Parents should feed non-vegetable children at this age, it’s important for health – parents-should-follow-these-tricks-before-giving-no-veg-to-children

Parents are concerned about the diet of young children. From the beginning of introducing solid foods to the child until he is three years old, this concern continues to haunt the parents. What foods should be given to the child, what diet will be appropriate for his health, which can be detrimental to his health. The same question remains regarding non-vegs, how and at what age the child should be fed non-veg. So we tell you how and when you can feed the baby without vegetables …

Why is it necessary for a child not to have vegetables?

Non-vegetable foods include things like eggs, chicken, fish and meat. Zinc, iron and protein are found in abundance, which are also very necessary for the child’s physical and mental health. When your baby is 9 months or 1 year old, you can feed him without vegetables. If you don’t give vegetables to a child at a younger age, they won’t be able to digest because children have a weak digestive system, so non-vegetables can be harmful to children at that age.

Start these things in no-veg

Whenever you start giving non-vegetarian food to the child, first do so with fish, eggs and poultry. The taste of these things is very mild. You need to keep in mind that you should not make children eat seafood at all. After these things you can start giving them red meat.

Instill in children like this the habit of eating non-vegetarian

Kids may be reluctant to eat non-vegetables at first, so don’t panic, if you try slowly, they will start eating non-vegetables. We tell you how you can instill in your child the habit of eating non-vegetable foods.


Give non-vegetable food in the form of soup or broth

If your baby is 9 months old, you can start giving him eggs for non-vegetable food. After that, when the child turns 1 year old, he can be given chicken and fish. You can give chicken and fish to the baby in the form of soup or broth. Don’t give the straight piece to the kids at all. Before giving chicken, give fish to the child.

Get used to tasting at first

You can start giving no-veg to the baby with soup. You can make a fine soup and give it to the baby. Apart from that, you can also add carrots and potatoes to the soup. Gradually the child will get used to non-veg with taste.

After the taste begins to give puree

Once the baby starts eating non-vegetable, you can also give him by making non-vegetable puree. Through the puree, you will eat non-vegetarian foods with very good taste. After cooking vegetables and meat separately, you can puree them and feed them to the babies.

Give liver after puree

As soon as your baby starts eating puree and if your child is over a year old, you can also give him. Vitamin A found in the liver will help sharpen your eyesight and strengthen your immune system. You can also give him chicken liver once a week. Just be careful not to overdo it.


Dan doesn’t see twice a week

Start eating non-vegetables as a child and if you are less than a year and a half old, give non-vegetables only twice a week at first. Then, after a few days, you can give him non-vegetarian food even once a day. As soon as the child starts to like it well, you can give it without vegetables 2 times a day.

Give a thick, chewy puree

If baby teeth have entered, they can come out through the puree. Make the puree thick so the baby can chew it well.

Give no-veg to a two-and-a-half-year-old

If your child is two and a half or three years old and has learned to eat food with their hands, you can also give them chicken or small pieces of cooked meat.

Take special care of these things as well

Before giving non-veg to children, take special care of some things, if you take precautions in these things, then the health of the child may also suffer.

Given age, give no-veg

You should not give non-veg to the child for at least 9 months. Babies start taking solid foods other than breast milk after 6 months. You should try not to give no-veg to the child even before one year. The kidneys of young children do not develop well, so they cannot digest the amount of protein and can also be harmful to their health.


Pay special attention to quantity

If you have started giving no-veg to the child, pay special attention to the amount as well. If your child is less than three years old, do not give him or her no vegetables daily. Giving more non-vegetable content can increase the amount of protein in a child’s body. According to experts, it should only be given to children without vegetables twice a week. Because of this, children are not able to digest non-vegetables and their digestive system begins to deteriorate.

Don’t give anything that isn’t vegetable, even at dinner

The child should never be given even at a non-vegetable dinner. You can feed the baby during lunch. At dinner, the child does not have time to digest it, it can also affect his health. For three years, all you have to do is give the child steamed, boiled, and grilled meat.


Don’t even give out chemical meats

Do not give your child chemically processed meats. It contains sodium and nitrates in very high amounts that can harm your baby.

Give less liver and meat

Although the liver and meat are beneficial to the child’s health. But its excessive consumption can be harmful to the baby. Both things can be harmful if the amount is exceeded. Due to the toxicity of vitamin A in the liver, it affects vitamin D, which can affect children’s bones.

Do not give red meat at all for five years

Do not give red meat at all until the child is five years old. Nitrate is found in very high amounts and can cause problems in the development of the child’s brain. You can feed a baby lamb instead of red meat.

Do not give too much cooked and raw meat to the child

Do not give the child overcooked and raw meat. Cook the meat well and give it to the children. Overcooked meat becomes hard and children will not be able to eat it well. Give the meat to the children only after cooking it well.

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