Violent mobile games affect children’s brains know how parents should be alert ntc

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  • The son kills the mother for refusing to play Lucknow
  • Violent mobile games are having a bad effect on children’s brains

A heartbreaking incident has come to light in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh. Here a minor killed his mother simply because he had been banned from playing mobile. Since then, many questions have been raised about the mentality of children. This incident shows that violent mobile games have a profound effect on children’s brains. To find out how these mobile games are affecting children’s mental development, Aaj Tak spoke with Dr. Dhiren Gupta, children’s specialist at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital.

Children’s specialist Dr Dhiren Gupta said children’s screen time has increased greatly since Corona. In the Corona era, children started using mobile so much that it has now become more addictive than their habit. And when any habit becomes an addiction, the result is loss.

He said, in a situation like this, when kids play video games or any kind of mobile game, then they accept it as true. In fact, children have this specialty no matter what happens in front of them, they accept this thing as truth. They do not have the intellectual capacity to compare truth and illusion. That’s why whenever kids play a game, they get into that game and start to see themselves as a character in that game. In the way events happen in this game or game, it is also seen that children behave in the same way.

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Dr. Gupta says that in Lucknow’s case a similar behavior was also observed in the child. Dr. Gupta says the boy may have considered himself part of the PUBG game somewhere and was trying to replicate them in his personal life, so he took that horrible step.

By the way, due to the continuous mobile career, the behavior of children has become very aggressive. They are increasingly addicted to the Internet. Either they get angry or they get angry when they talk. This is also greatly affecting his mental state.

There are three main reasons for linking the child to the mobile and the distance to the family. The first reason is the breakup of the family. Due to the breakup of the family, children begin to live mentally disturbed and go out in search of peace of mind instead of home.

The second most important reason for this is to be away from family socially and emotionally. When children play on the cell phone, their tendency becomes violent. In this situation, he distances himself socially but also emotionally from the family. Because of this, there is no affection or love of any kind towards the family in his mind.

The third reason for this is the inability of children to mingle in society. It often happens that children are not able to mingle with the people around them. They begin to judge themselves less than others. In this situation, to find your comfort zone, make something your habit.

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Dr. Dhiren Gupta said that if we see, for example, when we sleep after watching a horror movie, we also start to have bad dreams. Then there are the young children, whose minds are affected first by anything. In this situation, children are very quickly influenced by anything, whether it’s a game or bad company.

He said it is very important for parents to pay attention to their children’s habits. Don’t let their habits become an addiction and don’t ignore them. Whenever the child begins to speak in a different tone from everyday life or tries to make changes in their language, instead of praising him, he understands the reason behind it. In fact, when children watch cartoons, they try to speak in their own language. Usually, even after watching a cartoon, they try to speak complex language, so parents feel it is a source of pride for them. But what needs to be understood is that the child has delved into the world of cartoons and that is why he speaks like that.

It is very important for parents to make their children their friends. Share every little thing with them and stay with them. If you only give lectures to children, they will consider you as their enemy. Also in the case of Lucknow, perhaps when the mother scolded the child, the child was badly injured. Maybe if they had told him the same thing with love or some other way, he wouldn’t have taken that step. But here in this case the violent tendency of the child shows that he was addicted to mobile games and that he considered it part of his life.

Dr. Dhirendra Gupta says that these days children consider mobile as their friend more than family, so the advice to parents is to spend as much time with children so that their mental development goes in the right direction.

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