The yogi government in action after the violence against hate speech, issued guidelines for a strong law and order

Following the violence following Friday prayers in various districts of Uttar Pradesh, CM Yogi Adityanath issued several guidelines to maintain law and order in the state.

Yogi government in action in terms of law and order

So far, police have arrested 237 people, recording a total of 13 FIRs, in connection with the violence that took place after Friday prayers for hate speech in various districts of Uttar Pradesh. Along with this, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath issued many guidelines to maintain a strong law and order in the state. In the past, attempts have been made to disrupt the atmosphere of peace and social harmony by antisocial elements in various districts of Kanpur, Prayagraj, Saharanpur, Moradabad, Hathras, Firozabad, Ambedkar Nagar. Earlier, on June 3, a similar attempt was made in Kanpur. Even then surveillance instructions were given, so peace was maintained in most districts of the state. For this system of peace to be permanent, one must be prudent and prudent.

  • The Uttar Pradesh Police and Administration have taken effective action on the unfortunate efforts of the antisocials. The situation is currently under control, but we must be prepared for any kind of situation. Police and administration remained on 24×7 alert mode.
  • It is sad that the conspirators resorted to young teenagers with their malicious intentions. Therefore, identifying the main conspirators is essential. It should be understood that these attempts at antisocial elements may be repeated in the coming days. The purpose of these people is to disturb the peace and harmony of the state. We must frustrate these attempts by working as a team.
  • We are citizens of a democratic country. In this situation, we must maintain dialogue with all parties. Maintain constant communication with religious / civil society leaders. Along with this, action against criminals should also be continued. The action should be such that it becomes an example for all elements that have antisocial thinking. No one can even think of damaging the atmosphere. In this situation, a dialogue and sectoral scheme should be implemented.
  • Field officers have the right to make all sorts of decisions to strengthen law and order. Make the right decisions based on your local situation. In all districts where there are issues of environmental deterioration in the coming days, Article 144 should be applied as required.
  • In all cases, the damage caused to public / public property must be recovered from the affected culprit. The process of sending recovery notices has started in Prayagraj. Other districts should also take immediate action. A tribunal has been set up in this regard, the strictest measures must be taken according to the rules.
  • Illegal income is only spent on antisocial activities. In this situation, collect the complete details of the bank accounts / properties, etc. of the conspirators / defendants. Their financial sources need to be thoroughly researched. Research by forming a dedicated team. Lead senior officers in these cases.
  • Strictly deal with the zero tolerance policy with those who issue naughty statements. All the hardness has to do with the chaotic elements that try to spoil the atmosphere. There should be no place for these people in a civilized society. Don’t mock an innocent sun and don’t leave anyone innocent.
  • Additional police force should be deployed in sensitive areas. Every evening, the police force has to do foot patrols. PRV 112 remained active.
  • The “Bulldozer” action is against professional / mafia criminals. This action must be continued continuously. No action will be taken, not even by mistake, in the house of any poor man in the state. If a helpless poor person has a house built in an inappropriate place for certain reasons, the local administration should organize it properly and the others should take action.
  • Those who suffer from the mafia will be treated strictly. No attempt to disturb the atmosphere will be accepted.
  • Conspirators / defendants should be identified and arrested as soon as possible. Check the CCTV images thoroughly. Legal action should be taken against these people according to NSA rules or gangsters. If any criminal involved in a chaotic incident is found again, mention him definitively on the charge sheet.
  • The illegal taxi rank, bus stop or rickshaw stop should not operate in any district of the state. These positions encourage illegal recovery. Wherever these activities are carried out, they must be stopped immediately. While selecting the contractor for the taxi stand, do your proper police check. Provide the complete report of the actions carried out so far in the Office of the Chief Executive Officer. In coordination with the Department of Transport, the operation of Daggamar buses should be stopped.
  • The satisfaction of the common man is the most important thing. All officials / staff associated with the administration should understand this. The common man has a right to justice. A period of one hour is set each day for the public hearing at the offices of Tehsils / Authorities, etc. with direct connection to the public interest. During this period, officers must meet with the public, listen to complaints / problems, and resolve them on merit. IGRS / CM Helpline has become a good way to solve people’s problems. Do not leave the matter pending. They should be reviewed continuously in each office.

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