Rajat Sharma’s SC blog told Modi: let people know who the real “Maut Ke Saudagar” were | The clean phrase of the Supreme Court in Modi: who were the real “saudagars of death”?

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Rajat Sharma, President and Editor-in-Chief of India TV.

Amidst the uninterrupted political drama in Maharashtra, good news related to Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived on Friday. The Supreme Court has upheld the SIT investigation report in which Narendra Modi received a clean shout in the 2002 Gujarat riots. The court dismissed the request to challenge the SIT report.

Justice AM Khanwilkar, Judge Dinesh Maheshwari and Judge CT Ravikumar dismissed the petitions of Zakia Jafri, wife of former Congressman Ehsan Jafri, who died in the riots, and social activist Teesta Setalvad. The court made it clear that there is no merit, no merit in this petition. In fact, in this petition, there was a demand for an investigation into a “large-scale conspiracy” behind the Gujarat riots. The Supreme Court bench studied all allegations against then-Chief Minister Narendra Modi and other officials. The former director of the CBI R. De. SIT led by Raghavan and then the court came to the conclusion that there is no evidence that any “large-scale” conspiracy was invented to instigate the 2002 riots.

The Supreme Court said: ‘In short, I am of the opinion that no fault can be found in this SIT investigation. The ITS report dated February 8, 2012 on the closure of this case is based entirely on solid facts and arguments. At the same time, the report is sufficient in all respects to quash the criminal conspiracy charges (in general) against the minority community during this period.

The Supreme Court has accused two former IPS RK officials of sensationalizing the issue and giving false testimony accusing Narendra Modi and others. B. Sreekumar and Sanjeev Bhatt were severely reprimanded. The court suggested that action should be taken against those involved in keeping the issue hot for the past 16 years. The court called these people “dissatisfied.”

Rejecting Zakia Jafri’s request for a large-scale investigation, the Supreme Court said the SIT conducted a thorough investigation under the supervision of the Supreme Court and questioning this report is a mockery of justice. It would be to doubt the intelligence of the court.

BJP leader Ravi Shankar Prasad praised the Supreme Court’s decision to give a clear note to Narendra Modi: “Today I want to ask Congress, the Left and others that your whole store has been strong for the last 20 years. years for the campaign against Narendra Modi But it was happening How many more days will you make your tent like that? SID investigation into the riots in Gujarat, at that time Narendra Modi was facing the investigation with full force and the truth has come to the fore.

Interior Minister Amit Shah said in an interview with a news agency on Saturday: “The truth has come out shining like gold.” Modi ji has endured this pain with great silence for the past 18-19 years. Such a great leader of the country, without saying a word, continued to endure all the pains like the poison of Lord Shankar grabbing him by the throat. ,

Amit Shah said: “I have seen Modi ji facing this pain up close. As the trial was underway, so despite being with the truth, he did not speak on this issue. Only a man from very strong mind can do this.He endured this pain in silence.

I think the most surprising thing the Supreme Court said on Friday was that the co-petitioner in this case, Teesta Setalvad, used Zakia Jafri’s feelings to her advantage. Playing with someone’s pain, taking advantage of someone’s husband’s death is a great crime. The Supreme Court has seen the whole matter, understood and accepted that Teesta Setalvad took advantage of Zakia Jafri’s pain to defame Narendra Modi.

That is why the Supreme Court said that social activist Teesta Setalvad should also be investigated in this case. “Finally it seems to us that some disgruntled state officials and others jointly wanted to expose something that was false in their own eyes as well to create sensation,” the court said. The SIT had fully exposed the lies of its claims. The Supreme Court said those who misuse the process in this way should be put on the dock and should be prosecuted against them within the scope of the law.

I think Narendra Modi’s chapter on the Gujarat riots should now be closed and the file of social worker like Teesta Setalvad should be opened. If we respect the sentiments of the Supreme Court, the game of defaming Narendra Modi for the riots in Gujarat should stop. Those who used these riots or victims of riots to make their policy shine, now should come their number. The people of the country have a right to know who the ‘saudagars of death’ were. (Rajat Sharma)

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