Said-Modi continued to drink poison like Lord Shankar for 18-19 years, now the truth shines like gold. Amit Shah Narendra Modi | News about the Supreme Court, the riots in Gujarat and Zakia Jafri

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New Delhi5 days ago

The Supreme Court on Friday dismissed the application filed against Zakia Jafri’s SIT report in the case of the Gujarat riots. Following the verdict, the ANI news agency spoke with Interior Minister Amit Shah, who made himself known on Saturday.

In it, Shah said the court decision showed that all the allegations against the then Gujarat government had political motivations. Those who had filed complaints against Modi ji should apologize to BJP and Modi ji. In a nearly 40-minute interview, Shah said Prime Minister Modi has always believed in the judiciary.

Read the important and important part of the interview …

Question: The court has given a clear word to Modi ji and all the defendants, so how do you feel? Are you a deputy then?

answer: First of all I will talk about clean chit. The Supreme Court has dismissed all allegations. And as to why the allegations were framed, the Supreme Court ruling has shown that these allegations were politically motivated. In the battle of 18-19, such a great leader of the country continued to fight without saying a word, putting all the pains in his neck like the poison of Lord Shankar. I have seen Modi ji facing this pain up close. Only a strong-minded man can take this position.

Question: Couldn’t the police and bureaucracy do much during the riots in Gujarat because of the political vision?

answer: BJP opposition political parties, some journalists who came to politics out of ideology and some NGOs together have made these allegations public. Their ecosystem was so strong that little by little everyone began to accept the lie as true.

Question: At that time, your government was in both Delhi and Gujarat, how strong was the network of these people?

answer: Our government has never had the attitude to interfere in the work of the media. The ecosystem that was formed at that time, made such an arrogant lie and presented it to the public that everyone began to accept the lie as true.

Question: If the government was right, what was the need for the ITS?

answer: The SIT order was not from the court. An NGO had requested an SIT. Our government said we have no problem with the ITS. Today, when the verdict came, it was decided that a police officer, an NGO and a political party had spread lies by sensation. False tests were fabricated, false answers were given before the SIT. The court’s decision showed that the government did everything possible to stop the riots. The CM had also called for an end to the riots.

Question: But weren’t there just reports of riots? There were also riots …

answer: The allegation was that the riots were motivated, the state government was involved in the riots. There were also complaints from the hand of the CM in the riots. Who denies the riots? The riots took place in many parts of the country. As for the riots, compare any 5 years of Congressional rule and any 5 years of BJP rule. By comparing how many hours the curfew was, how many people died, how many days they were locked up, and how many days the riots lasted, it will be known in the reign of whom the riots were most.

The main cause of the riot was the burning of a train in Gujarat. I saw 60 people and a 16 day old girl sitting on her mother’s lap burning alive, I did the last rites with my hands. Because of this, there were riots and those that followed were politically motivated. The sting operation against the government, which was rejected by the court, was also politically motivated.

Question: The army was not called for 3 days, if you were the Minister of the Interior at that time, would you not have called the army before?

answer: The day the Gujarat band was announced, we had called the army the same afternoon. The army takes a while to arrive. As for the Gujarat government, there was not a single day of delay. This point has also been accepted and assessed by the court.

But the headquarters of the army is in Delhi. When so many Sikh brothers were killed, nothing happened for 3 days. How many SITs were done? SIT was formed after the arrival of our government. There has never been any arrest in the Sikh genocide for so many years under opposition governments. Are these people accusing us?

Question: Do you and Modi ji say that a false attempt was made to label Gujarat as an unbridled state?

answer: Only me and Modi ji don’t say it, now the Supreme Court also says a false attempt was made to label Gujarat as a rampant state. You will not believe in the Constitution and even in the Supreme Court in a democracy, whether the political statements are true or whether the decision of the Supreme Court will have to be decided by the people of the country. Journalists should now ask prosecutors on what basis these allegations were made. If Aadhaar was there, why didn’t they go to the Supreme Court?

