The book that teaches you how to cultivate good habits

All great things come from small beginnings. The seed of each habit is a small decision.

The word atomic has two meanings. The first is very small, and the second is an immense source of energy. Atomic habits are those little habits that can make a big difference in your life.

This topic is published in 2018 James of course (James Clear) bestseller atomic habits (Atomic Habits) of. Originally written in English, this book has been translated into over 20 languages ​​to date. It can also be heard as an audiobook.

We all know that it is very difficult to give up a habit and it is very difficult to adopt a good habit. Or rather, habits are like children. They have to nurture, they have to teach, they have to work hard. But when these kids grow up, they start walking at their own pace, doing it all on their own. Habits are the same too. You just have to have the habit of doing good things. When a habit is imposed on our mind, then we keep thinking about it day and night, we are attentive to all its aspects, we are alert. But at the same time, when we get used to it, there is no effort to do so. We keep doing this work comfortably while we listen to the song, doing all our work. This is what you really get used to. A wonderful experience.

James Clear has been a world-renowned habits expert. In this book, he tries to establish the importance of small habits with the help of neuroscience and psychology. In the book, while analyzing how from Olympic gold medalists to famous CEOs to their destinations, Clear states that their atomic habits play an important role in reaching their destination. At the beginning of the book, the author describes them as a short-term vision, contrasting the mindset of goal setting and goal setting. And vice versa, while it advises thinking long-term, it emphasizes building habits.

“Habits are a compound interest of improving the soul”

It takes time to form a habit. It takes time. Results are not available overnight. Like smoking a cigarette now, no one will have lung cancer, but after a few years of smoking, a person will be subject to this disease. Similarly, good habits do not show their results immediately, but gradually reward you when they are done continuously.

James Clear writes that very large habits do not need to change the circumstances of your life, but small habits if you stay long will give you very good results.

If you are not able to change habits or you cannot form new ones, then its side effect is that your willpower decreases.

How do you make a habit?

You have to make this habit obsessive

Have you ever wondered how it became our obsessive habit to pick up the phone in the morning and check it out? Because the phone is lying on our bed or next to it. Similarly, if you are clear that you want to read a book in the morning, then the book will have to replace the phone and the habit of reading the book will become apparent.

this habit needs to be appealing

Whatever work that seems cumbersome, you won’t be able to do it. The way to reduce the load is to complete it by taking short breaks between jobs. If you want to read a book, start with the book you choose and not the books that are great but don’t get hooked.

this habit needs to be alleviated

Divide your goal into small steps. It’s easy to take one step at a time. Read 5 pages, gradually increase the pages. Once you get used to it, your speed will increase automatically.

this habit must be satisfactory

Reward yourself for any work you do. Don’t always leave the reward for the end of the job. Do something that motivates you to get into a habit. That is, you want to do this job over and over again. It’s like a reward for going to the office every day in the form of a paycheck at the end of the month. The book contains the example of a married couple who wanted to maintain a healthy lifestyle and opened a savings account for it. Whenever I used to eat at home instead of eating out, I used to transfer $ 50 to that account. The joy they had in seeing that the savings helped them maintain this good habit.

Full of similar examples and life events, this book highlights the importance of habits by explaining to readers the difference between lack of motivation and lack of self. Many people think they have no motivation while they lack clarity. We don’t always see when and where we need to take action. As a result, many people spend their entire lives waiting for the right opportunity. It is important to understand this difference. If we maintain good habits, we can get out of this “always waiting” mood. With the help of good and effective habits, we can create these opportunities ourselves.

This book, written in easy and simple language, has proven to be very useful for those people who suffer from the habit of postponing work for tomorrow. If you are also finding this bad habit, ordering a Gem Clear book would not be a bad idea.

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