Hindu throat in the name of Islam, secular media hides the dangers of religious terror under the guise of Nupur Sharma-Taylor-Customer

Tailor Kanhaiyalal Teli was killed in broad daylight when his throat was cut on Tuesday (June 28, 2022) in the area of ​​the Dhanmandi Police Station in Udaipur district in Rajasthan. In the video of the incident that went viral on social media, the killer Mohammad Riyaz Ansari is seen attacking him with a sharp weapon. After the incident, by posting a second video, taking responsibility for the assassination, he himself confesses to his crime and at the same time threatens to kill Prime Minister Modi and Nupur Sharma with the beheading, but part of the so-called liberal -laic. Conventional media are murdering and killing. Despite the killer’s confession video, he tries to hide or highlight his crimes, which we can see on the cover of today’s newspaper.

If someone gave a place to a corner, someone would continue to hide the killers and their religion by playing headline. As if this were not a horrifying incident but a misdemeanor. Covering this heinous murder, Hindustan Times writes, “Hindu Tailor Murderd in horrible hate crime.” That is, “Hindu tailor murdered in a heinous hate crime”: who did the rest, why? Everything that is missing or small inside, that needs to be searched and read.

At the same time, Rajasthan Patrika writes: “In Udaipur, thugs were beheaded in broad daylight, police and administration continued to sleep! Dainik Jagran writes:” Vandalism in Udaipur, cut in broad daylight to publish in support of Nupur Sharma, “Hindustan writes,” Nupur Sharma’s supporter was cut “Apart from that, Indian Express or Odisha Post killed Simple Taylor Wrote or linked. to hate crime, somewhere tried to prove Nupur Sharma’s biggest crime and the WhatsApp status imposed on his so-called support.

While it has also come to the fore that the post was shared by Kanhaiyalal’s 8-year-old innocent boy who would not even know its meaning and supporting the point of someone already writing in Islamic hadith, how he became in a crime? But in the mainstream media, no one wrote the names of the killers in the headline or let them know what religion they belonged to.

Before proceeding here, once again remember that Islamic assassins, while raising religious slogans, not only explained the incident yesterday and after the video premiered with a smile, but when they posted the video on 17 June, about 10 days ago, was Kanhaiyalal. he threatened to kill by cutting her neck. But instead of providing security, the police continued to ignore him. While the post in which these Islamic assassins killed him was also made in error by the innocent 8-year-old boy from Kanhaiyalal. He had also told the administration many times. Because Kanhaiyalal himself did not even know how to read and write correctly. I also had no special understanding of the smartphone I had recently purchased. This has been made clear in many media reports.

While many English newspapers hide their real identity by writing a client or a thief in the headline to assassins like Jin Ghaus Mohammad and Mohammad Riyaz Ansari. As he himself says in the video at the time of the murder and later with blood on his sword and laughter on his face, “I have beheaded Mohammad Riyaz Ansari and this is our Gauss Mohammad Bhai, the mother state of Udaipur “. Also, chanting the religious slogan, “We will live for you and die for you.”

The attacker further cuts the neck of Prime Minister Modi and threatens Nupur Sharma saying, “Sun ye Narendra Modi, fire you have set us gold budhenge hum, Insallah, I pray to God that this knife also reaches your neck for good.” And it will reach that bitch too. The people of Udaipur should raise the slogan of the prophet, just a punishment, separate from the body. Remember in the sentences.

But these cowardly killers seem innocent, wrong, swindlers or regular customers to our so-called secular newspaper. While the killer is seen openly threatening to separate his head 10 days before the incident.

In the 10-day-old video he says, “I am Mohammad Riyaz Ansari of Khanjipir, Udaipur, Rajasthan, making this video on Jumme day. Mashallah and it is the 17th. the glory of Allah. I will give you a message, Riyaz has begun to be beheaded. All who are left must be beheaded. Take note of this. “

He also said, “Don’t worry, my brother, what will happen to your family, what will happen to your business. I also have family. I also work, but I don’t care. Because I’m living for my Rasool Pak. I sacrifice everything for you Rasool Allah “.

What you just read is just a small part of what was said in this video. The way she openly threatens to behead Nupur Sharma and those who support her is not a matter of petty or common crime. Even now the magnitude of the incident can be measured from Kanhaiyalal’s post-mortem report in which 26 marks have been found on his body, of which 8 to 10 times his neck has been hit. At the same time, it has been revealed in the prime minister’s report that Kanhaiya’s throat was cut and separated.

Now, in such a situation, one has to think that just as many criminals are Islamic murderers who commit such heinous crimes, so are the people in these media gangs who save them or cover up their most cruel crimes. Who always jumps to the rescue of Islamic assassins. In the same way yesterday also came to the fore the face of the liberals and Islamic fundamentalists, who expressed their happiness reacting hahaha for the assassination of Kanhaiyalal.

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