Web developer, professional career as a designer: after the 12th you can become a web developer or designer, you know how? How much will you earn?

Professional choice after 12th in web development or website design

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Career Options in Hindi Website Development: Website development or website design is a great professional choice in this digital age. How to become a web developer or web designer after 12 years? Details of the course at work and salary are given in this article.

Career in web development / web design in hindi: In view of the growing needs of digital media today, all companies have started to pay attention to web development. The job of a website developer has become a necessity for every business. With the growth of the online business, the demand for skilled web designers and developers has increased more than ever. If you have the necessary skills and interest in this field, web development can be a great professional choice for you. It has huge growth potential. Learn in this article .. What is web development? Who are the web developers? What responsibilities must they fulfill? Apart from that, full information about the course, career scope and salary package will also be available here.

What is web development: what is web development?

The process of creating websites and applications or a private network for the Internet is called web development. He is concerned not only with website design, but also with coding and programming. It helps to keep the website fast. The information received from the search result is already published on the website. Programmers work to create websites. Any Science, Commerce and Arts student can learn web development. Web development is the development of all the tools of social networking platforms, applications, e-commerce websites and content management system (CMS), apart from static web pages.

Who is a web developer: who is a web developer?

A web developer is a professional web developer who develops and takes care of a website from scratch. Manage all types of websites. He is responsible for the web-based services, programming and coding that occur in the fund. It is sometimes difficult to differentiate between the work of web developers and designers. Web developers are technically more skilled than their web designers. The web designer focuses more on the look of the website. The web developer is also responsible for making changes to the website from time to time as per the requirements of the client.

Web development skills: Qualification of a web developer

To become a web developer or designer, it is very important that the candidate is creative. Communication skills and the ability to work closely with a team facilitate the path to progress. Apart from this, knowledge of other programming and computer languages ​​is essential, such as User Experience (UX), User Interface (UI), Visual Design, HTML and CSS. Knowledge of JavaScript, Ajax, Web Animation, PHP, Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch, SEO is required to work on front-end and back-end.

Web developer qualification: Web developer training

However, a web developer does not require any specific educational qualifications. But if you want to work in a good place, you should have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer or web application design. Approved 12th graders of any stream can take a degree, diploma, or certification course related to web development. The candidate must learn programming languages ​​such as Python, C ++, HTML, PHP, Java Script. By monitoring the changes that are taking place in this field, new languages ​​such as React, View Front, NodeJs and Express Lead must also be mastered.

Web Development Courses: Web Developer Course

There are many course options in this field. Information on this can be obtained from any nearest institute. After class 12, students can take the UG Computer Science course. BSc Computer Science, BCom Computer Science, BCA are some of the popular courses. After graduation, MCA or MBA IT options are also open. Higher education makes it easier to find a good job. There are national or institute entrance exams for full-time courses.

Apart from that, the courses can also be done from online platforms like Google, Future Learn, Shine, edX, Coursera, Udacity, Udemy and Upgrade. If you just want to join website design, you can take a web design course from NIIT, Arena Multimedia, Pumpkin, Academy of Digital Arts, apart from the computer institutes around you. He is between three and six months old.

Web developer career field, jobs

There is no shortage of opportunities in this field. Web developers also have job opportunities in foreign countries. Many companies offer part-time jobs. Full-time work will involve maintaining the website, updating and updating the website according to market trends. Jobs are offered for different positions such as front-end developer, web developer, project manager, Fullstack engineer and software architect. If the technical skills are updated along with the web development work, the work of the game developer can also be done.

Web Developer Salary: Web Developer Salary

The salary of a web developer is determined by the company, the job and the experience. The race usually starts between 30 and 35 thousand rupees a month. Revenue increases based on experience. In higher places, the salary can be from one to two lakh rupees a month or more. Overseas web developers receive very attractive salary packages.

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