Superstition in Prayagraj: knowing the reality, together with the villagers, the police were also stunned

The whole family of Abhayraj Yadav, a resident of the village of Deeha, in the Karchana area, was so caught up in the vicious circle of superstition that for the past three months, he was living his life consuming gram water and Ganga. Lai-gram also used to eat only once a day. At four in the morning, Abhayraj’s daughters and sons used to go to the Ganga Ghat to take a bath and used to worship for hours at the Chaura Devi site built there.

Here Abhayraj’s daughters used to sing songs. Seeing this, the villagers used to live in panic. The whole family did not go to any temple in the village. At Abhayraj’s house, his daughter used to run Beenu’s. Sisters and brothers obeyed him. When father and mother protested, they were locked in the room. A few days before the events, he was taken out of the room when a relative arrived at his home. After the death of her daughter, when Abhayraj asked her to perform the last rites, she was again locked in the room.

The family used to be aggressive with helpers

Seeing the mood of Abhayraj’s family, if any villager was willing to help him, the family members would become aggressive with him. This had happened many times. That’s why no one ever asked for help. The villagers say that this family was part of the elite and cultured families of the village. His five girls and three boys were very smart in the studios. The father worked at a university in Naini and left work for family reasons.

He had eight bighas of farmland in the same village. The villagers explain that a few years ago Abhayraj’s family was not like that. But after the marriage of the fourth daughter Binu, there was a sudden change in her family and little by little everything changed. For the past two and a half years, the family has been stuck in the dust and the solution to every problem has been seen. With that he had also ended the sense of relatives. Neither of them went to anyone’s house and if any relatives came to their house, they used to take him outside.

In the village of Deha, family members who were found locked inside the house with the daughter’s corpse were so absorbed in superstition that they did not even give food and water to the pets. They had six animals, but for lack of food, they died one by one of starvation. If the villagers tried to feed the animals, family members also used to fight with them. On the other hand, after the autopsy, the girl’s body was cremated. While three sisters were sent to their in-laws’ house.

death from lung infection

On the other hand, the autopsy of the body of the deceased was performed on Wednesday. According to the post-mortem report, he died of a lung infection. As the infection progressed, rot also began. The post-mortem report gave the cause of death as “death from septic shock and lung infection.” After the autopsy, the body was handed over to relatives and then the last rites were performed in Daraganj.

The number three’s daughter did not enter or go into the house

Abhayraj’s third daughter, Renu’s wife, Pawan, used to come to her maternal home until a few days after marriage. But in the last three years, seeing the game of superstition happening in the family, he stopped coming to his maternal home. Renu married Naini. He neither used to come to his maternal home nor take care of family members.

The family took the eldest daughter and her children to the in-laws’ house

Abhayraj’s eldest daughter, Meera, married 12 years ago in the village of Gunai, in the Meja police station area. She had only been taking her children home for a month and she also believed a lot in that flag. Meera’s husband, Sunil, also stayed here often and helped her in the superstitions of his wife and brother-in-law. The villagers said Sunil had gone to his house only on Tuesday morning. Meera has two daughters Preeti and Kirti and a son Prateek.

All three children were also malnourished due to lack of food. Kirti’s condition was very serious and police admitted her to a nearby hospital. On Wednesday, when the condition improved, the boys of Abhayraj’s brother took Meera and his children to their in-laws ’house. The second daughter, Rekha, also married in the village of Bhuska, in the area of ​​the Meja police station. He has a son Arpit and a daughter Arpita. He also came last Sunday with his children.

The situation of the house changed since Binu’s marriage

The nanny, Karchana. Abhayraj’s fourth daughter, Binu, married Rinku Yadav three years ago in the village of Bhuska, in the Meja police station area. Rinku is the brother-in-law of Abhayraj’s second daughter, Rekha. Even on the wedding day, Beenu created a lot of fuss. But relatives and relatives somehow understood and extinguished the marriage. He was at his in-laws’ house for ten days and had also upset the people there. After that, her in-laws left her maternal home. After that, he did not go to his in-laws’ house either. Her husband Rinku used to come here often.

No doors, but the family came and went through the window

Abhayraj’s relatives were so superstitious that for the past three months the front door of the house was locked and they used to go out the adjacent window. The three boys used to go to the market from time to time and buy only Lai gram there. Even in the market, it made no sense with any shopkeeper.

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