impact of covid on children’s health: how children behave in schools after the crown

When it comes to children’s lives, two years is very important in this. Many changes are being observed in children imprisoned in homes because of the Crown. Now how do parents and their children prepare during this holiday so that they have no problem when they open the school after the holidays. Give information by talking to experts Rajni Sharma …

these cases
Aryan, who studied in 7th grade, was once the quietest child in the class. Now he started going to school offline after he got to 9th, then the class teacher told the parents he talks a lot. He began harassing his friends. Sometimes he keeps talking to himself. Now parents are confused that if their child is sitting quietly in their room at home, then how can they go out and talk so much?

– Lakshya came to class 6 when schools were closed due to Crown. Lakshita received a cell phone for online studies, which she now needs around all the time. Before, as soon as the online class was over, the chat with friends or any mobile game would start. But at school it becomes completely silent. He likes to sit on the last bench. Feel free to talk to anyone. I don’t want to confront the teachers.

Honey, a student at UKG, finds it hard to spend even 2 hours in school. Even if someone touches his face mask and the disinfectant he has in his pocket, he gets nervous. During the days she opened school, the mother had to sit outside the school and return home with her several times. Seeing her cry, other children in the class also start to cry.

Children live in panic at school

Rashmi Saxena is an 8th grade teacher at a well-known NCR school. He explains that the age of his students is about 13 years. These students have difficulty handling compared to the batch before confinement. However, now the kids have settled in a bit. But I also had to talk to parents and their previous class teachers about the strange behavior of some children. To understand if these students are already like this or have changed during the Crown. The father of one student said his son does not want to go to school. After he gets to school, he doesn’t want to leave the classroom. Even the school doesn’t want to go to the bathroom. At the same time, primary school teacher Shipra Singh explains that some children in her class cannot live without a mask for a minute. If they are asked to remove the mask to eat during the lunch break, they panic. About this, senior psychologist and parenting expert Prerna Kohli says, “These days many children are afraid to interact with others. They do not want to live together.

Anger increased, concentration decreased
Clinical psychologist Preeti Srivastava says: “Now that the summer holidays are over, some children have joined some physical workshop or hobby class. However, the mental problems are clearly visible. The children have become very hyperhyperic, they have started to get very angry.Some children have started vandalizing the house.Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) has increased in most children.There is more frustration and anger in them.At the same time Over time, some children have started doing things such as deliberately vandalizing or tearing down household items to get their parents’ attention after finding them busy at work. many children.He gets very angry when he picks up the phone.There is absolutely no patience in these children.At the same time, senior psychiatrist Dr. Vipul Rastogi says that two types of problems are being observed in children.Rage , anxiety have increased due to the “sound isolation cial “, has also decreased attention to studies. Due to lack of concentration, they cannot sit for long.

love loneliness
Children no longer tweet while waiting for their school bus at the bus stop. They are less happy to go to school and more nervous to meet people from outside. Instead of shaking hands, they prefer to put their hands in their pockets. Before, while waiting for the bus, he talked a lot about his school. Now he prefers to be alone at home and be alone outside. Distrust is clearly visible in children standing with their hands tied. They are also losing confidence in the other person. On this, Prerna Kohli says: “These children have seen the phase in which even the parents did not know what would happen next. The children used to ask questions to the parents and they to the government. No one knew what time would come next, when everything would be normal. We have taught social distancing to children: ‘Stay away’, ‘don’t touch anyone’, but when things are normal, it is the duty of parents not to leave their children alone. friends.

children do not want to write
Jyoti Arora, principal of Mount Abu Public School, says: “There has been a change in children. They have become accustomed to a comfortable life. No writing practice. Some children’s writing has become very dirty. Some children have come to school directly in first grade without LKG and UKG.In this situation, they don’t even know the system of sitting so many hours in class.Mistress Rashmi says, ‘Now the kids don’t want to do homework. When they work to tell them repeatedly, their copy is not revised.The severity of the studies has diminished.But we also understand that after so long there will be no change.When the children return from summer vacation, soon At the same time, Dr. Vipul Rastogi says that just as children have adapted to the online system, they will also become accustomed to it. from playing sports like badminton and table tennis.This will waste your energy.

worried about one’s own body
Behavioral changes are seen in some children, so the reason for this is also their physical changes. These changes are not just related to aging. In fact, some children got used to overeating while they were locked up at home and their weight increased. While watching TV or web series until late at night, the appetite is more, in this situation, the use of junk food like pitas, burgers has also increased. This has increased obesity. Jyoti Arora says, “There is a lot of physical activity in our school. Therefore, obesity was not seen in children. But now the children are back after 2 years, so the physical changes are visible in them. Many students have become overweight. We used to know every year by physical check that obesity cases were non-existent in our school. At the same time, Preeti Srivastava says: “Some children have also become more shy for these reasons. They hesitate to leave home and do not want to face friends. In this situation, counseling reduces their hesitation.

Will this fear ever end?
Some experts believe that when many people of the older generation have not yet forgotten the fear of partition, then how will these children forget the disaster of the epidemic so soon. The effect of this trauma will be maintained. Prerna Kohli says, “Children will have to re-teach life skills.” Be sure to take them to open parks. Also follow the Crown protocol but do not leave children locked up at home. Taking advantage of the summer holidays, not only introduce your children to family members, start interacting with their peers ’families. With this, the child will also be able to easily adapt to school. Other than that, if you’re planning trips abroad, keep in mind your kids ’hobbies. Have them photographed and rewarded. At the same time, Preeti Srivastava would say, “The effect of trauma will last a while, so you have to treat them with love.” Dr. Vipul says of this: “The change seen in children will not change their nature.”

notice this change
– If the child prefers to sit alone
– began to get angry to talk
– be angry, angry
– closes in the room
– Say better online class than school
– suddenly start eating more or reduce food
– Sleeps too much or complains of not being able to sleep

Experts say …

It’s not that the social skills of children who have gone through the crown period are less at this point, then they always will be. These children need to be brought back to discipline. Children will also need to keep their cell phones away.

Preeti Srivastava, senior clinical psychologist

We have taught social distancing to children. ‘Stay further away’, ‘don’t touch anything or anyone’, but when things have normalized, it is the parents ’duty for the children to do activities in the group themselves with the crown protocol.

Prerna Kohli, senior psychologist

These are the early years of a child’s development. Their habits of meeting people are over, then they will be done again. If the change is visible, it will not be in its nature forever. Children quickly adapt to a new environment.

Dr. Vipul Rastogi, senior psychiatrist at Medanta Hospital

In recent days in school we have seen many physical and mental changes in children. Some children had to be counseled. They had to teach him to sit in school. Now that the summer holidays are underway, we will try again when the school opens.

Jyoti Arora, principal of Mount Abu Public School

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