Assam: Flooded corpse and people forced to drink “dirty” water.

  • Dilip Kumar Sharma
  • From Silchar to BBC Hindi

image source, Dilip Sharma

There is a large crowd in the Bilpar area of ​​Silchar city. In this crowd of troubled people, most of the clothes are wet with water. Army vehicles are parked and ships are loaded on them. NDRF, that is, National Disaster Response Force personnel dressed in orange suits are filling air on a rubber boat.

A senior NDRF official is reassuring people over the phone that his team will soon be approaching the rescue.

Seeing the camera, some people come to complain and others get angry. It happens a person shouting that no national media has shown our problems.

Just two steps from the Bilpar bend, the dirty water from the flood reaches the knee. The streets in front of it are filled with between 8 and 10 feet of water.

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