In the municipal elections, the rebels increased the problems of the BJP-Congress

Date of publication: | Thu, 30 June 2022 00:03 (IST)

Morena (Rep. Of New Zealand). The campaign for the elections to the mayoralty of the municipal corporation and to councilors in the 47 districts is in full swing. In most neighborhoods, including the mayor, there is a direct struggle between the BJP and Congress, but in many neighborhoods, the rebels have damaged that struggle. Some are riding an elephant rebelling against the BJP or Congress, some have taken the broom from the Aam Aadmi party and some are independent. These rebellious candidates are increasing the problems of the BJP-Congress. Both sides talk of post-investigation actions against these rebels.

BJP senior leader Ajit Jatav has been president of Morena township twice, his son Pawan Jatav is the general secretary of the BJP South Circle, but angry Ajit Jatav and Pawan Jatav revolted against the BJP and the wife of Pawan Jatav did not receive the ticket. He got the mayor’s ticket. of the Aadmi Party and put him in the election. Ajit Jatav has openly come to the daughter-in-law’s campaign, this rebellion has increased the problems of the BJP, because Ajit has a good hold on Jatav society, whatever votes he will get for his daughter-in-law, this is considered a loss for the BJP. . These are just examples. In the election of the mayor and city councilors, many of these rebels have increased the problems of the BJP and Congress. Most rebels have joined BSP or AAP, while some independents are also in the fight.

Some prominent faces of the BJP who rebel against the party are:

When the ticket of former BJP councilor Ramesh Upadhyay was cut off, he rebelled against the BJP and jumped into the election by grabbing the party ticket Aam Aadmi. Ramesh Upadhyay’s Raghavendra Upadhyay has been the Kisan Morcha District Minister and Raghavendra’s wife, Radhika Upadhyay, is currently the Vice President of Mahila Morcha District.

Sunil Upadhyay, son of former BJP mayor and former councilor Deviram Upadhyay, had his ticket cut off, and then contested the election of the 27th district councilor by taking the Aam Aadmi party ticket and has increased the BJP’s challenges.

Iqbal Shah, the district president of BJP Minority Morcha, also rebelled against the BJP for not getting a ticket and is contesting the election of Ward 36 councilor by taking a ticket from the Bahujan Samaj Party.

BJP leader Abhay Sikarwar is also rebelling from the 45th district and BJP leader Umesh Yadav is also fighting as an independent candidate from the 31st district, angry at not getting the ticket.

Some big names in Congress who are rebelling from the party are running in the election:

This time the ticket of Congress leader and former councilor Gaurav Yadav was cut off, angry at this, Gaurav left Congress and the election of the district councilor 14 is contested by taking the ticket of the Bahujan Samaj Party.

Congress leader Shatru Rajawat asked for a ticket for his brother Naveen Rajawat, but the party did not give him any tickets. Shatru Rajawat’s brother, Naveen, left Congress and brought the ticket for BSP and is vying from the 37th district.

Anoop Kanshana, who is one of the sharp leaders in Congress, was not given a ticket either, then he also became a rebel and went to the polls as an independent candidate in his neighborhood, which is why Congress is seeing the biggest loss.

Ramdas Rathore also turned his back on Congress after getting angry for not getting the ticket and running for Ward 2 as an independent candidate.

Second round of Panchayat elections yesterday, the campaign ended

The second phase of the Panchayat elections will be held tomorrow, that is, on July 1. In a second phase, voting will take place in the Morena and Jaura blocks from 7 to 3 p.m. There are 8 seats in the panchayat district, apart from that, you have to vote in 50 seats in the district and 171 seats in sarpanches. Of the 25 districts in the Morena district, four districts have been chosen without opposition, so a vote will be held for 21 seats in the district. At the same time, of the 25 districts of the Jaura district, two candidates have won without running, elections must be held for the 23 seats in the Jaura district. Sarpanchs of 171 grams of panchayats should be chosen. Two days before this election, that is, from Wednesday onwards, there was a ban on campaigning. The police force in the district is being increased to prevent violence in the second phase of the election, so the district administration had previously called for three companies, but has now called for six companies, because in these two districts, more than 70 percent of polling stations are sensitive are very sensitive.


There are a lot of people asking for tickets, only one gets it. Some people get angry for not getting tickets, left the party and brought tickets from other parties or fight as independents. These people will try to influence the party’s voting bench somewhere, but our candidates are stronger than them and we will record a good victory in these neighborhoods.

Jasveer Singh Gurjar, Secretary General of State of Congress

The party gave a lot of respect and opportunity to the leaders who have rebelled, but left the party out of selfishness. His departure will not affect BJP candidates. A list of all these rebels has been drawn up, after the elections all of them will be acted upon.

Dr. Yogeshpal Gupta

Morena, president of the BJP district

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