#FighterNotSurvivor: after marriage, the husband used to hit him on small things, now he took revenge by becoming a teacher

In our country, the furrow of the settlement is filled by the same marriage, although now the changes have begun to arrive. Veena Sharma also saw the same dream., The only difference was that Veena had also linked her career to her dream of marriage. This story is by Veena Sharma, a resident of Bihar, who was also a beloved because she was the only daughter in her household. Veena finished her studies and started working after taking professional courses.


This story of Veena begins about 15 years ago, so at that time very few girls had the freedom to leave home and do work. Veena had also joined a company near her home and her life was going on happily. But it is said that when the girl is sitting in the house as a virgin, the parents begin to worry about their marriage. Something similar happened to Veena as well and her father started looking for a child for her.

Veena was the daughter of a large house and the only girl, the search for a boyfriend for her soon ended. Veena’s boyfriend worked in a multinational company in Delhi with a good salary and a good job. Veena and her family couldn’t have wished for anything better. What was then, soon the commitment also passed. There was a time of about four to five months between engagement and marriage, in which Veena used to talk on the phone with her future husband for hours.

Sometimes Veena felt that her future husband was angry. Veena also explained this to her mother, but Veena’s mother explained to her that a person’s mood is not always the same. It is also natural for a person to get angry when the mood is bad. And it is said that everything looks good in the golden period, so Veena did not think much of getting angry with her future husband in this way.

History of Veena Sharma

Soon the time between engagement and marriage also passed and the day came when Veena was to be married. Veena came to Delhi and here her dreams began to come true slowly. However, in the meantime, Veena had to leave her job because she had to come to Delhi. After a time in Delhi, Veena also joined a small business, but soon Veena knew she was pregnant and had to quit her job. Meanwhile, Veena’s husband’s anger was seen many times but she always tried to ignore it.

One day when Veena was alone at home in the evening, her husband came and asked her for tea. Veena gave tea, but also added ginger to the tea. In fact, Veena liked ginger in tea and her husband didn’t. Veena thought that today they will both have tea together. As soon as Veena’s husband put the tea in her mouth, he tasted the ginger and threw the cup of tea on the floor.

History of Veena Sharma

This process continued and Veena’s husband’s anger also increased day by day. One day she reached the limit, when Veena’s husband wanted to have a physical relationship under the effects of alcohol but Veena refused because her 8 months of pregnancy were being fulfilled. It was an exasperation to reject Veena’s husband and he tried to get Veena out of the house by grabbing her hair. She kept apologizing for falling at her feet and said don’t throw me out of the house. At that time, Veena was also threatened with telling all these things to her family members. Veena was terrified that her parents would have a broken heart after learning of the dark spots behind her beautiful life. She made many requests to her husband not to be told any of this to her parents.

Soon Veena became a mother and a lovely daughter also came to her lap. Her husband was happy with the daughter, but even now Veena could not refuse her anything. Nor could he cut anything or his choice. But it is said that in the joy of having a small child, the mother forgets everything. Something similar happened with Veena. She would be so engrossed in raising her daughter that she often does not remember her husband’s words.

History of Veena Sharma
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Whenever Veena forgot or did nothing with her husband, in return they beat her. That day the extension was reached, when Veena’s husband threw the daughter from the house together with Veena into something like that during the night. Veena spent the whole night on the stairs wondering if she should tell her parents.

Seeing her little daughter’s tearful face, Veena couldn’t stand it and in the morning she knocked on her neighbor’s door and called her parents from her house. At the same time a distant relative of Veena came and brought Veena home. Soon Veena went to her parents’ house in Bihar. Veena tried to heal the wound caused by her pain, with her daughter’s smile supporting her. Meanwhile, Veena joined B.Ed so she could take care of her daughter along with her job.

History of Veena Sharma

of this harp life had a new beginningFor which Veena worked very hard. Two years soon passed and Veena’s studies were also completed. Veena soon began teaching at a school, where her daughter also went to study and then returned with her. Meanwhile, Veena’s husband learned that Veena has returned to work, then they filed a case in court, Veena has run away from home with jewelry and cash. This was a new blow for Veena, for whom she was unprepared.

Veena didn’t give up here either and told her father that she would make a case too. Veena also filed a domestic violence case and refused to divorce her alleged husband. Many years have passed since this sad story of Veena, but Veena takes revenge for not divorcing her husband. Although she has been told this many times, Veena says it is her own way of revenge and living.

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