Know how you can overcome migraine.- Know how you can overcome the problem of migraine.

June 29 is celebrated around the world as Migraine and Headache Awareness Day. This day on June 29 is celebrated with the aim of helping people who have been suffering from migraines for some time. On this day, every effort is made to spread awareness among migraine sufferers and to do everything possible to support them. Migraine ranks third among common diseases worldwide, but this problem can affect a person’s entire life.

The whole month of June is dedicated to migraine awareness. During this, many types of debates, meetings are held and many awareness programs are also carried out. Efforts are being made to understand and address this problem with many migraine-related activities, especially in hospitals. There are also many such organizations, which work for migraine sufferers.

Why does migraine headache occur?

According to a data published by the World Health Organization, headache is a common problem of the nervous system. According to the WHO, 1 in 7 adults suffers from migraines. In addition, this problem is seen three times more in women than in men. So experts know some important things related to migraine.

Find out what experts say about migraines. Shutterstock image.

Know what a migraine is

Migraine is a type of headache that occurs mainly on one side of the head. Problems such as nausea and vomiting can occur during migraine headaches. In addition, it becomes more sensitive to light and loud noises. Migraine attacks can last from an hour to an entire day. In this situation, you will feel unbearable pain, for which your whole routine may be affected.

Migraine can affect anyone, children and adults. Different symptoms of migraine are observed in different people. Although migraine is a problem, it can affect you for life. In this situation, your pain is controlled with the help of medication. At the same time, making some necessary lifestyle changes will also be improved.

What experts say about migraines

Poonam Duneja, director of Nutrify by Poonam Diet and Wellness Clinic and Academy, says this problem is a type of neurological problem. In this, unbearable pain is felt on both sides of the head, so other problems such as vomiting, nervousness, eye pain and fatigue often appear. In this situation, without panic, try to find a treatment.

In addition, he suggests, “There are several yoga postures that can cure severe and severe migraine people. These yogasanas include: Adho Mukha Svanasana, Prasar Padottanasana, Shishuasana (Child Position), Janushirasana (Head to Knee Possibility), Hastapadasana and some breathing techniques.

vi negre se badh sakta hai migrane ka khatra.
Red wine can increase the risk of migraines. Image: Shutterstock

A change in diet is also needed

Along with this, dietitian Poonam Juneja says this problem can be controlled by making some important changes in eating habits and routine.

Don’t keep a long distance between two meals, keep eating light food at some point. At the same time, large amounts of caffeine, red wine, cheese, chocolate, monosodium glutamate, artificial sweeteners and citrus can increase the problem of migraine. Therefore, all migraine patients should keep as much distance as possible from these foods.

Also, stay in a quiet and clean environment. Wake up in the morning and try to spend some time in the middle of nature, it will help you balance the migraine attack.

Control panic attacks without panic in these ways

If you ever have a migraine attack, first of all try to stay calm. During a migraine, the blood vessels dilate, so that blood flow to the head increases significantly. In this situation, stretch and try to keep your head above your chest, for which you can roll up the towel and blanket and keep them under your head.

Keep the atmosphere of your room quiet and dark, as darkness helps your mind stay calm. Applying a pack of ice or a warm pad around your head and neck will help relax your muscles and relieve pain. Along with this, taking a shower with hot water can also be beneficial.

The child puts migraine in rhega interactions.
The baby’s posture will avoid the migraine problem. Shutterstock image.

Here are 2 most effective yogas to relieve migraines

baby seat

Shishu asana helps your body and mind stay calm. Along with this, it is also very beneficial for stretching the whole body.

know the right way to do it

First of all sit in the Bajrasana position. Now, as you inhale, lift both hands up with the vinegar, as you exhale slowly, bend your hands forward and touch your forehead with the ground, during which time keep your hands completely straight. Try to stay in this position for 1 minute, then sit slowly in an upright posture. Try repeating the same thing for a while.


Janushirasana balances the problem of digestion. It is also very important to improve blood circulation. Because it controls blood circulation, migraine patients can include this yoga asana in their daily routine.

Know the right way to do it

Sit straight on the floor with both legs open and keep both hands by your side.
The back should be completely straight. Bend your right leg from the knee and touch the sole of the foot with the thigh of the other leg. Now lift both hands up and then bend forward and try to grab your left leg with your hands. Bend your nose slowly and place it on the knee of your left leg.

Similarly, do the same with the other leg. As you tilt your head down, breathe in and exhale slowly as you get up.

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