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Highlights of the story

  • The mother was shot in the head
  • The youngest son was concerned about the mother’s moderation
  • The body was kept hidden in the house for 3 days after the murder.

He’s just a 16-year-old boy. He is a 10th grader. She loves to play online games. Spending time on the internet has become his hobby. Instagram is a special part of her life. Whether you are at home or away from home, your mobile and internet are your true companions. He doesn’t like anyone to interrupt him, he loves freedom. He wants to live life in his style and that desire has put that boy behind bars. he turned him into a murderer. The killer was also from nowhere but from the woman who kept him in his stomach for 9 months and cared for him after he was born.

Tuesday, June 7 at 9 p.m.
The phone rang at the Lucknow PGI police station. A person in front says there is a corpse in a house in the Vrindavan colony. An electric mechanic has killed a 40-year-old sadhna who lived in the house. The person who called also said that he is Sadhna’s brother and Sadhna’s husband is a JCO in the Indian army. And it is currently published in Asansol. As soon as the information is received, the police team immediately marches to the Vrindavan settlement.

Strong smell in the house and the riddle of the zombies
Police arrived at the house in the Vrindavan colony, where the news of a corpse was received. As soon as the police team enters, it becomes difficult to breathe. There was a strong smell inside. The scene inside the house was very strange. A woman’s body was lying on the bed of a room. While there were two children out of the room, a 16-year-old boy and his 10-year-old sister. Seeing the condition of the corpse, it was clear at first glance that 3.4 days have passed since the murder. The condition of the corpse was very bad. Police immediately sent the body to the hospital. Now it was their turn to solve the riddle of murder and the corpse.

After questioning, police suspected the son
Apart from Sadhana, she had only two children in this house. That is, these two were the only eyewitnesses. Now the boy who was telling the story to the police said an electrician uncle had come on Monday. He had a fight with his mother. After that he killed his mother. After that, the police asked the boy many more questions. People in the neighborhood were also questioned. After all these investigations, the police suspected the boy. There were many reasons for the suspicion. According to the boy, his mother was murdered 24 hours ago. While the state of the corpse indicated that the murder happened 3-4 days ago. The neighbors’ statement was that they had not seen any strangers enter the house.

The boy’s first lie came to the fore
Another lie of the boy came to the fore during the interrogation of the neighbors. He had told neighbors that his mother had gone to his uncle’s house on Sunday. Because Grandma is sick. While neither the grandmother was ill nor the Sadhna had gone to her in-laws ’house. Apart from that, during the interrogation, the police observed that the 10-year-old girl present in the house was very scared. Now the police took the girl in confidence. Then she questioned him lovingly. Then what was there. What the girl said surprised even the cops.

The son confesses to the murder of his mother
After listening to the sister, now the boy had no way out. After that he told the whole story. A story that could upset every parent in the world. The 16-year-old had shot his mother in the head with his own hands. Just because he is interrupted by his mother, asking him to study, telling her to stay away from the cell phone. He felt like a prisoner and a prisoner while he wanted freedom.

he spends most of his time on his cell phone
Sadhna used to live in Lucknow with her two children. The husband is already in the army. That’s why most live outside. Sadhna’s 16-year-old son is studying the tenth level. While the daughter is in fourth grade. Sadhna often used to tell her son about his studies. Now his board has also been tested. But the son used to devote himself more to mobile than to studies. He spent most of his time in other online games like internet, Instagram, pubg.

Before the murder, the mother scolded the son
Lucknow DCP SM additional. According to Qasim Abidi, this incident started on Saturday when 10,000 rupees stored in Sadhna’s house disappeared. He scolded his son a lot for that. He had stolen money at home many times before. But this time he had forgotten to save 10,000 rupees elsewhere. Later, he also got this money, then at night, Sadhana and the two children slept after eating. But Sadhna’s son was awake. At midnight around 2 and 3, he got out of bed and opened the closet. He knew where his father’s licensed revolver was kept in the closet.

Mother killed by a shot to the head
He pulled out his revolver. The revolver was accidentally unlocked. Her mother and little sister slept soundly in bed. Grabbing the revolver, he approached the sleeping mother and shot her in the head from close range. Hearing the sound of bullets, the little sister stood up. Seeing the mother covered in blood, she began to cry. Now the brother threatened the sister. He said that if he said something to someone or cried, he would kill him too. The girl was shocked. After that he went to another room with his sister. He closed the door of the room and fell asleep.

He enjoyed the Sunday after the murder
The next day was Sunday. Every Sunday morning I would go to play cricket. Even on Sunday morning, after locking his sister in the room, he went to play cricket. After coming back and watching movies on my laptop all day and night, I played on my cell phone and then slept in another room with my sister.

Keep putting air freshener on to remove the stench from the corpse
When the neighbors realized that Sadhna was not visible outside the house, they asked. Then the Sadhna’s son told her the story that the mother has gone to the uncle’s house because the grandmother is ill. After that, the neighbors fed them both for the next two days. From the second day, suddenly, the house began to smell. This 16-year-old knew how to suppress the smell. He started pouring air freshener all over the house. This reduced the smell a bit. But now it had been three days. The heat was also very hot. In this situation, the condition of the corpse began to deteriorate. Now the smell began to spread more quickly.

he panicked and called father
On Tuesday evening, it was such a condition that even breathing inside the house became difficult. The room air freshener was not working now either. The boy was frightened. He thought the neighbors should not enter the house. It was now difficult to hide the secret of the mother’s corpse. So on Tuesday night he called his father in Asansol. He said over the phone that the electrician has killed his mother. The father was surprised to hear this. He immediately asked his brother-in-law to go home to Lucknow. Sadhna’s brother returned home. He saw the body and called the police.

The mother’s interruption was exasperating
After hearing the whole story, when the police asked the minor why you did this, he said whatever the reason was. There was only one reason behind all these reasons. He was very angry with his mother, walking away from his cell phone, refusing to play.

The murder of the mother made no difference
Lucknow DCP SM additional. According to Qasim Abidi, the child’s routine, his hobbies, his thinking, his mood, his mood made no difference, despite living with the mother’s corpse in the same house the three days after the murder. For a time he cooked the food on his own. It was as if he had gained more freedom after his mother’s death. That’s why for three days, ignoring my mother’s corpse, we watched a movie at home, played, and had a party with friends outside.

Third party entry in the case
During the interrogation of the minor killer, a third person was also revealed to police. The one who used to come to visit Sadhna’s house. But Sadhna’s son did not like coming to his house at all. Many times he had a discussion with his mother on this subject. The boy had also complained to his father about that third person, after which the mother had hit him hard. In this situation, another motive has been added in this murder case. On the one hand, the equation in this case has changed with the entry of that third person, while the reason for the addiction to online games has also been blurred. Now the police have also started an investigation into the role of the third person. However, it is also unclear whether the third-person appearance is correct or not. Because the basis of this angle is the response of the accused boy. Therefore, it has become necessary for the police to know if the child is lying or the truth.

The juvenile killer will go to the children’s correctional facility
However, the age of this boy is 16 years old. But this murder cannot be called a murder committed in childhood. But what to do with the childishness of the law. Because he is not yet 18 years old. He is a minor. So he can’t even be sent to jail. So now he will go to the Children’s Reform House. Where you will have to live for three years or less. After that he will be released.

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