Why do birds move away from us?

Do you know what would happen if the birds died?

After a long time I went to my village. When he went to the village, there was a deep desire to go to the farm to reminisce about the old days. wheat cultivation (wheat cultivation) See, pluck the sugar cane you like by entering the cane, eat the berry from the bushes, drink water from the open canal in the fields, meet the farmers working in the field,Breathe in the fresh air of the fields (Breathe the fresh air of the fields) I walked through the fields to catch, feel the cool breeze and watch the colorful birds chirping, flying and chirping.

from the farm groups of birds were missing

I found, I saw, I heard a lot in the field, but when I went to my farm I didn’t like seeing that group of birds (groups of birds, Was missing. His captivating singing could not be heard. The birds were nowhere to be seen.

Where have the sparrow gangs now disappeared?, why the farmer is not happy,

I remember the days of my childhood when I was little. The ladies (gopies, scaffolding) were made to fly birds in the millet fields. When the millets were about to ripen, not hundreds, but thousands of birds would have broken in the millet harvest. The farmer used to put on his damcha and make the birds fly. The group of birds would come again and be sent flying, But now where have the sparrow gangs disappeared?But now where have the sparrow gangs disappeared?,, Now the farmer does not need to make a lady in the millet field, nor does he need to make the birds fly. The farmers are still not happy. Because he also has a lot of love for those birds. He has also gotten sad after losing the bird.

The birds’ nests disappeared in the straw (The bird’s nest disappeared into the straw,

I went to the pucca shop built on my farm. There was also disappointment. I remember before there was a big straw in front of this winery. There were at least 10-15 bird nests in that straw. The whispering sounds of the chicks would come out of them. The bird and the bird were busy raising their children, laughing. Keep coming and going. Groups of trees near the well used to have vines of tayori, bitter gourd, ghee, beans. In them they had made their nest small birds sucking the juice of small flowers, gursal, desi myna, black birds, modi (kafta). There were eagle nests on huge rosewood peaks within walking distance, and in the holes of heavy trees, every year some parrot family lived.

Bay nest on acacia branches

There were many nests on the plants in reed leaves, millet crops. Hundreds of artistic nests hung from the acacia branches that belonged to Baya. Before the rain, hundreds of Baya seemed busy building their new nests (Baya’s weaver’s nest on acacia branches).

According to the station, Tithari and Morni’s eggs were visible on the ground in nests made of straw, pebbles. When we saw four or four, five or five small children walking behind a peacock, we jumped for joy.

he is very smart Cucut
Black bird: Photo of DR.ANUPAM DEKA at Pexels.com

Cucut He hides his eggs and keeps them in the crow’s nest. Male and female crows understand that this is our own egg. There they drink it and give it to the children. We have seen it many times with our own eyes, while raising the crow’s children.

Why are you afraid to see crow eggs?,

We were afraid to see the crow’s eggs because it hit him in the head. Now we saw two or three crows, but we could not see the cuckoo, nor its sweet cuckoo.

Before the great black bird was in great numbers. To catch insects and bugs, he often sat on dry branches made in the field or on a stick.

In the banishment of the village, in the barns, in the temples, there were innumerable peacocks in the trees of the lakes. There were many in the countryside too. When peacocks danced on the slopes of fields or in empty space, we used to be stunned to see them. They lost their feathers before the onset of winter.

Why have the peacocks of the fields disappeared?
peacock and peacock
Peacock and peahen: Photo by Amol Mande at Pexels.com

We still remember waking up at 4:30 or 5:00 in the morning to go to the fields several miles away to collect peacock feathers. Some peacocks had a special place to sit in the tree. we are tall rosewood tree (rosewood tree) From below (the rosewood or other tree where the peacock sat) many peacocks used to pluck feathers. Peacock feathers were also found in the jowar and millet fields. They also gathered a lot in the johads and temples. Peacock feathers were collected and used to make garlands for their animals. They used to be tied around the necks of animals, especially on Diwali day. One looked cute and the other thought the animal would be healthy. We are very sorry to know that the peacocks have almost disappeared from the fields. Some peacocks became prey, some died due to insecticides and some trees were reduced for lack. Now the poppy does not find a safe place to lay eggs.

they have almost disappeared ara mussol i kotri

Both owls and kotris birds go out hunting at night, but we often see them during the day. In groups in the trees or lurking among the weeds.

