Inauguration of the PM on August 15, still without approval – The CCTV cameras project stops at the approval of the corporation

Author: JagranDate Posted: Thursday, June 30, 2022 7:01 AM (IST)Date Updated: Thursday, June 30, 2022 7:01 AM (IST)

Waiting for negligence, no CCTV camera was installed in four years, Punjab government and Smart City company don’t care

The first phase will not be completed in a month and a half, 1250 cameras must be installed, only the building will be erected in the name of the project.

-The commissioner of the corporation and the CEO of Smart City on leave, has not yet received approval to cut roads for the laying of cables. Jagran Correspondent, Jalandhar: ICCC (Integrated Command and Control) Project of CCTV Cameras Approved for Jalandhar Security Four Years Ago The Municipal Corporation could not install a single CCTV camera under the Center). Prime Minister Narendra Modi is due to inaugurate this project simultaneously in all smart cities in the country on August 15th. The situation in Jalandhar is such that even the corporation does not care about this prime minister’s dream project. So far, the laying of cables has not been approved and work has not begun on the project. It is not possible to complete all the work in a month and a half.

With this project of 77.77 million rupees, 1,250 CCTV cameras are to be installed in the city. After obtaining the date of inauguration by the Prime Minister, the central government has also sent information to the interested municipal corporations so that the work can be done quickly. Once the work intensified as soon as the instructions from the Central Government arrived, but now there is no CEO in Smart City Company or Commissioner in the Municipal Corporation. Both positions are with IAS Deepshikha Sharma and he is on leave until July 31st. He had given July 31 to complete this project, but due to his leave of absence, the all-important project was shelved.

For this project, coordination between Smart City and Municipal Corporation is necessary and the appointment of the same official in both positions could have benefited, but this is not happening. Now the question is the sanction. The contractor company working on this Smart City Company project must get the approval of the corporation for cutting roads for the laying of cables and poles in the city. If this issue goes to the house, it may take a long time and councilors who are angry with Smart City Company projects can become an obstacle. ——– Cameras will be installed in 41 locations in the first phase

The smart city company must work on one phase of the project before August 15th. For this, 41 locations have been defined. First, the areas of Model Town, BSF Chowk, Guru Nanak Mission Chowk, Company Bagh Chowk should be covered. The poles must be installed in these places and these poles must be connected to the underground cables. The road will have to be broken in many places to lay the cables. CCTV cameras will only be connected through these cables. It is necessary to obtain the approval of the corporation for the laying of the cables and the lifting of the poles. The issue of this approval can be saved at home. If this happens, it may take some time. ——- Location of the first phase

– Namdev Chowk

– Bagh Chowk Company

– Mata Rani Chowk Model Town

– Hotel Gulshan

– Aman Nagar Mode-KMV

– Sethi Battery Model House

– Model House Mata Rani Chowk

– Lamma Pind Chowk

– Wadala Road Phase 2

– St. Soldier’s College Tea Point Danishmanda

– T Point leather complex

– Tea Point Mitthu Basti Patwarkhana

– Tea Point Shastri Nagar

– Rohini Basti Pirdad Colony

– BSF Chowk

– Nangalshama Chowk

– Dhilwa Chowk

– Hotel Skylark

– Circuit House

– Civil Hospital

– Patriotic Memorial Hall

– SBI Civil Lines

– Chunmun Chowk

– Guru Nanak Mission Chowk

– Kamal Palace Hotel Chowk

– Aabadpura Tea Point Mall Road

– Crossing Ladowali Road

– PUDA Ground DC Office

– Samra Chowk

– Netaji Park Teacher Tara Singh Nag

– Paragpur Octroi

Shastri Market Chowk

– School for the Blind Phase 2

– GNA Chowk

– Masand Chowk

– Lord Valmiki Chowk

– Point T without model city exit

– Hotel Taramount

– Point of entry and exit of the BMC crossing

– Subtle Chowk

– Guru Ravidas Chowk

———————————————— Preparation control from the room

In order to monitor the city with 1250 cameras and repress the criminals, the tasks of enabling a control room in the police line to monitor all sensitive areas of the city have been intensified. The Smart City Company had erected the control room building four years ago at the police facility, but then the project was suspended, so the control room could not be built. Now it works fast. Cameras installed in the city will be monitored sitting in the control room, but only if the cameras are installed will the benefit of the control room be available. ,

This officer is responsible for the delay, SE Rajneesh Dogra of the municipal corporation

He said the contractor has applied for permission to lift poles and lay cables under the ICCC project. To this end, a budget has been drawn up for the fee paid to the contractor. The approval of the road cut will be finalized after requesting it from the mayor and the commissioner.


commissioner of the corporation

Smart City commissioner and CEO of Smart City company Deepshikha Sharma is on leave, so the project is being further delayed. No other official holds the position of CEO of Smart City Company in his place.


Mayor Jagdish Raja

He said the ICCC project is in the interest of the city and that if the work is stopped for the approval of the corporation, it will not be allowed to happen. The proposal can also be put in the house for later approval. Once the file has been received, the company will be approved in advance to begin work. IAS Karnesh Sharma

The former general manager of Smart City Company says that the work stopped during the Crown period has been accelerated and the work order has been issued after passing the tender. Hopefully the work on this will continue in the future as well.

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