to whether women’s leadership of us, when we wear a sari, suits you! All the leading women in the country are saridars and many children and boys as well. This queue hangs with them who cares for their children when they lead!

Recently, the video of Congress Secretary General Priyanka Gandhi went viral. In this, answering a question, he explains how after hours of campaigning, he returns home and does the homework for the children until midnight. It was not absolutely necessary for this leading woman, who is very popular among the youth population of the country, to give this answer to the question of homework.

Working mothers know that it is difficult to do their children’s homework when they return from the office, among other things. If Priyanka had said the same, she would not have become a bad mother. It would not have affected his polling station either, but he was under pressure from domesticity. No wonder, if tomorrow also comes a question what what do they cook for everyone on Sunday for breakfast.

Be a leader, of course, but without forgetting your duty to be a woman. This fertility pressure runs like a straight line from India to America. Former U.S. President Donald Trump in 2015 surrounded opposition leader Hillary Clinton by saying, “If Hillary can’t satisfy her husband, then how do you think she can satisfy the United States?”

Charles Darwin had given the theory of evolution after years of deliberation, according to which over time the mind grew along with the human body. Although Darwin could not see in his theory that a part of our brain is constantly shrinking. No wind of progress could reach this secret corner. She believes that cooking is the capital of the village, the purpose of marriage and their religion to be a mother.

The point is that even in thoughts we see women only in domestic functions. If an old woman lives on the moon, she will spin the wheel, or the rice will spin. He has no interest in traveling to a mysterious place like the moon, but that is our imagination.

The product of the wrinkled corner of our brain. You know, in fact, that old woman is spinning dreams instead of cotton, of that galaxy where all the planets, including the earth, should be equal, and there is happiness! Where instead of asking questions like the breakfast recipe or the baby diaper with the female leader, it is debated what work they will do after the victory.

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