Punjab Budget 2022: Old schemes to boost Ludhiana, land acquisition for textile park

Date Posted: Tuesday, June 28, 2022 2:52 AM (IST)Date Updated: Tuesday, June 28, 2022 8:04 AM (IST)

Correspondent of Jagran, Ludhiana. The Aam Aadmi Party presented a balanced budget, which occupied the power of the Punjab for the first time. In this, the main agenda was education and health, on which the party focused. However, this budget caused some disappointment to employers. The reason is that, in the budget, the demand for a fairground of about 13 years of employers has not been met or any new focus has been announced.

In general, the Ludhiana district has no new projects directly from the first government budget, but the budget provision will definitely bring some improvement in the state of Ludhiana. This will also speed up the pace of existing projects. On top of that, in the budget, Finance Minister Harpal Cheema has talked about accelerating the pace of many of these schemes, which are already underway.

In this, it is important to acquire land for the 950 acre Mega Textile Park in Kumkalan, Ludhiana. However, people right now oppose this project, because there is still a forest in this place and the project should be started only after removing this forest.

Apart from that, as part of the Smart City project, it has been said that it makes Ludhiana smart, rejuvenates the Budha River at a cost of Rs 650 million and provides canal water to the city. Work is already underway on these projects and it will now be accelerated. Entrepreneurs in the industrial city of Ludhiana are in trouble after being caught in the clutches of the Raj Inspection. During the budget, the government has reiterated its promise to end the Raj Inspection. This will give great relief to the industries here and it will be easy for them to do business.

here is the disappointment

We will have to wait for the fairgrounds and the logistics park The industrialists of the center of the Micro Small and Medium Enterprise (MIPME) have been demanding for 13 years a fairground equipped with state-of-the-art facilities on the lines of Pragati Maidan. years so that they can be marketed to the products.A solid platform could be found, but no announcement was made about it in the budget. It is clear that now Ludhiana will have to wait at these facilities. In the last budget, the Congress government had announced 125 million rupees to install an exhibition center in Ludhiana, but no concrete initiative was taken in this direction. Not only that, before the election, party leaders Aam Aadmi had also promised employers to build an exhibition center here.

The dream of making a women’s hostel is also incomplete

Most of the women in the textile industry in Ludhiana come from villages and work. Hostel installation is mandatory for them. A fund of seven million rupees was maintained in the last budget to make shelters for women, but so far no hostel has been built in the city and the industrialists are still demanding it, so that there are arrangements for women who come from the villages. You can There is no concrete policy for the industry, employers hoped that the new government could bring in some new industrial to attract entrepreneurs in the first budget, but this budget has only disappointed them. Other than that, many industry expectations have not been met in the budget. Entrepreneurs believe that along with new investments, the government will have to make arrangements to manage the existing industry, only then will the wheel of the economy be able to turn faster.

here to wait

Traders can get representation in Ludhiana The government has announced the formation of Committee on Traders in the budget to solve the problems of traders and entrepreneurs. It has been said that only traders and business people will be included in the commission. In coordination with this commission, Sir will work to promote industries in the state. It is now expected that being an industrial city of the state, the merchants and businessmen of Ludhiana will be represented there. They will become a means to bring the problems of traders directly to the government and the resolution of problems will be faster.

The condition of the focal points will improve, the infrastructure will be strong

100 million have been made in the budget to improve the state of the industrial hotspots. The most important focal points of the state are in Ludhiana and its state is very bad. The allocation of funds to the budget will provide infrastructure facilities to the focal point industries. The government has spoken of the development of the Punjab as an industrial center, which will directly benefit Ludhiana. Industrial infrastructure will be strong here.

The level of education and medicine will also increase, students and teachers will benefit

In the budget, the government has also made a forecast to make schools a model, to make digital classrooms. This will also improve the quality of government schools in Ludhiana. Students will get a higher level of education. The Minister of Finance has also spoken of removing the burden of a lot of work done on teachers. Teachers are also happy with this. In addition, the government has talked about opening 16 new medical schools in the state. In this, Ludhiana is also likely to get a medical school, which is in the public interest.

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