Rath Yatra will be taken out to the same temple

Date of publication: | Fri., July 1, 2022 12:10 AM (IST)

Shajapur. The Jagannath Rath Yatra festival will be held today at the Lord Jagannath temple located in Dancy Mohalla of the city. Due to the electoral code of conduct, this time Rath Yatra will not be removed from the main roads of the city. Symbolically, devotees will take Rath Yatra to the temple facilities and perform Darshan Puja.

On Thursday, a day before the program, devotees made preparations for the party. Devotees like Ramchandra Bhavsar, Nandkishore Bhavsar, Tulsiram Bhavsar, Dr. Abhay Bhavsar of the temple committee made the necessary arrangements after arriving at the temple. It was said that Prabhushree will be adorned on Friday morning. The worship will take place. At 10 a.m., a symbolic Rath Yatra will be unveiled in the same temple. After that there will be distribution of Maha Aarti and Prasad. There will be an influx of devotees by darshan.

Information given in the workshop on the vaccination action plan for the urban area

Shajapur. The medical and health director, Dr. Raju Nidaria, reported that routine vaccination at the district level, the urban area vaccination action plan and the AFP and BPD surveillance workshop had been organized. As part of the workshop, mainly in 2022-23 in all the villages of the district, a workshop was organized to prepare an action plan on how to achieve 100% achievement with regular vaccination.

At the district-level workshop, WHO medical officer Dr. Jos Joshi spoke about the purpose and achievement of vaccination over the past year. At the same time, the workshop provided the necessary information on the implementation of an action plan on how to complete the vaccination work of the target children in the next academic year 2022-23. Dr. Joshi told him that first all ANM and ASHA workers at the block level should be trained on how to study each house at the village level and make a list of the members of each household. During the list survey, children who have been left out of vaccination should also be identified, so that they can be vaccinated in the next session. Along with information on routine vaccination, the district health officer, Dr Prakash Pandit, said various activities will be organized during the Dastak campaign from July 18 to August 30. In the activities of the Dastak Abhiyan, information work on the status of partial vaccination and vaccination of children lost during the home visit. Management of identification and referral of sick newborns and children in the community, Active management of detection and referral of children with severe malnutrition, Active management of screening for severe anemia in children from 06 months to 05 years, Vitamin A supplementation for to children from 09 months to 05 years Community awareness on the use of ORS and zinc for the control of childhood diarrhea and the delivery of ORS to all households, identification of congenital malformations and growth retardation observed in children, adequate supply of infant and child nutrition in the community. Dastak Abhiyan’s main activities are the promotion of screening and disease monitoring in children discharged from SNCU and NRC, the management of early detection and referral of childhood pneumonia.

After that, the medical and health director said that during the Dastak campaign activities will be organized from health institutions to the village area, mainly through women’s health workers. of ASHA, home visits of newborns born in the last 28 days. be done. Along with this, weight, temperature, breathing speed and so on. they will be monitored by the ASHA worker in the examination of all the babies in the villages. Along with this, mothers will be informed about breastfeeding, vaccination, cleaning, the usual signs of danger, caring for the mother kangaroo. A meeting of women’s health workers will be organized during the VHND session. The meeting will explain the newborn’s safety signs and institution-based care for the newborn, especially newborns who are premature and underweight at birth and who have been discharged from the neonatal intensive care unit. during the week. Chief Medical and Health Officer, Dr. Raju Nidaria, district health officer Dr. Prakash Pandit, district immunization officer Dr. Sumit Yadav, civil surgeon and chief superintendent of the hospital Dr. BS Maina, Lal Singh Parmar NH District Program Director. All doctors and other officials and employees of the district hospital, were present in charge of M., Infant Medical Unit.

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