Presidential Election: What is happening in the country regarding the presidential election … What names are being discussed and why?

What names are being discussed for the presidency?

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According to current figures, the BJP has a total of 392 deputies. These do not include the four nominated members of the Rajya Sabha because they cannot vote in the presidential election. Of the current total of 772 members in both houses, the BJP has a majority.

Presidential elections: With the announcement of the date of the presidential election, now all eyes are on the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) for the country’s highest constitutional office.BJP) who makes his candidate. If opposition parties present their candidate for president and elections are held, then the BJP seems to be in a better position with the support of its allies. electoral commission (Electoral Commission of India) has set the date of the elections at July 18 and if there is more than one candidate in the fight, voting will take place. Which coalition candidate will win the presidential election is a matter of further political discussion as the ruling coalition and the opposition coalition choose their candidate (Candidate for the presidency) Who does it?

The discussion about Nitish Kumar’s name has started to emerge once again from Bihar. On the other hand, there is also a lot of talk about the name of the Governor of Kerala, Arif Mohammad Khan. It is rumored that the announcement of Khan’s name could be a masterstroke amid controversy over his statements about the Prophet Muhammad. However, the BJP or the opposition have not yet revealed any names as a presidential candidate.

Compared to the 2017 presidential election, the number of BJP MPs and their “allies in the NDA” has decreased, but the number of their MPs has definitely increased. The BJP’s victory in the four-state assembly elections, including Uttar Pradesh, has put the party in a better position. The most important of them is Uttar Pradesh because the vote value of each MLA here is the highest compared to the MLAs of other states.

According to BJP sources, the ruling NDA holds about 50 percent of the electorate’s votes. According to him, NDA is expected to gain the support of non-NDA and UPA regional parties such as the YSR Congress of Andhra Pradesh and Biju Janata Dal (BJD) of Odysha. The BJP assumes that it will also receive the support of the AIADMK, which was an ally in the elections to the Tamil Nadu Assembly.

What names are being discussed for the presidency?

Amidst all the hype and math, from political circles to social media, discussions have begun about who should be president. The leaders or celebrities whose names are most discussed as candidates in these discussions range from Kerala Governor Arif Mohammad Khan to film actor Amitabh Bachchan. At the same time, the wind of Nitish Kumar’s name has been blowing again in Bihar. The closeness and “public love” that have come to the BJP and JDU in the past are relating to this.

Some people on Twitter originally came from Odysha as a presidential candidate, twice deputy and minister of state and the first woman governor of Jharkhand, Draupadi Murmu, Chhattisgarh governor Anusuiya Uikey, some Ratan Tata and others. he also suggested the names of Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu.

The last presidential election of 2017 was held on July 17 and the counting of votes took place on July 20. Ram Nath Kovind defeated Meira Kumar, former president of Lok Sabha and candidate of opposition parties. Prior to the announcement of Kovind’s candidacy, many names were in full swing in political circles, but when then-BJP President Amit Shah announced his name after the parliamentary board meeting, everyone had a surprise.

BJP has made shocking decisions

After coming to power at the Center, the leadership of the BJP has made shocking decisions in the selection of leaders on several occasions. The election of Kovind as president was never seen as a promotion of the BJP’s discourse on Hindutva, but as an attempt by the BJP to win the heart of a disadvantaged and backward sector of society. His name was carried out in an ambitious campaign. The continued success of the BJP in the subsequent elections also shows that it has been able to win over a large number of these sectors of society.

A candidate with a preference for electoral topics or math?

Dr Rudresh Narayan Mishra, a political analyst and media educator, says: “It will be interesting to see if the BJP prioritises its basic ideological issues when selecting its presidential candidate or choosing a person who fits its electoral arithmetic. candidate is one of its main supporters or is motivated by strengthening party penetration in a new group.

It has long been speculated that this time the BJP may nominate a person from the tribal community or a woman as a candidate. In any case, the top management of the BJP has been making decisions contrary to the tradition in the selection of candidates. He may be able to put Kovind back in office, but the tradition has also been that with the exception of the country’s first president, Rajendra Prasad, no president has held two terms.

How strong is the BJP in numbers?

According to current figures, the BJP has a total of 392 deputies. These do not include the four nominated members of the Rajya Sabha because they cannot vote in the presidential election. Of the current total of 772 members in both houses, the BJP has a majority. As there are currently three vacant seats in Lok Sabha and 13 in Rajya Sabha, there will surely be a change in these figures until the date of the elections. In the case of MP votes, the BJP’s position in Parliament is strengthened, while the votes of JDU (21 MPs), Rashtriya Lok Janshakti Party, Apna Dal and many other North East allies will also be added.

He claimed the name of Arif Mohammad

Party leader Aam Aadmi and former Delhi government minister Somnath Bharti claimed, citing reliable sources, that Khan is one of the strongest candidates for the post. He tweeted: “Reliable sources have learned that the current Kerala Governor Janab Arif Mohammad Khan is the strongest candidate for the post of President of India. It is also worth believing. The anti-India perception that is being created everywhere of the world due to antisocial elements, Narendra Modi ji is looking for an opposite “.

And Arif Mohammad’s name started to be trending

A few hours after the election announcement, the name of Arif Mohammad Khan started to be trending among the top 10 on Twitter in India. Retired senior Amit Bansal said on Twitter in a tweet: “Personally I think the most eligible candidate for president is Arif Mohammad Khan. I come from his city and I know him, so I can say for sure. “India is running through its veins. India remains a shadow in his mind and is a true patriot who can take the country to new heights.”

Some Twitter users even wrote that making Khan the president would once again be master of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. One of these people wrote that this will improve the image of the BJP as anti-Muslim and greatly reduce the global outrage caused by recent statements made by some BJP leaders about the Prophet Muhammad.

BJP hasn’t even started the discussion!

According to a PTI report, BJP sources said its senior leaders will approach all parties, including the opposition, to reach a consensus for the top constitutional post. So far no formal discussion has begun in the BJP on the presidential candidate. However, when this was discussed with a BJP leader, he said that these decisions are taken at the BJP parliamentary board and then a consensus is formed between all parties to ensure victory. He said that although many names are discussed on social media, there has been no discussion about it in the BJP. You must also have seen what happened in the last presidential election … Modiji’s decisions are often shocking.

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