UP Auraiya The news boyfriend about the crime killed the bride after marriage. The accused husband was arrested after 3 years of azup | The lover had promised to die together, killed his girlfriend, went into police custody after 3 years

Gaurav Srivastava / Auraiya: In Auraiya, Uttar Pradesh, the girlfriend had to pay for love by losing her life. The girl who married against the will of relatives was murdered by her husband. After 3 years of the incident, the murderous husband was arrested by the police and sent behind bars. The family had to fight hard for justice. In fact, in 2013, a girl named Chanda began a love affair with Anil, a young man from her village. They both wanted to get married, but their families disagreed, so they went against the family members and got married in Surat in 2019. When the lover returned alone to his village in the Crown era, when the girl’s relatives asked the boy about his daughter, he continued to give round answers. The relatives of the deceased then turned to the police.

Know what the whole issue is
The whole issue is of the Ramdas village of Bidhuna Kotwali area of ​​Auraiya district. Where the police, which was activated after the continuous complaints of the parents of a victim, arrested the murderous husband after 3 years. According to the incident, the late Chanda had an affair with Anil from the village. They both belonged to a different caste, so the family did not accept them, then they both went to Surat and got married.

When young Anil came home during the Crown period. Seeing that his wife Chanda was not returning to the village with him, Chanda’s relatives asked Anil about his daughter, so he would have avoided saying that he was in Surat and did not come out of fear, when they even went to him. ask to speak by phone. , refused. After that, the parents of the deceased appealed to the police, but the police also continued to avoid the victim by saying things here and there. However, the deceased’s parents did not give up and punished their daughter’s killer.

The husband of the deceased in police custody
At the door of all the cops, the victim’s father knocked on the door and told her to look for her daughter and find out the truth. The inspector also showed a false agreement on the Integrated Complaints Repair System, but as soon as the inspector changed, the victim’s parents again asked for justice from the police. Because of this, when the police arrived in Surat, doing the right action, the veil revealed that Chanda had been murdered by her husband. According to the top police officer, the murderous husband was arrested.

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The father of the deceased was 3 years in search of the daughter
The father of the deceased said that in 2019, Anil had taken my baby girl. I filed a missing application at the police station on April 6, 2019. After that I spoke to him from four or five cell phone numbers. When after a while I saw him in the village and asked where my girl is, he told me that I know nothing about the girl. If you talk to us like that, I’ll kill you. After that I filed an application at the police station, but there was no hearing. I then filed a complaint on the portal of the Chief Minister on March 27, 2021. From there, my complaint was resolved on April 6, 21. Then I complained on the portal 8 times. When I didn’t get justice there, I went to the Women’s Commission. The commission ordered Inspector ji for me.

The father of the deceased said that then Inspector ji did me justice and found the Indigo. He did me justice, it is very important to be an officer like that. We went to Surat with the police. He also asked Anil to accompany him when he was not going. Then, while searching for the photo, he found the daughter’s address. There a boy saw the picture of the daughter and said that this girl had come here and was living with a boy. Anik is arrested after learning the whole truth. At the same time, the mother of the deceased says that for what Anil has done she should receive the harshest punishment.

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Find out what the police have to say about this
On this whole matter, SP Charu Nigam said that both Chanda and Anil, the residents of Bidhuna police station, belonged to different castes. The marriage of these two was not accepted here, so people went to Surat and got married. He lived there for many years. Chanda’s father had filed an application in 2021, in which the indictment was filed on August 1, 2021 in his Tahrir in 366/506. In which the father of the deceased recently said that he had been murdered there. He provided evidence on this. This was argued in advance. The investigation that was done, confirmed that Chanda has been murdered in Surat.

The SP said that in this investigation it emerged that this was a case of illicit relationship. These people lived in Surat as husband and wife, but when Anil found out about some illegal relationship with Chanda, he along with some of his associates killed him in Surat himself. When his colleague heard that the matter would escalate, he became a government witness. His partner Chandrabhan, a resident of Amethi, became a government witness. He gave complete information. When questioned there, between 6 and 7 people confirmed that the body was dumped somewhere after killing Chanda. Anil has been arrested and sent to prison on June 24, 2022. In this, legal action will be taken from Surat to Anil’s place.


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