– A boy from Lucknow killed his mother, Delhi, a five-year-old girl tied to the roof under a scorching sun, an incident lesson for parents to set boundaries and be friends with the child

Raising is one of the hardest jobs in the world

Psychiatrists also agree that parenting is one of the hardest jobs in the world without a fixed formula. But in changing times, the generational gap is rapidly widening, have children’s thinking, understanding, conversation and life habits changed so quickly that children do not understand what is right and what is wrong? So you have to balance things out. Neither parent should be given a free hand nor should there be very severe punishment. Coordination needs to be maintained and the child learns and implements most of the things in their education. It must be understood by both parties. If there is any fracture between parents and children, it should be eliminated before bed, only then the relationship is maintained and life is happy ahead.

Create, tokenize, and limit checks and balances: Ihbas psychiatrist Dr Omprakash says parenting is the hardest job in the world. Time has changed. There has been a huge gap. Children’s thinking, thoughts, and understanding have changed. Every parent thinks best for the child. But don’t impose your opinions on children. You won’t beat anything. Dr. Omprakash said he created a balance. He speaks of good and evil. Adopt a reward system. Give tokens to the child for every good action. When 10 tokens are accumulated, reward him and fulfill his demand. This will lead to a good education of the child and instill good habits. Set a limit for children, where you decide not to exceed it. If the cell phone asks for it, fix the time, 20 minutes or something. Don’t give more than that. So that you do not feel bad when taking the mobile, you must know in advance that after this time the mobile will not be available. Create, tokenize, and limit checks and balances.

It is very important to spend time with children: Psychotherapist counselor Dr. Ragini Singh says children’s behavior is heavily influenced by their social and educational environment. First give the child relaxation and suddenly try to control him. The parents themselves continue to play on the cell phone, give the cell phone to the child’s hand and it gradually becomes a habit. But when you suddenly don’t give the cell phone then it feels bad. Therefore, never pacify the child by giving him a cell phone. Talk to him, explain, handle comfortably. Talk about your interest. Tell him the story at night. Do good things But often parents don’t give time and it only takes to fulfill their children’s insistence. This habit should be avoided.

Not doing homework is not a crime Dr. Ragini said the type of accident being seen can be avoided. It is not right to be punished for not doing your homework. Where the child kills the mother in retaliation, is the worst. Whenever parents give a harsh punishment, revenge increases in the children. Sometimes they start hating themselves, doing their own harm. The doctor said that not doing homework is not a crime, it is definitely indiscipline. Why this situation happened, watch it in advance. If the child is inflexible with a little insistence, show it to the counselor. Don’t compare yourself to another child, don’t scold the child for someone else’s number. Understand their qualities, work for them. Keeping your balance is prudent and can help prevent these incidents.

Hands and feet of a 5 year old girl lying on the terrace in the sun


A shocking case has come to light in the Khajuri Khas area in northeast Delhi. The mother put the five-year-old girl on the terrace under the scorching afternoon sun so as not to do her homework. The girl’s hands and feet were also tied. The girl kept screaming. Someone made a video of it, which went viral on the internet. When the video reached the main police officers, the search began. Police have now reached the girl’s parents. Following the preliminary investigation, police officers filed a case against the mother under Cruelty to Children (75, Juvenile Justice Act). According to police officers, a video went viral on social media. In this the little girl’s hands and feet are tied. It is very sunny in the afternoon. The girl screams loudly, but there is no one on the roof. Someone has made a video from the neighborhood terrace, which is being explained at 2 p.m. This video went viral on social media on Wednesday. This video was told of the Karawal Nagar police station area. So the police searched it but no such case came out. After that, many teams engaged in the search of the house that contained the video. After that, the matter turned out to be Tukmirpur from the Khajuri Khas police station area. Police officers said the parents were questioned. The father is a tailor, while the mother is a housewife. In the family there is an older son and a younger daughter. During interrogation, the mother said this matter is on the afternoon of June 2nd. The girl is five years old and is in primary school. He was not doing homework. The mother says they told her enough, but she did not agree to do her homework. So angrily, the girl’s hands and feet were tied up and put in the sun on the terrace. However, it was later demolished.

A 16-year-old boy shot his mother, he was angry at Tokataki


The 16-year-old, who shot and killed his mother, was outraged by his mother. The reason was that from playing to going out and using Instagram, mom used to interrupt her often. On Saturday, the mother had slapped her son twice, saying the money was missing. Just then his anger erupted and around 3pm on Saturday night he shot his mother sleeping in the room with his father’s licensed gun. People associated with the police team who questioned the teenager who killed the mother said the teenager had accused Akash, an electrical mechanic, of killing the mother for cheating on police. He falsely accused the mother’s character and explained that on Monday afternoon Uncle Akash came home and for some reason he quarreled with the mother and shot the mother taking out the father’s authorized pistol kept in the closets. The little sister also repeated the brother’s theory. But there was a contradiction in his statements. A female police officer posted to ACP Cantt and PGI Kotwali dismantled the girl with her. He was comforted for two hours. Toffee was given to eat. After that, he talked to the girl, then exposed the whole act of the brother in front of everyone. ADCP East Qasim Abdi said the facts that emerged during the conversation with the accused teenager surprised everyone present at the Kotwali. The teenager confessed that after killing his mother, he took his sister to sleep in the room and he himself slept on the terrace. Sunday morning he went to play cricket after closing his sister’s room from the outside. After that, after returning home, he did the same Maggi, ate her and also fed her sister. After that, he invited a friend home and saw a movie called Fukrey Returns. The next day, the neighbor fed the two children but they could not get any idea. After that, after returning home, the defendant locked the sister back in the room and had fun calling home another friend. After this incident on Saturday, army officers continued to call the woman’s mobile phone on Sunday and Monday, but the young accused did not even pick up the phone. On Tuesday, when the bad smell of the corpse exceeded the limit, in the evening, the teenager called his father and told him about his mother’s murder and also told his story to his father. After that, the information was given to the police around 9pm.

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