Children need to get rid of the growing load of school backpacks

Experts, including NCERT, have also given suggestions for reducing the weight of school backpacks and these suggestions are not of today. Completely ignoring these suggestions, one plays with children’s health. That’s why schools need to improve their system.

It is the wonder of our education system that the burden of bags is becoming more on children than the burden of studies. The burden of bags on schools is increasing day by day, while 16 years ago, the Tamil Nadu government had made a rule to lighten bags. That is why the Tamil Nadu government had set the weight of the bags according to the classes, then the Madras High Court also ordered to implement these rules in May 2018. However, everyone has been concerned about reducing the growing burden of the bags. This is why NCERT also gave instructions to strictly implement these rules in private schools across the country in the same 2018, but even today the same three-leaf proverb of Dhak is being fulfilled.

The results of the NCERT survey conducted in Bihar in March are more or less the same for the whole country. Children suffer more from the burden of bags than the burden of studies. In Bihar, a study was done on the weight of children’s bags from class 1 to class 12, it was found that the weight of the child’s bag is three to four kg more. Children should carry three to four pounds of extra weight. The weight of the school backpack for children in grades X and XII varies from ten to 12 kg. It directly affects the health of children. In addition to affecting children’s spinal cord, their posture has begun to be affected. The ideal situation is for the weight of the school backpack to be 10 percent of the child’s weight, but that doesn’t happen. However, experts including NCERT have also given suggestions for reducing the weight of school backpacks and these suggestions are not up to date. Completely ignoring these suggestions, one plays with children’s health. That’s why schools need to improve their system.

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In fact, schools cannot decide how many books and notebooks children should bring when they come to school. There was a time when children used to drink water at school, but carrying a one-liter bottle of water and a lunchbox cannot be called a load because it is necessary for the child. But the load of books and notebooks can be easily reduced. If the school decides that this book should be brought on a certain day, then on the other hand, the problem can be solved by inculcating the habit of sharing books at school. Similarly, instead of notebooks for all subjects, if it becomes a habit to bring one or two notebooks or blank paper to children, the load on the bag can be greatly reduced. Other than that, even if there is a closet on the lines of Kendriya Vidyalayas, children can go to school with a book. This isn’t a new suggestion or something new, but more or less these are some of the things in NCERT’s suggestions.

We need to balance both the education and the health of the child. Both children and parents are concerned about carrying school backpacks, while on the other hand, educators and psychologists also take it seriously. The government is also doing some serious thinking on this, but the result remains the same there. It has even been felt that due to the load of the backpack on the back, it increases the unnecessary flexion of the children’s back, then the spine problem becomes common. Children and even parents of children sweat as they grab their school backpacks, so their severity can be easily understood. There was a time when raw notebooks were versatile notebooks. Thinking of making this notebook more useful, the load of notebooks in the bag can be greatly reduced. Similarly, the schedule should be crafted so that the weight of vintage books and bags can be balanced. There was a time when there were open classes in counting, alphabet, kakhara, and so on. and the children memorized them aloud. There was also a scientific reason behind this experiment. In this situation, the classes of some subjects on a given day can also be considered organized in this way. Before Saturday there were open classes and creative activities practically similar for half a day, it’s worth considering how many schools have them on Saturdays today.

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The situation is clear. We need to be aware of the child’s physical and mental health along with carrying children’s backpacks. In the first phase, if NCERT’s mandatory commands, guidelines, and suggestions are sincerely implemented, then the problem can be largely solved. Private schools should also move in this direction and put forward concrete proposals to the government so that a solution to the problem can be found. After all, children are the heritage of the nation and we need to understand their physical and mental condition and find some practical solution so that there is a balance between the burden of studies and scholarships.

-Doctor. Rajendra Prasad Sharma

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