Udaipur murdered the wife and the family of the tailor Kanhaiya said to hang the accused Udaipur tailor’s murder: “Hang the accused, he killed us today, he will kill others tomorrow”

Assassination of Kanhaiyalal in Udaipur: On Wednesday, June 29, in Udaipur, the body of the dead tailor Kanhaiya Lal Sahu left the house and his wife Yashoda cried. Amid her sobs and grief, she was seen demanding the execution of the accused who had killed her husband. He said, “Hang the accused, he has killed us today, he will kill others tomorrow.” On the other hand, Kanhaiya Lal’s niece said that today my maternal uncle has been murdered from our house, tomorrow someone will be murdered from someone else’s house. He spoke of giving the defendant the death penalty in any case.

Taylor’s wife said: My husband was receiving threats

Yashoda, wife of Udaipur-based tailor Kanhaiya Lal Sahu, told ABP that her husband had been receiving threats for the past 10-15 days. She said she will kill her husband continuously, which will cut off threats being received. These people used to make threats by coming to the same store. People used to threaten to kill even by phone and coming to the store. Women don’t work in the store, so I didn’t go there.

Yashoda said, “Her husband had told her that a woman and a man had come to the store to threaten her and that they were wearing Muslim clothes. You know there will be people. Maybe they can be there?” the husband used to tell her less about the store. She also said that once a gentleman came to her store, he too would kill and threaten to cut her husband. Kanhaiya’s wife, Yashoda, said her husband was receiving death threats continuously, but even after the complaint, police did not take any action.

the husband said it was a mistake

Yashoda said my husband had even said the threat that an 11-year-old had posted it by mistake. Although his wife does not even know who this child was. He says his cell phone was lying like this while he was working, even in the home store.

His wife has expressed suspicion that someone else is using her cell phone, so what do you know? She says that even though they weren’t telling me what they had posted. Yashoda says I came home and said people are threatening me. He also got the FIR to go to the police.

Kanhaiya’s wife says the store was closed after the threat case. During this time, the store remained closed for 7-8 days in the middle. The store opened after reporting it to police. He says he went to the store on Saturday and kept the store closed all day on Sunday. Only two people worked in his shop. These two people will be there on the day of the incident.

“The only bra in my home is gone”

Yashoda, the wife of the late Taylor, says they have been married for almost 22 years. She says her husband was the only one earning in the house. He and his two children are also in the family, including four sisters-in-law, mother-in-law and nephew. There is only enough income for the family for the expenses to go away. Eat on a full stomach. We live near Dungarpur. Significantly, the late Taylor Kanhaiya has a younger brother and four sisters.

He said he is basically a resident of Aspur in Dungarpur district, there is no agriculture in the village. She says her husband has been shopping for 10 years and that this shop is also for rent. I have two children, a Tarun (18 years old) and a Yash (21 years old), they are currently doing college. Who will bear the expenses of his university, I cannot even make a note, I have never made a salary. He says: I’m illiterate, I’m just a third party, I can’t even run a cell phone, where I should do a job.

“What should I expect from the government”

Kanhaiya’s wife, Yashoda, was also very angry with the government. He said what he expected from the government, what he will do now, my husband is gone. They say do justice to us, talk to Modi, talk to Ashok Gehlot, get a job for my kids. She said angrily that in 31 lakhs she will lose her whole life. The only complaint I have with the police is to do justice, to do the same with those people who were done to my husband.

Sister and mother also demanded justice

On the other hand, Bhagwati Devi, the sister of the deceased, said she had a chat with her brother. He had explained that he stayed at the police station overnight and had a pact with those who threatened him. Sister Bhagwati has demanded a secure job in the government for her brother’s children and a sufficient amount for her sister-in-law. Older mother Kaundari Devi is saddened by the death of her son, but is also very angry at the actions of the killers. He has asked for justice for his son.

Needless to say, the family had accepted the autopsy late Tuesday night. Meanwhile, the state government has announced an employment contract for two family members of the late Taylor and a compensation of Rs 31 lakh. A 4-member SIT has been set up to investigate this murder.

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