History: Hunting trial

After three consecutive days of rain in the village, today the hunting program is organized at Gokul’s house. So Pani Ram, Nainu, Hira Singh are very excited. All three are the protagonists of the story. Pani Ram is the eldest of these three, but the friendship of these three does not stand in the way. The behavior of the three of them is like our age and to some extent friends are like friends. Pani Ram, who has seen seventy springs, still finds immense pleasure in making young friends like Nainu and Hira Singh laugh. (Conte Shikar ki Jugat)

Pani Ram’s two sons work in the service of the government and both are busy in married life in Haldwani. The two-daughter house has been set up somewhere. Despite having a full family, Pani Ram now lives alone in the village with his wife. Sometimes her children insist relentlessly to take her to the city, but Pani Ram feels drowned in the city. He just loves a mountain full of his own shortcomings. She loves everything here.

Nanu is a young man of twenty-one years. His married life has not yet begun, so he is a carefree young man. He has undergone the physical examination twice for recruitment to the police, but the poor man falls on the written examination. Don’t take these things too seriously. His older brother is in the army who sends him postal orders every month for pocket money.

Hira Singh is thirty-five years old, works elsewhere in the irrigation department as a clerk, today she has come to the village for her children’s school holidays. Perhaps this moment is your happiest moment.

Today there is a lot of joy in the whole village. The young children of the village are engaged in collecting Timul leaves only after waking up in the morning. Not all the women of the village will go today to gather firewood and cut grass as usual because they are all preparing to attend a special party by staying home today. This is a special hunting party.

This hunting festival will be held at Gokul’s house. Before the start of the party, there is a special gathering of all the well-known people of the village. The main attractions of the meeting are these three heroes: Pani Ram Nainu and Hira Singh. Today the dominance of these three is no less than the heroes of Hindi cinema. Today all the villagers want to talk to these three about the distribution of the dams. Being the most senior person in the assembly, Pani Ram puts a detailed plan of action in front of everyone when it comes to hunting. In doing so, he also introduces his unlimited eloquence. Nainu thoroughly inspects all the weapons used in hunting and sharpens them by rubbing them on smooth stones. As he sharpens the edge, he also shakes his hair there and, again and again, loves his hair with his hand. As many times as she strokes her hair, she also sees the girls coming to the festival.

Hira Singh is busy studying all the data diligently, like a skilled economist, to determine the value of the hunt. There is still no consensus on the price. In the end, after contemplating, the way our country’s finance minister presents the budget to Parliament, Heera Singh also decides to determine the price of the hunt based on quality with the same seriousness and caution. Everyone present there praises this insight of Heera Singh. Hearing these praises, Hira Singh is not left speechless. Today Hira Singh feels the joy she had never experienced while working in a government office.

Meanwhile, there was also a debate on politics. Today all the elderly have targeted almost all political parties and their respected leaders. Faced with this debate, the news channel debate also seems pale. The work of local public representatives is also discussed. Some people are giving their suggestions for the work of public interest. While drinking tea, Hira Singh, Nainu and Pani Ram are inquiring about politics.

As they split the dam, Nainu Hira Singh and Pani Ram show a different personality because so far seeing them it looked like these three, of course, will not be neutral as they split the dam, but as soon as the show started, all three. he began to do his job at a rapid pace. Looking at each piece of prey, it looks like it has been cut to its fixed size. Hira Singh Nainu and Pani Ram are preparing their part for all the houses in the village on the leaves of Timil in front of them. The hands of all three are working like a machine right now. There is no mistake in them, nor is there any slowness in their work. Nanu is also doing the job of tickling everyone with his fascinating nature. Pani Ram is busy reassuring dissatisfied customers. Hira Singh is doing transactions with customers money. All three do not raise their heads until the end of this program. Nor does the tiredness of doing this work appear on the faces of the three. Each client thanks all three for their work. All three are not tired even after working so hard today, all three are happy with their work. With this sense of satisfaction, all three take their respective actions and walk home.

Asha Tamta She is the English spokesperson at Government Girls Inter College Maldhan Chaud, Ramnagar, Nainital.

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