Question: Did you mention NGOs, what are NGOs? What did he do?

answer: I read the sentence very hastily, but it has made Teesta Setalvad’s name very clear. Teesta Setalvad’s NGO had submitted an application to include BJP workers at each police station. The pressure from the media was so great that such a request was accepted as true. The public never accepted these allegations. But the Trikoot of the media, NGOs and our anti-political parties make false accusations against the BJP.

Question: Many people believe that the BJP influenced the SIT …

answer: The appointment of the SIT and the Instructor was made by the country’s Supreme Court after hearing the NGO. These officers were sent by the central government. By that time the UPA government had already reached the center. We have not influenced the ITS at all. So many wrong things spread that only Muslims were killed in the shootings. It has not happened.

Question: Muslims were not killed in the shootings, but were they killed in the riots?

answer: The way 60 people were burned alive, there was resentment in society. And until the riots took place, no party except the BJP condemned the train burn incident. Parliament was functioning at the time. No one even expressed grief over the incident of burning 60 people alive, not even convicts.

The Supreme Court also said Zakia Jafri used to act on the instructions of another person. The NGO has signed the sworn statements of many victims and the victims do not even know it. Everyone knows that Teesta Setalvad’s NGO was doing all this and the then UPA government has helped Teesta Setalvad and her NGO a lot. All this was done only to defame the image of Modi ji.

Question: But weren’t these people labeled as mutineers?

answer: Labels are rarely based on facts. Riots should never be used politically. Whenever there was an investment summit in Gujarat, articles about the riots were published in every newspaper. This work was done for 10-12 years. Whenever Modi ji went abroad, articles were published in foreign newspapers to humiliate him.

Question: Why is the Supreme Court decision so important for BJP and Modi ji? Do you have any regrets?

answer: This 18-19 year old battle has been fought by Modi ji and the seekers of truth. It is very important to expose any lie, the story continues to unfold. I think this decision is a source of pride for all BJP workers.

Question: The BJP can form the government without the votes of the Muslims, these accusations are made by the political parties, the term Gujarat laboratory is used, what will be said about that?

answer: This is your point of view. The Gujarat model has definitely been made. We first provided electricity 24 hours a day in the country. A zero dropout rate and more than 99% enrollment of children in primary education in the country in 12 years has been guaranteed. For 12 consecutive years, we have achieved a 10% agricultural growth rate. This is also a model.

Question: When he had taken Godhra’s bodies for the last rites, do you think there would be a reaction?

answer: At that time no one could even think of it, because the biggest question was about the funeral of 59 people. There was no such entry that such a large number of reactions came.

Question: What did you see in the hospital that day? If you were the Minister of the Interior, what would you do differently?

answer: That day in the hospital I saw burned bodies. Officials had done a good job of stopping the riots, but due to the incident, the fury was so great that no one noticed and then no one was able to control it.

Question: The opposition alleges that you allow riots to take place for political gain.

answer: Where we have a government today, there have been governments of Congress, SP, BSP and Left parties. The average number of riots and casualties during the BJP government is lower than the average for the rest of the regime. The riots are less under the BJP’s rule. If the BJP had benefited from the riots, we would have done more.

Question: If you have to see 20 years ago, what did Modi ji not do during this time, that he could have done …

answer: He did it all, almost no CM would have worked in such detail. The strength of a police station is 100 to 150 police officers. With the additional force, this figure will be 400 police officers. What can you do in front of a meeting of 2,000 people? The government needs time to get organized.

Yesterday, the Supreme Court upheld Prime Minister Modi’s net statement

The Supreme Court on Friday dismissed the petition filed against Prime Minister Modi. The petition was filed against the SIT report which gave a clear key to then Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi to the 2002 Gujarat riots. The Supreme Court, while ruling the verdict, said the petition Zakia has no merit. This petition was filed by Zakia Jafri.

In fact, community violence erupted in Gujarat in 2002 after the Godhra incident. The criminals had attacked the ‘Gulberg Society’, a minority community settlement east of Ahmedabad. In it, 69 people, including Zakia Jafri’s husband, former Congressman Ehsan Jafri, were killed. Of these, the bodies of 38 people were recovered, while 31 people, including Jafri, were said to be missing. Read the full story here …

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