Indore News: Even in the elegant colonies, the situation is bad, there is polluted water and there is polluted water.

Indore News: Indore, Naidunia representative. Barri núm. with a population of about 17,000. There are 29 mixed rooms. In this room, there are loop colonies like Scheme 54 and 74, and for years, an area like Mechanic Nagar is also in this room. During the rainy season, this room takes the form of a small pond. Be it scheme 54 or 74, water stagnates everywhere. The situation becomes so bad that it becomes difficult for people to get home. For years, residents here have been clamoring for rainwater pipes. Now that the monsoon has arrived in Indore, work on laying the storm water line has begun in this room.

Roads are being dug everywhere. There is no rainwater drainage system in this room. Residents have been in trouble for years. The worst situation is in the area of ​​Mechanic Nagar. This room includes areas like Vijay Nagar, Scheme 54, All Sectors of Scheme 74, Mechanic Nagar, Mechanic Nagar Extension, Aaron House, Sapphire House, Satguru Building, HIG Quarter, etc.

The neighborhood no. 29 means a neighborhood that includes IDA Loop Colony Schemes 54 and 74, but this neighborhood is not a loop in terms of facilities. The biggest problem of the neighbors is the water. The water that enters the taps is so dirty that we cannot drink it without filtering it. Water accumulates on the roads during the rainy season. Mechanic Nagar enters this room. There is vehicle movement throughout the day. Vehicles are parked outside the shops. There is nothing in the name of roads in Mechanic Nagar. People say they have never seen a road built here. During the rainy season, the entire mechanical city takes the form of an island. The biggest problem of the colonies in this neighborhood is drinking water.

Neighbors here are upset by the lack of coordination between government departments. There has been a water discharge problem in this room for years, but so far the stormwater line has not been laid. Now that the rain is in the lead, here is digging to put the storm water line. Potholes dug along the road are prone to accidents. In Scheme 54, people from nearby settlements are throwing rubble into the vacant lots. Neighbors have complained, but nothing has happened. Ahilyavan built in Scheme 74 is desolate. The condition of the lane behind the room is not very good either.

In most places, residents are throwing trash in the back lane. One of the big problems facing the residents of this neighborhood is the marketing of the area. Most houses on the main road are used for commercial purposes. Shops have been built. Because of this serious traffic problem has arisen here. It is stuck all day. There are many gardens in the Vijay Nagar area, but many are in poor condition.

says public

Water logging is a problem throughout the room. Even if it rains a little, water accumulates on the roads. People are upset. Most of the intersections in the room are busy. In the evening, vendors occupy the intersections.

-Govind Kumar, scheme 54

Drinking water is a problem throughout the room. The water enters the taps, but it is so polluted that without filtering the water it cannot be drunk. They have complained many times but nothing happens. People are upset.

Abhimanyu Bhimrao, scheme 74

Pits have been dug in many places for the storm water line. During the rainy season, water will accumulate and then there will be a possibility of an accident. It would have been nice if this job had been done a long time ago. Because of the potholes, he is also afraid to leave home.

Mangilal Prajapat, Nagar mechanic

I have lived in Mechanic Nagar for the last 15 years. I have never seen a road built here. During the rainy season the condition of the road becomes so bad that it becomes difficult to move out of the house. No one listens.

Bashir Bhai, Nagar mechanic

The back lane is full of dirt. No regular cleaning. There is also a lack of awareness among the people. They throw the rubbish in the back lane themselves. The problem gets worse during the rainy season. The corporation claims cleanliness, but the reality is different.

-Rajeev Jain, barri 29

Contaminated water enters the taps. People from nearby colonies throw trash in the empty lots of the room. He has complained several times to the Municipal Corporation, but nothing happens. The problem of polluted water increases during the rainy season. Sometimes you have to buy water.

-Pratima Karotia, Scheme 54

these are also problems

No work has been done on the stormwater line in many places in the room. Where the stormwater line is being worked on, even there the speed is so slow that the problem does not seem to go away during this rainy season.

There are invasions and illegal occupation in many places. People have opened shops outside the home. That’s why there are traffic jams all day.

Because of the old pipe, polluted water is reaching people’s homes. The problem was not resolved even after repeated complaints to the Municipal Corporation.

In many areas there is an outbreak of mosquitoes due to lack of cleaning of the rear lane.

said the leader

A sports complex will soon be built on the site of the rubble. Approval received. The Nagar Mechanic’s road record was stranded due to funds. There we have the drainage line done. Roads will also be built soon. To solve the problem of polluted water in the area, a water tank in Vijay Nagar has been approved. Rainwater drainage work is being carried out in the area. After its completion, the problem of water fattening will end.

-Pooja Patidar, ex-regidora

The officer said …

It is true that some areas are fattened by water. We had studied the area after the last rainy season. The works could not be started on time due to the time taken in the bidding process. The pace of laying the storm water line is slow, because where we are digging and laying the line, after work, we continue only after completely covering the pit. The problem of water thickening throughout the area is expected to end in the next rainy season. To start the road works at Mechanic Nagar, we spoke to the traders association there. Efforts are being made to build roads in Mechanic Nagar with public cooperation.

– Shantilal Yadav, Area Officer

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