One farmer said they have also become extinct now. There is a johri (small johad) near our farm. when I went there I found someone swimming duck did not appear. Before, 50-60 or more ducks were seen swimming in the water, diving for fish or drying their fins. Sometimes even 5-6 children were seen swimming and walking behind a duck.

Migratory birds in winter Many also sold. Before we see many other types of birds in my memory. This scene has not been seen for many decades.

Effects of insecticide spraying, pollution and moving waves on birds

Straw construction has stopped everywhere, trees have been cut down, bushes are about to end. The tradition of making potatoes at home has ceased. Self-fruiting vineyards are reduced. Pesticide spraying on cropsspraying pesticides on crops, Poisoned. Where did the birds come from? Of those left, some die from pesticide fumigation in crops, some from pollution, some from mobile waves. If we calculate, millions of birds die every day in India due to sudden collisions or collisions with vehicles on the roads.

Our sensitivity to birds is running out

We only take care of ourselves, not the birds. We learned from the mother that the birds are ours too. They must be fed. There is religion. It is not known how much religion it is, but the peace that comes to mind feeding birds, putting pieces of bread is probably greater than religion.

Why it is important to connect with birds,

I remember when I was little, a lot of birds came to the yard. The mother fed them with a lot of love or put them in small pieces of two or three rolls. I used to talk to them. Sometimes a bird would sit on its mother’s shoulder. Many times, while eating food in the yard, the bird used to break it from the plate. If we understand this relationship, then the number of birds will not decrease. There were 8-10 niches on the walls of our yard.

They all had nests made by sparrows or native myna. He was part of our family. Crows used to sit on the mountain. Every morning two or three peacocks and peacocks came to the terrace, then the mother would either put the grains on herself or she would have told us. We like it very much. The mother used to feed Mou many times with bread in her hand. At first he was nervous, then he started eating slowly. If we approached, we would have fled. Peacocks often danced spreading their attractive feathers. And now, where on the rooftops, in the fields, in the barns, few peacocks are seen.

Our love for birds is waning

As spring disappears from the fields, from the villages, from the villages, especially from the cities, the birds also disappear from our midst.

Previously, if a bird’s nest was visible at the time of harvest, that place was safe for that bird. While plowing, if the eggs of the tithari or another bird were seen on the ground, he used to leave that place to plow or sow. The farmer was reluctant to cut down the green trees.

The big ones said that small trees are like children and big trees are like parents. Now, just as we have begun to forget the names of native trees and vineyards, so we have begun to forget the names of birds. Forgetting your identity. This is why the birds are angry with us. he fled from us. Birds are declining, according to a report, 1,500 species of plants, more than 80 species of mammals, about 50 species of birds and many species of insect moths are on the verge of extinction. It is a matter of great sadness that now the bird does not come to the yard to drink grains, does not suddenly whistle at the window of the house, now the bird does not sit on the shoulder of an old man or a boy. The crow does not eat grains even by mistake from the hands of the grandmothers, the crow does not signal the arrival of the guest making his statements on the mountain. The cuckoo’s voice is not heard on my mango. In the yard, I don’t go and go back around my mother-grandmother sitting next to her. The sound of Tithri is not heard at night.

can birds still come?, how to get the birds,

Birds can still come, they can escape. We can still be ours if we try a little better.

We should plant many small and large trees around us, grow flowering plants, dispose of water in them. Increase the number of gardens. The trees must be in such a way that they can make nests, that they can get flowers and fruits. Get a dense shade. Some trees and plants are shrubs, vineyards. Whether it’s outside the houses, some we can even hang them by making artificial nests. You can keep the water in the sacks. Give them an environment they are safe in, don’t be afraid. There should be some arrangements for large food items. Then, let’s see, there will be many birds around us. These birds will belong. We would love so much that we will be stress free.

There will be birdsong. colored birds will welcome you There will be a new world around you. There will be a new happiness. Toddlers will like it more. These birds will be part of our family.

It is also true that if the birds are gone, our own life is not bright. When a species of bird becomes extinct, many things end with it. for he adopts the birds, Save and let the universe flourish in its own way.

– Dr. Omprakash Kadyan

(Edited version of the article published in Deshbandhu Courtesy)

Why do birds move away from us?

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