Sitting outside the operating room, praying, asking him to drink turmeric milk. Sitting outside the operating room, praying, drinking turmeric milk

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The news of cancer never brings happiness, but in Dureen’s life, this bad news brought new warmth to her relationship with her mother-in-law. He had never felt so much concern for himself in the eyes of his mother-in-law in 10 years.

The son’s words gave strength to fight cancer
When Dureen was diagnosed with second-stage breast cancer, she wanted to cry bitterly. Everything was going well in his life. She married the boy she loved. She was also happy with the job. If she was upset for any reason, she would have forgotten everything after hearing the innocent words of her 10-year-old son. But on hearing the word cancer, it seemed as if the whole world had stopped.
Dureen says it was my husband Rajesh who said, my heart says nothing will happen to you. All the relatives were told about Durin. Only a 10-year-old son didn’t know it because he was very young. Whenever he was going to become chemo, he would apologize.
Dureen and Rajesh’s marriage was a loving marriage. Like most love marriages, Durin and his mother-in-law had a cold relationship, but the shock of cancer changed everything. As soon as Dureen’s mother-in-law who lived in Bombay learned that her daughter-in-law had been diagnosed with cancer, she moved to Delhi despite her refusal.
Durin says so While I was in the operating room, my mother-in-law kept praying outside and praying for me. Her relationship with me has never been so sweet. Even today, whenever your call arrives, I don’t forget to ask if I’m drinking turmeric milk or not. If it hadn’t been for cancer, I would never have known that my mother-in-law really loved me so much.

Lacking help, the husband began to take over the kitchen.
After the diagnosis of my illness, everything started to change. Rajesh also took care of me before, but now he had become very careful. Send me out with a double mask. After coming from outside, he sat next to me only after following all Kovid protocols. It sanitizes well the things that come from outside.
Not only that, when Help went to his village because of Kovid, Rajesh took over the kitchen, even though he knew that Rajesh has always been away from the kitchen, he is not even interested in cooking, yet Rajesh went take charge of the kitchen and clean the dishes.
One day my son asked his mother, when you stop going to the hospital, don’t leave me and leave. Durin felt that maybe he should tell the truth. He said, you know what happened to me. he lowered his head a lot He said softly down his throat – Yes, I had heard you all, I know everything.
The next moment he said in a passionate voice – Mom, you’ll be fine. you will be fine. Durin says that at that moment I felt a lot of energy inside. My young son’s confidence boosted my spirits. I thought I would only die after overcoming cancer. Now that I’ve beaten the cancer, my son still won’t let me carry the bag. He says his school backpack is too heavy, lifting it will hurt my hands. I am very lucky to have received everyone’s support.

What is the difference between a masectomy and a lumpectomy?
When breast cancer is completely removed, it is called a mastectomy. Lumpectomy is also called partial mastectomy. In this, the size of the lumps present in the chest is checked. The infected part is removed and the rest of the breast is preserved. There is a slight change in breast size. It does not harm body image. Women’s confidence in their body does not diminish.
Dr. Anil Kumar Anand, director of the Department of Radiation Oncology, Fortis Memorial Research Institute, says that most patients have cancer in their family history, however, if women are screened, then it is known that this disease can be prevented in the beginning. The survival rate is maintained up to 100% when detected during screening. Without screening, the tumor continues to grow, in which case the survival rate is 60 to 70%.

Don’t forget to think that the mother has suffered a head injury to the chest
According to Dr. Anil Kumar Anand, “Women in many countries are being examined after the age of 40, especially those who have had this disease in their family history. Many mothers feel that because of the head of a small child they are has formed a lump in the chest, while it is not.Instead of avoiding or ignoring it, they should see a doctor.There are some survivors who used to get a mammogram once a year and it is which is why cancer was detected early and treated in time.

The survivor takes care of these things after treatment

They should take a high protein diet. You need to take calcium, vitamin D. Visit your doctor for regular checkups. Stay physically active. Always keep your weight under control. A high-fat diet should be avoided. Antioxidants should be taken in fruits and vegetables.

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