Take time for yourself, it’s easier to be happy – the secret to happiness

I don’t feel like there’s a job, but I don’t have the heart to do it, I don’t get bored, what to do? Rarely are such confusing phrases heard from most women. Despite not wanting to do the same job every day, the mind gets bored, feels, devotes all the time to children and household chores, studies and writing are useless, nothing can be done separately , etc. Etc … Little by little, because of this thought, frustrated tension and irritability begin to show in nature. For this condition, the psychiatrist believes that the reason for this lies somewhere in the individual himself. What is the purpose of life when one does not know oneself? What do you want to achieve? So in such a confusing situation, instead of being satisfied with the present, one thinks of being aware of the future and getting caught up in this messy fabric, it is very important to recover from this condition. In any case, one should be happy and content with peace of mind. So first ask yourself what I am? Then answer myself: whatever it is, I am very happy for the grace of God. If you want to do a good job or work while fulfilling your responsibilities well, but have this faith in your mind that caring for the home and the child and maintaining a happy environment is a job in itself that not everyone can do.

Experts also think that the main reason for the illness and mental disorder of most women is that they are dissatisfied with life somewhere, let me do this, I should do it not giving importance to what they have. Life is lived, so neither today nor tomorrow can be good. The only way out of this mood is to recognize yourself, assess your skills, and think about the future. If some important idea for a better life is implemented consciously and throughout life, it will be easier for everyone to be happy.


Daughter-sister, multi-wife and mother after an age: free yourself from the bondage of these relationships. Think I am too. I also have my existence or status and it is my responsibility to find my talent in this short life, to do something like this, to be proud of myself and by making my own identity, I can be happy and satisfied. It is not at all difficult or impossible, it is worthwhile following this idea thinking with concentration and diligence. “If you’re a housewife, it’s great because thanks to you a whole family is happy, so that’s the reason for your happiness. To say you’re happy and satisfied with whatever you are or do, consider yourself the better.

set goals

What has been lost so far, do not waste time remembering these forgotten things, think about your goal, your purpose, make a vow to be determined to fulfill it. Whenever the mind is a little distracted, then you think that in this little life there is something different to do a good job and I can do it, that’s it! With this in mind, give yourself the opportunity to hone your talent according to your interest and skill, so that your knowledge, skills and personality can be used properly and become an identity of yourself.


decision making

If you want to get a good job or your luck, the path will seem easy only when you need to make decisions in the right direction at the right time. What is the other doing, to what extent does he move? Not seeing all this, with a calm mind, think of your ability. Get a good knowledge of any field you want, it will be in your interest to decide to do something, the important thing is to keep working on what you have thought. “One more important thing, whatever your mind and heart says, always make the same decision. Don’t let anyone get too involved in this, you are full of virtues, always stay in your decision while making decisions with the same faith and firmness.

do not compare

Consider yourself the best even as a simple housewife, don’t forget that you are the reason for a family’s happiness. It’s not easy to manage all the relationships between wife and mother, you have the ability to become the pivot of the family, and everyone is tied in a thread tied to the land of their affection and affection. Even if someone else is doing a job or something, then don’t underestimate yourself, do what you want according to your ability and capacity, because one’s ability cannot be assessed coming out of the four walls of the house. If you can easily fulfill your responsibility at home and abroad without stress, do it, but whoever is doing the responsibility of staying at home is nothing more and nothing less, keeping the family happy is also a big responsibility in itself. same.


take out quality time

If you’ve started giving importance to your hobbies and skills other than household responsibilities, there’s nothing better than that. Think for yourself, move forward in creating your own identity, but this will only be possible when you take time for yourself, in which you will think only and only for yourself. You and your dreams will be there and your goal is to take them to their destination. Yes! Whenever you do your favorite job in quality time or even resting, you have no doubt that you have done nothing. Don’t you have to keep doing something all the time, or do you have to tell anyone what you’re doing or what you’ve done? If you have a life, give yourself a few moments of relaxation in 24 hours according to your desire. With this, where you will have the opportunity to understand each other better, the work will be done according to your mind, only you will be able to be happier and spiritually happier. “Actually, the happiness or comfort you find in living the life you want can’t be met with the joy of showing off, so in addition to fulfilling your responsibilities, you have to keep doing the job you want, you will be happy with ease “.


forget the word hesitation

You will also be able to familiarize others with your skills when a small three-letter word separates hesitation from itself. For example, how can I do this? Or today, English predominates everywhere, so when will I be able to give my point or opinion in front of you? Avoid these kinds of unnecessary thoughts, it is not possible for every person to know everything, to know more or to be smarter. It should always be an effort on your part to develop the ability to make good use of little knowledge without providing inferiority complex while maintaining your self-esteem, so whatever you want to say or do, do it without hesitation and full of confidence.

be happy all the time

Everyone knows that there is no confidence in life, whoever saw it yesterday, try to be happy and satisfied in what you have found. See only those dreams that can be transformed into reality without any stress and hassle and that do not have to be far from reality to fulfill them. “There are ups and downs in life that will keep coming. So, facing each situation patiently, live a happy life with vivacity and make every moment happy.,

“The meaning of saying is that no matter what situation you find yourself in, we should always do our best to be happy, we should always have that phrase in our mind no less than anyone else.” Never come to mind this thought and inferiority complex that you did not do any work or social work outside the home, if you do all the work of your home without stress, then nothing is better than that, but when time and other Sources are available. Be sure to fulfill your hobby according to your interest. Despite this, if something is missing in life, do not feel it, just thank God and do good deeds, keep moving forward on the path of duty, always be happy.

The writer Preeti Jain

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