The largest figure this year; 124 cases of Patna, 6 positive IGIMS doctors. The largest figure this year; 124 cases of Patna, 6 positive IGIMS doctors

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Crown patients are continuously increasing in Bihar. On Tuesday, after 141 days, 211 patients with crowns were found in Bihar. Crown 124 new patients were found in Patna after 148 days. Earlier, on February 7, 235 crown patients were found in the state and 109 crown patients in Patna on February 1. For the first time this year, many patients have been found.

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The number of active patients in the state is 885 and the number of active patients in Patna has risen to 534. The positivity rate in the state is 0.106 percent and the positivity rate in Patna has risen to 1.38 percent. 98 patients have been healthy in the state for 24 hours.

A total of 131812 samples have been tested in the state. The state’s recovery rate is 98.421 percent. At the same time, four doctors from the Department of Surgery, one from IK, and one doctor from the PSM department have been infected with IGIMS. One doctor and two NMCH staff members have been infected.

37 infected Beur prisoners: Patients are now found in all areas of Patna. On Tuesday, 37 infected prisoners were also found in Beur prison. Civil surgeon Dr. Vibha Kumari Singh says all prisoners are asymptomatic. There is no condition for him to be admitted to the hospital.

Crown is constantly rising, as we prepare to compete

In most health centers and APHC in Patna, no doctors, no beds, no medicines, how will the treatment be done?

Despite the three crown waves, the state of our rural hospitals remains pathetic. Patna has an additional 67 primary health centers and 113 health sub-centers. More than 70 health sub-centers out of 113 are still in a dilapidated state.

The buildings of more than 50 additional health centers out of 67 have been restored, but more than 40 have no doctors. When 13 journalists from Dainik Bhaskar investigated the villages of Patna continuously for five days, then these revelations were made.

The health sub-center and the additional primary health center operate for 25 years in a small room of Ajwan Panchayat Bhawan in Naubatpur. On paper is a five-bed hospital, but no bed, no medications, no treatment facilities.

Until six months ago, an AyUSH doctor used to come once a week. Now they don’t even come. Other workers never come. Vashisht Kumar, the former member of Panchayat Samiti, said: Apna Bhawan of the hospital is ready since 2001. But to date it has not been activated. Roofs and other parts fall off before opening.

Sherpur APHC County Medical Officer Gopalpur APHC handed him over to sweeper
The APHC operates in a rental house in Sherpur, Maner has an AYUSH doctor, Dr. Mani Shankar, while the other MBBS Dr. Chandan. Dr. Chandan has been delegated to Maner PHC. Therefore, all responsibility here lies with Dr. Mani Shankar.

Maner’s second APHC is in Kamla Gopalpur. When Bhaskar’s team arrived at this APHC running in a rental house, they saw that the old cleaning worker Phulpatiya Devi was present at the center.

Who said to sit in the room, there was not even room to stay. The villagers said no one comes or goes here. Leave the doctor, nor does the ANM want to come. There is no medication available, only vaccination. The new building is ready at a cost of 1 crore 7 lakhs.

The APHC status of Masaudhi and Dhanrua is good
There are two APHCs in the Masaudhi block. One is in Bhagwanganj and the other in the village of Lahhuna. Both APHCs have appointed staff nurses and also do the daily work. In these two APHCs there are two doctors. All kinds of medications are also available here.

At the same time, there are a total of three APHCs in Dhanrua. Includes APHC of Veer, Bansbigha and Simhari. All three centers are named nursing staff. There are only 10 to 15 types of medications available at these centers.

He relied on the APHC flood nurses, got a bandh
Barh’s APHC subdivision depends on the nurse. Currently working 01 Nurse and 01 ANM at Ranabigha APHC, 01 Nurse and 02 ANM at Belour, 01 Nurse and 02 ANM at Dhanama APHC and 02 Nurse and 01 ANM at Ekdanga APHC.

Karjan APHC found closed to three Athamalgola APHC. People say the lock often hangs. 02 nurses at Jamalpur APHC and 02 nurses at Ramnagar Diara are also collaborating.

Kanhaipur APHC God trust
Five years ago, two nurses were appointed to Jalalpur APHC in Mokama. Along with vaccination, they get the job of treating people. There are no emergency facilities. Die APHC has delivery facilities. For which two oxygen cylinders have been provided. Kanhaipur APHC works with the trust of God.

The two APHC of Khusrupur closed
After the Crown period, the state of Khusrupur PHC has already deteriorated. There are two APHCs under PHC. One in Jagmalbigha and another in Choda Panchayat. But both are closed. The reason is that if the staff is not enough for Khusrupur PHC, from where the staff will arrive at the wellness center or APHC.

In Fatuha’s 16 health sub-centers, all are worse except one or two
Of all the 16 health sub-centers in the Fatuha block, except one or two, the rest are managed under the trust of Ram. Except for Alawalpur Secondary Health Center and Masadi Secondary Health Center, there is no secondary health center that works smoothly anywhere. The condition of the Balwa Sub Health Center is that there is no patient movement here.

It is a habitat for animals. The Nathupur Sub Health Center operates in a rented building that is always closed. Bindoli Sub Health Center also operates in a village corridor. Nurses are delegated to all health sub-centers, but all nurses are assigned to CHCs. There is no medication available for patients. Dr. Rajkumar, medical officer, said the workers were related to vaccination and crown research, which they have not returned.

The center does not even open in Bakhtiyarpur
The APHC has been renamed the Health and Wellness Center, but the state of most HWCs located in the block area is not good. When asked about the Hardaspur Diara Kendra, which is bounded by the boundaries of three districts namely Patna, Vaishali and Samastipur, people say how the treatment will be done here.

When the center works only on paper. No toilet comes. People from other villages, including Rupas Maruahi, also say the same as those who never come here to receive treatment. At the same time, the same is the state of the center located in Doma Karota.

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