Amritsar improved 19 places to 41st in the ranking of smart cities, but projects are slowing down: in six years only ten percent of the work of the smart city mission could be completed

Author: JagranDate Posted: Wednesday, June 29, 2022 7:00 AM (IST)Date Updated: Wednesday, June 29, 2022 7:00 AM (IST)

Hardeep Randhawa, Amritsar: A lot of development work is being done in the metropolis under the Smart City mission. In this, from time to time, rankings of completed projects are issued. With this, Amritsar has improved from 19th place to 41st place in the ranking now published for the month of May. Amritsar has beaten Jalandhar and Ludhiana this time. Previously, Amritsar ranked 60th in the ranking published in April. That’s good, but if you look at it, in the last six years to date only 10 percent of the projects have been completed. This means that the pace of work is very slow.

In 2016, when the central government included 100 cities in the country under the Smart City mission, Amritsar was also included. Work had then begun on 35 development works at a cost of one billion rupees, but the irony would be that only projects worth 90 million rupees have been completed, while projects worth 810 million rupees are in progress. The central government will provide funds to the city as part of the smart city mission until June 30, 2023, while then no central government funds will arrive for the smart city mission.

There is a provision to develop Rs 930 crore in the project and spend Rs 70 crore on administration and staff. Speaking of the biggest projects, the canal water project will be completed at a cost of Rs 450 million and a smart road at a cost of Rs 118 million, 91 million will be spent on closed circuit camera, it is a say, the Triple C project, in which 1150 million. it will be destined for different places in the city and cameras will be installed. A cost of 35 million has been spent on the installation of LED lanterns. So far, 371 million rupees have been delivered from the central government, of which 350 million have been spent and work is underway with the 21 million outstanding. Currently, the tender for the Kairon Market multilevel car park and the Shaheedan Skywalk project will cost 103 million rupees, which will solve the traffic problem and make it easier for pilgrims coming from other cities to visit Gurdwara Sahib. What percentage of projects under construction were completed

Smart road (35%), development of existing Ant Gol Bagh sports facilities (50%), development of the park and open spaces Phase 2 (80%), improvement of junctions (30%), construction of SOBS (32%), Acquisition of hydraulic platform aerial ladders (50 percent), Firefighting two (70 percent), Development of infrastructure under construction and demolition processing plant (95 percent), Design, construction and operation of a 440 MLD water treatment plot and Construction of a proposal for OHRS (0.05%), Upper Bari Doab Canal Development Fund (20%), Supply of machinery for to construction and demolition plants (5%), Integrated Command Control Center (ICCC) (5%), CITIS Development of green transport in Amritsar (replacement of Diesel Auto Co. by e-rickshaw) (5%). These projects are over

Free wifi around Heritage Walk, Purchase of fire safety equipment, Early childhood education equipment distributed in 451 Anganwadi centers, Renovation of 137 classrooms in government schools and digital system provided, Installation of 4 vending machines reverse only for the removal of plastics, Replacement of 62,444 LED lamps installed. , Sweepers for mountain road trucks purchased under the Swachh Bharat mission, grab buckets under the Swachh Bharat mission, municipal solid waste transportation collection under the Swachh Bharat mission, development of 17 parks, 85 electric incinerators, 65 centers. The best garbage containers from the Swachh Bharat mission, solar roofs in 17 government buildings, open space development projects, and more. have been completed. The largest project to supply drinking water to the urban population from canal water

The largest project in the city under the smart city mission is the canal water project, in which more than 500 wells of pipes from the Municipal Corporation in different parts of the city will get help, because under the Smart city mission near Jethuwal, Valla, at a cost. of Rs 450. A 20-hectare water treatment plant is being installed, where 25 lakh of city population will benefit from canal water treatment. So far only 10% of the work has been done. Classification is being determined using GIS mapping

The ranking is being determined by the mapping of the Geographic Information System (GIS) of the financial and physical progress of the cities included in the Smart City Mission. In this one, how many funds have been spent on the funds received by each city and the classification is being given based on the project progress report.

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