No pain when giving birth to a child, the person wrote this on social media, then the women started in class

One cannot imagine the pain a mother suffers while giving birth. which is called labor pain. Do women know this pain, but do men know it too? Looking at these tweets, it doesn’t seem like men are aware of this pain caused to their wives, sisters, mother, sister-in-law, and so on. First look at the tweet and then we tell you what happens after all …

By the way, seeing this tweet, you must have had a small idea of ​​why we were talking about labor pain. In fact, this debate began when people U.S. Supreme Court abortion they discussed the decision made. During this, a man shared an article with a woman, who herself is a mother. She had written: ‘Giving birth to a child does not hurt as much as feminists say’.

Just after reading what it was, the wrath of the women also reached the seventh heaven and they began to fiercely rebuke this person. In this tweet, many women gave their answers and said many things to the man. Many women even narrated the man in a funny tone. Commenting on this tweet, a user wrote, “Crown this man, today he has conquered the Internet with a denunciation of hands.” Check out other tweets here:

Not only women but some men have also given their opinion on the matter.

What is the Roe vs. Wade case?

We tell you that the U.S. Supreme Court recently overturned the historic 49-year decision in the Roe v Wade case, completely banning all types of abortion in the country. According to this decision, now no girl or woman of any age in the country will be able to get rid of unwanted pregnancy for any reason. Whether it was for rape or for an unwanted pregnancy she had conceived. According to the Supreme Court, abortion is completely banned in the United States.

After all this decision, a debate has erupted around the world. Women are protesting against this decision. So there has also been a debate on social media. The debate over this decision has also erupted because four out of five judges behind this decision were men. And the opinion of a judge was taken. People say that when a man doesn’t even know about this pain, then how can he make that decision for women?

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