The Supreme Court judge, who sexually abused office mates, still became a Supreme Court judge.

Clarence Thomas, one of five U.S. Supreme Court justices who ruled three days ago banning all forms of abortion in the United States, has been a Supreme Court judge since 1991. Even when Clarence was became a Supreme Court judge, 49 percent of Americans and 100 percent of women affiliated with feminist organizations were against the decision because Clarence Thomas was accused of sexually abusing several women instead. work during his three-decade career.

Accused. It was also investigated, but what happened during and after the investigation, that story

it is painful.

President Bush’s nomination and the FBI’s confidential report

This story begins in 1991. The then president, Senior George Bush, appointed a judge named Clarence Thomas as a Supreme Court judge. Clarence Thomas was then a judge in the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia.

A few days before the final vote on behalf of Thomas in the Senate, a confidential FBI report leaked to the media. This report dealt with some of the allegations of sexual harassment against Clarence Thomas.

The woman mentioned in that report had never presented herself and told her story for herself. When the news broke on television that President Bush had appointed Judge Thomas to the Supreme Court, he was saddened to see the news at his home in Oklahoma, but he wanted to go ahead and tell the truth about himself and about the judge. Even then he didn’t. dare.

That was in 1991. Today 31 years ago, in cases of sexual harassment against men, women did not get justice even in the courts. No one believed his words. Not even when the man is as strong and influential a man as Judge Thomas.

That woman was Professor Anita Hill

That woman’s name was Anita Hill. She was a law professor at the University of Oklahoma. Many years ago, Anita Hill worked with Judge Thomas in the U.S. Department of Education and the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission). Thomas was their boss. Anita was very young. This was the beginning of his career.

After the news leaked to the media, it became the responsibility of the Senate Judiciary Committee to conduct a thorough investigation into the matter. But the whole story of this investigation seems like a farce. A stage drama, in which members of the judiciary had predetermined in their minds what was to be decided. They wanted Anita Hill’s credibility to be destroyed and Judge Thomas proved innocent.

It was a direct instruction from President Bush’s office that the one chosen by the president was not to be shown to be wrong. The whole research process, which was broadcast live on television, was nothing more than a gimmick.

The role of Joe Biden in the Anita Hill case

The head of this Judicial Committee was the person who is today the President of the United States: Joe Biden. Biden has also played an important role in suppressing the Anita Hill case and not allowing it to be properly investigated, to which Joe Biden never opened his mouth before 2020.

During his presidential campaign in 2020, Biden spoke about it for the first time during a TV interview and apologized because it was the post-MeToo movement. Biden knew that in the Anita Hill case, the black box of her sins would definitely come out. So he apologized himself before asking anyone the question.

During a TV interview, Biden said, “I know I didn’t do everything I should have done in the hearing of this case in an impartial manner.” Not only that, Joe Biden also personally apologized to Anita Hill and said, “I appreciate the work you have done to spread awareness against sexual harassment in this country and change that culture.”

I do.”

Actions of the Senate Judiciary Committee

The hearings of the Senate Judiciary Committee began on September 10, 1991 and lasted 10 days. At first, Anita Hill had to make her statement before the committee, but on the occasion, reversing it, the committee first called Judge Thomas to make her statement.

The next day, Anita Hill explained in detail how Judge Thomas always tried to talk to her in the office about topics like pornography, sex, and porn stars. He repeatedly asked her to socialize with him outside. Judge Thomas dismissed all of these allegations and all members, including Joe Biden, asked Anita Hill to repeat the details over and over, as well as questions that were very embarrassing.

The questions of the members of that Judicial Committee were to discredit Anita Hill and to defend Judge Thomas. The sympathy and support of the women was with Anita Hill, with the majority support still in favor of Thomas.

During this case, two other former colleagues of Judge Thomas also made similar allegations against Judge Thomas, but the Senate Committee never allowed these women to appear before the Judiciary.

The entire hearing of the case and the behavior of the judiciary were so abusive that Anita Hill returned home before hearing the final verdict. The Senate committee gave a good grade to Judge Thomas. In the Senate 52 votes in favor of Thomas and 48 against. Judge Thomas was appointed a judge of the Supreme Court.

Letters from women across the country to Anita Hill

Anita Hill did not get justice from the judiciary, but when she returned to college, there were a lot of letters in her name across the country in the office. These letters were written by all the women who had seen their testimonies on television. Those women had written stories about their sexual abuse and harassment in the workplace, which they did not tell anyone.

All the nameless women across the country believed in Anita Hill, the powerful men on the Senate Judiciary Committee did not.

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